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ZL - Chapter 1078: Chasing for love

When Frost Flame City and Fish City launched their expedition, it meant that the Tian Ling City players would have to turtle up to defend their main city. However, they definitely didn't expect that we would come out from Flaming Cloud City to attack their base. They also wouldn't expect that the players sent were the most elite Zhan Long heavy cavalry. All of this meant that Lin Wan Er had at least a 50% chance of winning.


 I continued to roam and attack around the four walls of Tian Ling City. But the situation wasn't controlled by us. The four walls had started to collapse under their attacks. Sky Rose, Seven Feather, Rhythm of the Rain, Summer Fruit etc famous American players had headed over once more and lead the Iron Skull City troops to attack Tian Ling City!


 A giant explosion and the east gate was finally blown open. The heavy metal gate smashed onto the ground and it was covered in cannonball holes and arrows. A full 24 hours, who knew how much this gate had been through...

 "We can't defend it!"

 Enchanted Painting held the Water God Halberd and stabbed the halberd into the chest of a Vietnamese player. She shouted, "Retreat, head to the second city wall to defend. If we continue here, more people will die!"

 There were extremely few Chinese players around and most of them had died 3-4 times. Most of the players had dropped until they were below level 150 but they still waved their blades towards the enemy. Tian Ling City's players' five star flags were already dyed in red but they continued to charge towards the strong enemies. One by one they fell but people replaced them.

It was a massacre. This lasted for 2 hours until the main force retreated to the second city wall. The price to pay was that millions of corpses lay on the first wall and fresh blood dyed the path.


 I retreated. The place I was at was hit by arrows and cannon fire. Right ahead were the Iron Skull City players and most of them were from Blades of War. This was why they pushed in the quickest. Moreover, as old enemies, they took good care of me. Whenever I was in range, naturally I would get targetted. Less than 8 hours after repairing my equipment, my God Killing Armor was left with 34% durability.

 "Xiao Yao!"

 On the second layer of walls, Fang Ge Que stood there with his Streaming Cloud Fan, "Come up quick, Sky Rose and Seven Feather are here, don't get insta killed!"

 I nodded and charged up the walls. I landed beside Fang Ge Que and panted. Fresh blood flowed along Butterfly and dripped onto the pure white stone bricks.

 "You also feel like it isn't much you can do?" Fang Ge Que looked at me and he understood.

 I rushed a nod and was really nervous, "They are too fierce and moreover, they lost little levels. They are attacking after storing up their strength. In terms of equipment and level, we are weaker than them."

 Fang Ge Que nodded, "But that is okay, we just have to defend Tian Ling City. The post-battle recovery is huge, the system will compensate around 70% of the lost levels. The prerequisite is that we defend Tian Ling City, do you think... We can be able to do so?"

 I looked towards him and laughed, "Heavens will decide. We have done what we can, what happens next depends on fate."

 Fang Ge Que smiled, "Yes."

 Enchanted Painting asked, "Xiao Yao, your Goddess Cang Tong led the Zhan Long players to attack Fish City,

do you know about this?"

 "En, I do, why?"

 "The Philippines players have started to retreat, 4 million of them backed off from the south. If we have the chance, let's sneak attack them!" She looked so excited, totally different from the top goddess of Legend.

 I smiled, "Don't, don't ambush them."

 "Why?" She was shocked.

 Her strategic grasp was far weaker than her sister's. Little Demon definitely wouldn't ask so I replied honestly, "If you kill them when Zhan Long is attacking Fish City, they will revive in the city and add to the pressure of the defense. So, making them remain here is the best strategy. When they return, everything is already settled and there is nothing they could do!"

 "Damn..." She laughed, "Such a crafty fellow, no wonder my sister praised you for being a war genius."

 "En?" I was shocked, "When did she praise me?"

 Enchanted Painting was stunned and then she stuck out her tongue, "I said something I shouldn't say, just treat it like I didn't say anything. Good luck, defend the second wall!"

 I looked behind me and in front of the palace, a bunch of elite NPC cavalry was waiting to go. At the front was a golden armored cavalry. On close look, it was Lochlan. The sword on his waist was the King's blade. This kid was finding trouble again! But, I was lazy to stop him, I couldn't stop him either. Lochlan was a cultivator and when his home is about to be trampled, if he wasn't able to help, that would be asking for his life.

 However, before the last moment, I definitely couldn't let him appear.

