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ZL - Chapter 1089- Courageous Hell Spearman

The dragon wings pierced through the clouds and flew for close to half an hour. Red star lights appeared in the distance and that was the mark of high level Hybrid Demons.

"Sword Spirit Cavalry."

Lin Wan Er blinked and said, "Let's head to ground. It is too dangerous if we end up facing Sword Spirit Cavalry in the sky, we would easily get insta killed."

I agreed and dove down. The five of us were at the border of Blood Mountain Range and we just had to walk in.


"Sha sha..."

I glided down and moved swiftly on the green grassland. Darling Duck, Dong Cheng Yue, Dancing Forest all got off the dragon back and Lin Wan Er did too. She held her daggers and was ready to fight. Little White was a pet that could assist us.

"Blood Mountain Range, Lanais's home but now it has become her cage." I walked towards the valley and smiled, "Let's go, the quest is important. We need to save her from the Blood Mountain Range. Moreover, the Boss here can drop my Overlord Leggings."

"Really?" Lin Wan Er said in surprise.

"En, Frost told me. If I work hard, I would be able to get a set." I smiled, "Please help me, whether or not I can complete the set depends on all of you."

Dong Cheng smiled, "Although the Overlord Set is just a Deity set but its stats are so overbearing. After you get the set, you will at least be invincible for 90 days?"

I nodded, "En, the most important thing is the revive skill. With it, I will dare to head deep in during the country war. Moreover, with high enough levels, I can risk death to kill a Hybrid Demon Lord."

"En, good luck."


Dancing Forest's ears twitched and she looked ahead, "Be careful, there are monsters in the grass. Two of them, their levels are really high!"

I tossed Gan Jiang out using Blade Spin and it sliced the bushes. Two cries spread out and it was a two-headed goat. One of its heads spat out flames towards me while the other stored up frost power. This was a dual element monster!

"Two-headed Goat, level 201 Hybrid Demon."

Dong Cheng Yue spat out her tongue, "Its attack is so high and its defence is not low too. Be careful Brother Xiao Yao."

I wasn't afraid. I held two five star God weapons and my defence and health were really high. I didn't fear such a non boss tier monster. I grabbed onto Gan Jiang and used Strength of a Thousand Men. The swords pierced the body of the goat and large damage numbers jumped up--






The final attack actually dealt 4 times damage, that was just so terrifying. Along with Godslaying Armor's effect, it dealt 100% more damage to monsters. Tsk, my monster killing speed was something that even mages like Fang Ge Que, Simple and Mu Xuan found a problem?

Dancing Forest smiled, "Damn, such high damage!"

Lin Wan Er attacked from the other side,

she smiled, "Two five star god artifacts really deal so high damage. Piggy can kill a high level Hybrid Demon in six seconds."

I was confident in my damage and this goat didn't deal much to me. The flames and ice attacks landed on my armor while I used Wall of Douqi. Wall of Douqi's strength depended on my attack so one could imagine how high it was The Two-headed Goat was a level 201 monster so the damage it dealt was just so-so.



Darling Duck raised her hand and smiled helplessly, "Your attacks alone are enough to heal you up, I seem excessive!"

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I consoled, "We need you for the Boss, when the time comes just buff our attacks and heal all of us."

"En en!"


After dealing with this, a two-headed goat card popped out. It was a magic card that increased ice and fire magic attacks by 40%. I gave it to Dong Cheng Yue. Her Flame Beast Burst Raid, Magma Lance etc were both flame attacks. Indigo Sea Arrow and Ice Pillar were ice stats. This card was great and she could deal the highest damage with it.

We stepped on its corpse and wanted to continue walking into the valley. It was blood red up ahead like the entire mountain range was infected. However, there were still many plants here and there were Two-headed Goats that loved to eat grass. We cleared them as we entered the place.

An hour later, there were fewer and fewer Two-headed Goats and what replaced them was level 7 Barbarian Wolf Cavalryman. Was this also Lanais's troops?

