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ZL - Chapter 1068- Goodbye queen

In less than an hour, Lightning Umbrella selected close to 50 thousand warriors to form the first army. As time was rushed, they weren't able to forge army tokens so each person had a red string on their arms as proof. The formation of this army also meant that the power of Moon City had shifted.

I sat on the city walls and looked at the flames of war rise. Those were the sounds of Dragon Crystal Cannons. The battle at Moon Valley had begin. With Lanais there, the millions of players had no chance. Moreover with the main city lost, they revived in the nearby maps after they died and not within the city.



Lightning Umbrella raised a sword and he sat on a black horse that he got from some place. He smiled at me, "We have occupied the granary. Sir, can we let the slaves have a full meal. Most of us have never had a good meal in our lives."

I nodded my head happily, "Of course but pay attention to the amount of grain we have. Apart from that, send the word that you mustn't hurt the civilians of Moon City."

"Yes, sir!"

Looking at Lightning Umbrella lead the soldiers away, I sighed as this was just the start. It was really tough to manage a city. Grain, farm, lifestock, safety, army etc, all of them gave me a headache. If I personally managed all of them, it would drive me crazy.

But this was just a game. Once the country war ended, relevant people from Tian Ling City would be moved over. As for me, I was just The Executor and I just needed to fight wars. This was what I was good at.


Not long later, smoke bellowed from within the city. Lightning Umbrella found meat and food at the storage and was cooking them. The slaves started to get houses and even fought. I didn't allow that so I ordered a system to give people houses. I selected some of the older ones to be in charge.

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Moreover, Lightning Umbrella led a bunch over who he recommended to me. Some of them were good at building, some at heigene. I didn't have many choices and could only make do. It was much better than the city being in a mess. If that was the case, just hundred thousand Moon City players could take us down.


Luckily Lanais was strong enough and millions of Hybrid Demon troops intercepted the Moon City army to crush them. Smile, Hand of Waterloo were also shot by her. The sad thing was how Moon City had tens of millions of people but they were now scattered around the map with no way of fighting back.

But I didn't have any doubts that in just 3 hours, Smile, Hand of Waterloo etc would start to gather the troops and form at least a million to attack Moon City again. That would be the true challenge and I was already mentally prepared.

Two hours later, I received a sad news. The soul power in the soul prison was about to fill up. Lanais took mine away and led the Hybrid Demon army back to the Sea of No Return. At this point, Moon City could only rely on the million NPCs inside to defend. The people who could fight wouldn't exceed 300 thousand.

I sat on the city walls and looked as Lightning Umbrella trained the cavalry to charge. But they charged all about and knocked one another with no tactics and style.

Were they unreliable?

Apart from that, the few better slaves went to teach some of the troops how to use Dragon Crystal Cannons.


The Dragon Crystal Cannons exploded and the Great Sage Hall on the south square of Moon City exploded. Damn, they were so unreliable!


I was really anxious and even saw that there were players gathering on the plains. If they came, what should I do?

The guild channel was in a mess but what I felt happy about was that Fan Shu City was still in our hands even though it was on the verge of collapsing--

Dancing Forest, "Damn... A Dragon Crystal Cannon exploded 3 meters away from me, fortunately I didn't die. That was so terrifying!"

Li Mu, "You already died for a second time 2 hours ago, if you die again this time you will lose four levels. Congratulations!"

Dancing Forest, "You too!"

I asked, "How is the defence of Fan Shu City?"

Yue Qing Qian said, "Brother Xiao Yao, the situation isn't good. We are surrounded again and the walls are riddled with holes. Moreover, the NPC troops have suffered heavy losses. Your Royal Army has lost around 60% of their numbers!"

My heart felt pained, "Damn..."

Dong Cheng Yue giggled, "Brother Xiao Yao must feel pained but it is okay. Iron Skull City and Swirling Abyss City had more dead players. After the battle, the city recovery is based on the number of enemies killed. More than 20 million have died, as long as Fan Shu City is still here, it would definitely upgrade to a stronger city."