 Tian Ling City's second wall wasn't as high as the first one and it wasn't as firm, but it was still much stronger than the walls of those secondary cities. Moreover, they were doused in white iron so the enemy couldn't use their dragon crystal cannons to blow them apart. One had to use their bodies in exchange for the second wall. Scoff, China had so many experts, no one would allow them in even if we had to pay a huge price!


 At this moment, most of the Destiny servers were gathered in two cities. Tian Ling City where China was defending and the attackers were America, Russia, England, France, Japan, Korea, Philippines etc. The other was Waterfront City where Clear Black Eyes was in control but Nine Heavens City's 7K and Cold Winter were attacking.

 There was another focal point, a small one which was Phillipines' Fish City. Zhan Long was sneak attacking it.

 Just as I was thinking about that, a bell rang across the sky. Lin Wan Er succeeded!


 System Notification: Congratulations to player Cang Tong (China) for destroying Fish City (Philippines), moreover she has chosen to occupy it and move it to the China region. The achievement points this time is too low so all rewards have been transferred to experience and given to relevant players!


 Even if the Filipinos returned they wouldn't be able to take it down. The prerequisite would be that Lin Wan Er was willing to leave troops to defend. But from the guild chat, our beauty wasn't planning to waste time there. She just left 30% of the troops there and the rest headed out towards Vietnam's Frost Flame City.

 In war games, the most terrifying ones were probably opponents like Lin Wan Er who used high mobility to attack the enemy's weakness. Moreover, it was impossible to catch her at all. She would use her strategy to dictate the tempo and then obtain victory. Clear Black Eyes's strategy was like that, so was Lin Wan Er's. In this game, the top female players were just so terrifying.



 Wind Carrying Slash exploded once more and a player riding a giant was smashed off. I kicked and then forced the giant back, stepping on an Iron Skull City war chariot into pieces. The Blades of War players gritted their teeth. In the distance, Sky Rose's eyes were filled with coldness. She held her blade and looked like she was ready to attack at any moment.

 But she didn't move and just looked at the player's attack.

 "Why isn't Sky Rose attacking?" Jian Feng Han frowned.

 Heaven Planning Hall's rumor smiled proudly, "She probably doesn't dare to right? She knows that she might get insta killed by the china region experts right away!"

 Moonlit Lake Guild Leader Gong Zi Ying laughed coldly, "Sky Rose isn't so weak? Moreover, don't forget that we are in a disadvantage and we are being suppressed. Sky Rose has no reason to be afraid of us."

On the side, Fang Ge Que sucked in a deep breath, "Right, Sky Rose isn't afraid of us. The reason why she isn't attack is probably that she is worried about one of us right?"

 Simple looked at me and smiled, "The person she fought with most is Xiao Yao... Right, Xiao Yao's Defeat the Dragon and Wind Carrying Slash is too powerful. Along with so many CBN battlenet experts, if I was her, I would consider my health and defence before deciding whether or not to attack!"

I agreed, as long as Defeat the Dragon succeeded, Sky Rose would be attacked by Bai Li Ruo Feng, Simple etc players. Along with Fang Ge Que's firepower, it wouldn't be tough to insta kill her.

 Forget it, continue to wait!


 In a blink of an eye, another two hours passed. News from Frost Flame City came and Yue Qing Qian was asking for help. Frost Flame City's city walls were really strong and our cavalry wasn't able to break it down. We were suffering heavy losses and I had to assist them!

 I told Fang Ge Que about it and used Icy Wings to fly towards Frost Flame City.

 There was Waterfront City between Frost Flame City and Tian Ling City, I shall take a look.


 In the end, when I could see Waterfront City's outline, there was an explosion. I could see the city gates flying. Damn, what was going on?

 Very quickly, a bell rang in the sky--


 System Notification: Congratulations player For Love (Portugal) for destroying Waterfront City and choosing to occupy it. Moreover, as the points of this attack were too low, all rewards have been exchanged into experience and given to players!


 When I flew above the city, I noticed many Indian players were being trapped in the city. Outside were the Nine Heavens City players. Clear Black Eyes was trapped inside. Moreover, not only 7K, Demon Mountain, Pillager etc top three guilds had come to assist. At this point, Clear Black Eyes lost!


 I descended at the south gate of Waterfront City and the gate had exploded. Corpses and smoke billowed all around. When I landed, a beautiful figure stepped onto the walls. On her head was the word For Love. Her dark blue cape fluttered in the wind. A familiar face looked at me and she smiled. She said something that made me both happy and dejected--

 "Boss, you are late, Waterfront City is mine!"

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Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by Goh Shao Feng Ryan.