Barbarian Wolf Cavalryman was old opponents but now they were level 202. The new update buffed their stats but they still weren't a problem for our team. The five of us probably had 37 god tier and deity tier weapons. I alone had 11 of them. Our team would easily kill monsters 1020 levels higher than us.

After an hour, we entered the depths of Blood Mountain Range.


"Sha sha..."

The God Dragon Horse moved slowly on the grassland and ahead was the entrance of the range. To be honest it wasn't an entrance but it was just a wall made of stacked stone. The Hybrid Demon's construction skills were still in the stone weapons era and this simple and ugly wall just stood in between the mountain range and it blocked the path. In the sky were Sword Spirit Cavalry and it was dangerous to fly across. It would be a problem if we attracted too many of them.

"Look, the monsters here are a little different." Lin Wan Er looked at the stone walls and blinked.

I nodded, those guards were human-shaped monsters in green armor. They held spears that shone green and all of their faces were hidden behind the masks. But they didn't wear the masks properly and one could still see white bones. These were high level skeleton soldiers, they were elite troops that Azure had brought out of hell.

I got close and when I was 100 meters away, I could read the stats of one of them. Tsk tsk, it was a new soldier type, moreover, the era of level 8 Hybrid Demons had arrived.

Courageous Hell Spearman (Level 8 Hybrid Demon)

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Level: 203

Attack: 27400-32800

Defence: 25000

Health: 4000000

Skill: Spear toss, Hell Strike, Bind

Introduction: Courageous Hell Spearman, these spearman were originally strong human soldiers, after death, they were kept by Azure in hell. Azure forged their souls so that he could use them. He taught them the skills of hell and helped craft armor for them, turning them into a core part of his strength.



I swallowed my saliva and said, "32800 basic attack, this should be a new era of nonboss monsters right? Such high attack, one spear toss and Dancing Forest will get insta killed!"

Dancing Forest was unhappy about that, "How is that possible, Guild Leader I have leather armor. My basic defence is 19000 and I have 110 thousand health."

I smiled and teased her, "Help her draw one of them, let's see if her defence can block them."

"Scoff, let's try then!"

Dancing Forest went to draw one of them over. Lin Wan Er and I followed up and prepared to cover her.

We were led to a meter high wall and she used Meteor Shot. It pierced through the bodies of three of them and huge damage numbers flew up.


The attacks caused them to aggro and one of them targetted Dancing Forest and shouted, "Fresh blood is here to die. Brothers, we can finally eat something fresh today. Stab her to death!"

Three long and thick spears aimed at Dancing Forest and shot over. They were really quick and Dancing Forest was stunned. Not only her but I was shocked too. The speed and strength of these spears were far more than we expected. This was the strength of level 8 Hybrid Demons!

"Pu pu", the first and second ones pierced through her chest and caused blood to spurt out--




Fortunately, Darling Duck healed if not Dancing Forest would have definitely gotten insta killed! She didn't expect them to deal so much damage. Before the third spear hit, she used crystallize. her body stopped and entered a fake death state, ignoring the damage of the spear.

But, the three Courageous Hell Spearman jumped off the walls and charged over. I said hurriedly, "Retreat!"

One of them pulled out the spear from the ground and charged. I went over to cover her. One of them tossed another spear but I was the target.

I used Double Hit and Strength of a Thousand Men to kill the target in front. That spear caused sparks to fly on my chest and Godslaying Armor's Wall of Douqi caused it to bounce off and it didn't pierce through my chest.




Dancing Forest used Scattered Shot on one of them and said helplessly, "How did this happen, Guild Leader's basic defence is 30 thousand and mine is 19 thousand, why is the gap so huge?"

Dong Cheng laughed, "He has Wall of Douqi, 200% double resistance, you don't have that..."


That was the truth. Although the equipment was important, support skills could help increase defence effects and make them more apparent.

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Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by Goh Shao Feng Ryan.