I nodded, "En, good luck. What about Nine Heavens City?"

Lin Wan Er, "Nine Heavens City's civilians, Demon Mountain, 7K, Purple Wind Flute etc are fighting back. Moreover this time she finally sent the 200 thousand ancient demon troops to attack. Fang Ge Que, Q-Sword, Jian Feng Han are defending a Nine Heavens City that is about to fall. Moreover the cannons are damaged. If things are as expected, Nine Heavens City won't be able to be defended."

"What about Clear Black Eyes?" I asked.

Lin Wan Er said, "After losing Waterfront City, Clear Black Eyes and Drunk Maple have taken down Nine Heavens City's secondary cities High Court City and Fire Spear City. It seems like she wants to rely on them as the foundations to fight against Nine Heavens City and Tian Ling City. That is weird, why didn't she try to take down Waterfront City? Logically speaking I won't be able to stop 20 million people."

I sucked in a deep breath, "I don't know but anyways my situation isn't good."

Lin Wan Er giggled, "Piggy, how is your situation?"

"I took Moon City down but there is no one to defend it. I loaned troops from Lanais to take down a trading city called Goddess's Tears and I brought the 800 thousand slaves over. But now Lanais retreated and I don't have any troops. Smile, Hand of Waterloo etc are gathering Moon City players and will definitely attack in less than 3 hours. I don't know what to do..."


Lin Wan Er smiled, "What do you need me to do?"

I thought about it, "Wan'er head to Green Rock City and use my name to order Heaven Barrier Army's Lin Qiong to send the elites over to assist Moon City?"

"Okay, I will head over!"

Lin Wan Er would take less than 20 minutes to get to Green Rock City by riding Little White but Heaven Barrier Army would take 5-7 hours to cross the desert. It was all up to me to survive for that period.


Dusk, the horns were blown in the distance. The sun set and when the last bit of sunlight disappeared, the sky started to dim. This was a good chance to sneak attack. The player's vision was better than NPCs so Smile and Hand of Waterloo was waiting for such a chance right?

Right when I was feeling uneasy, Lightning Umbrella said, "Sir, there is an army coming from the north from Light Rain City!"

"Who, how many?" I asked.

"I don't know, there are at least 100 thousand. It is too dark and we can't see."

"En, remain here."



Since they weren't players then they were definitely NPCs. I flew up and headed to the north. I saw a dense group of people appearing. When I was hundred meters away, I saw many Dark Moon Elves carrying their bows, they... Weren't they at Purple Bamboo Forest? Why were they here? !

"Who is that?" A few teens raised their bows and loaded their arrows.

I raised my hand, "It is me, Tian Ling City's Li Xiao Yao. Is Queen Fiona here?"

A teen laughed, "So it is Royal Army's General. The queen is here, I will go inform her!"


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I walked into the crowd and saw the sexily dressed Fiona. She smiled at me, "Li Xiao Yao, long time no see, I didn't expect you to be here!"

I smiled, "Fiona, that is what I should ask you. Why are you here?"

Fiona was shocked, "Ah? I got news the Moon City was taken down by the hybrid demons and is a dead city so I led the Dark Moon Elves to bring our resources. We plan to take it down to be our new home!"

I was delighted, "I am defending it but since you are here, I will gift it to you. Lead the Dark Moon Elves in!"

"Ah?" Fiona was filled with surprise and joy, "You occupied it?"

"En! But it is about to get attacked, your Dark Moon Elves came at the right time."

"He, that is great!"

"Enter the city. From today onwards, you are the new queen!" I smiled, "But Moon City belongs to Tian Ling City, are you willing to be under Lochlan?"

Fiona said, "As long as we live with dignity, it is okay."

"En, great. Then Moon City belongs to all of you!"


Just the slave army was definitely not enough. Smile and Hand of Waterloo had a player army. But with Fiona's 400 thousand Dark Moon Elves, we had enough. With Lin Qiong and his 100 thousand, Moon City would definitely be able to be defended!

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Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by Goh Shao Feng Ryan.