Chapter 1069- Changing hands repeatedly
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Zhan Long Chapter 1069- Changing hands repeatedly

"Open the gates!"

I stood at the gate and shouted. Very quickly, Lightning Umbrella appeared. He ordered and the gates opened. He looked at me in shock, "Sir, this army?"

I raised Fiona's hand and said, "This is the Dark Moon Elves's Queen Fiona, from today on she is the owner of this Moon City. She will lead the Dark Moon Elves army into Moon City. Listen to her and this city will be one where the humans and Dark Moon Elves live together."

"Yes Sir!" This guy listened to my orders.


The Dark Moon Elves entered the city and the newly formed army also surged out to help them move the arrows and bows. 400 thousand Dark Moon Elves took a really long time to enter the city. In the distance, the horns rang out as the Moon City players were about to attack!

"Let those at the back to speed up!"

I stood on the city wall and held the handle of Butterfly. I said anxiously.

Fiona nodded her head and gave the order but it still took another half an hour for all of them to enter. The English and French players weren't willing to wait and one could hear the horse hoof sounds. The crowd charged towards Moon City. I frowned, "It is too late, tell those moon elves to head towards the west and enter from there."


I pulled out Butterfly and said, "Prepare to fight!"

On the walls, the slaves who turned into soldiers looked at the players. They were between level 175-185 but their tiers were really low. Even the strongest Lightning Umbrella was just a Saint Spirit Grade Boss.

Luckily the Dark Moon Elves were really high level and Queen Fiona was a three star God Tier Boss. With her and the Dark Moon Elves defending, our chances had increased by a lot. What filled me with confidence was that the people led by Smile and Hand of Waterloo had suffered at Fan Shu City and also at Moon Valley to Lanais. All their cannons were mostly lost and to attack the city, they could only rely on iron hooks and ladders. Moon City's walls were quite perfect and its defensive ability didn't drop by much. With the Dark Moon Elves's accuracy, the city defence effect was 200% stronger.

The troops started to boil oil on the walls. These oil would start boiling and apart from that, we prepared a lot of stone and rolling wood.

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Looking at Moon City's interface, I could use not more than 800 thousand NPCs. The rest were basically some civilians with no combat strength. There was at least 4 million native Moon City players and they were led by experts like Smile and Hand of Waterloo.

In the distance, under the starlight, the cavalry were near the city. The Dragon Crystal Cannons on the walls started to fire and many mushroom clouds started to appear on teh ground. Those players who had already lost 3 levels were blown into pieces. With Fiona's order, Dark Moon Elves armed their bows and shot. The arrows landed accurately at the eyes of the cavalry and necks, causing really high damage.

I just stood at the side of the wall,

I pulled my sword out of its sheath and charged. Sword Tempest+ Death God's Dance exploded in the crowd and I instantly killed dozens of people. With Icy Wings, I flew above the people below. I killed those half or low health players. This was a great time to earn achievement points. I had already dropped to third and if I didn't kill more people now, my rankings would drop even more.

In the distance, Smile shouted, "Seige cloud ladders, put them up!"

The siege cloud ladders were a type of chariot with complex internal structure. 10 meter ladders were connected and they used it to climb on the 50 meter walls. Moreover, Smile's cloud ladders were made by the guild and not from the NPC. Zhan Long had such cloud ladders too. The smithing players built the seige weapons. Although they weren't as good as Dragon Crystal Cannons, but it was effective for close combat seige battles.

Dozens of cloud ladders were placed near to the city walls and dense amount of players started to attack. They had the numbers advantage, which was why they dared to attack so arrogantly.


"Pour the oil!" Fiona ordered.

Woks started to pour downwards as boiling oil scattered along the ladders. The players that were hit started to lose health. Along with the explosing arrows from the Dark Moon Elves, the effect of the cloud ladders were limited. Smile and Hand of Waterloo probably didn't expect the 400 thousand Dark Moon Elves in the city. This was a huge change!


The boiling oil fell along my face. I used Icy Wings to slash the crowd. I was happy that the oil didn't hit me. Zhen Yue Sword and Butterfly slashed out and the players who rushed up were killed. I didn't need to head back to the city for replenishments. I just killed people all about.

"Mages focus on him and kill Xiao Yao Zi Zai!" A Flagbearer shouted. This person's face was covered in a beard and he probably had enough of being surpressed.

The Archers and Mages started to move close. At around 40 yards they started to attack me. Numerous Magma Abyss, Thunder Eagle Foramtion, Ice Pillars along with Rising Dragon Arow, Armor Breaking Arrow etc skills were used. All I could do was to move about to reduce the damage that I took.


My boots caused sparks to fly on the brick. I stepped in a z shape to dodge many attacks. At the same time, I stabbed Butterfly into the chest of a cavalry. I used Double Hit to insta kill him. At the same time, God Soldier Formation wrapped around me. Whoever tried to kill me had to suffer from my attacks.

"Pa pa pa..."

Even if my resistance was high, but his skills continued to smash onto the God Slaying Armor. While I drank health potions and used Cleansing Rain, I didn't forget to slash to kill people to lifesteal. But this was not the issue, the issue was that a long battle would cause my item durability to drop.

I looked towards Fiona and said, "Tell the elves to aim at the Mages, Musketee and Archers. Use as many arrows that we need!"

Maybe because I was The Executor or maybe because I had the aura of a commander, Queen Fiona nodded her head. She listened to my orders to command the moon elves to aim at the ranged forces. Arrows were like a rain that broke through the defences of the Mages in front of me.

Very good, this was the effect that I wanted!

I moved around the city and no one was fighting with me. As long as Butterfly could slash a spot, no one could block a round of my attacks. Smile, Hand of Waterloo etc didn't dare to fight me as the main force of the elves were here. There was also a three star god tier Dark Moon Elves Queen. Moreover, with me here too, they couldn't benefit at all.

A while later, a captain came over to report that the east wall was being attacked. Thus, Fiona sent 50 thousand Dark Moon Elves to assist. The city was strong enough and as long as we had enough NPCs and arrows, it would be easy to defend it.


This defence lasted for 6 hours. The area around the city was covered in piles of corpses. Moreover, the Moon City players dropped many equipment and potions that no one picked. I had a limited bag space and even if I turned them into God's Army Card, I wouldn't be able to get many so it was just a waste.

Sunlight shone from the east and a new day was here.

Horse hooves spread under that golden light. A general charged out of the forest and behind him was a dense group of cavalry. The Flagbearer held a flag and it was the mark of Tian Ling City. This was Heaven Barrier Army. Lin Qiong was finally here. Now there were no problems at all, Moon City was safe.


"Oh, that is?" Fiona looked forwards in shock.

I smiled, "Heaven Barrier Army, Tian Ling City's army. Prepare to open the gate to let them in. Now we don't have to worry that we won't be able to defend the city!"

Fiona giggled and wiped the sweat off her chin. She smiled, "These adventurers are so crazy. But with Heaven Barrier Army here to help defend, Moon City is stable!"


Lin Qiong held his sword and brought the heavy cavalry of Heaven Barrier Army to slash through the guilds of Moon City. More and more troops arrived and entered the city. The 100 thousand Heaven Barrier Army troops formed a black current such that the English and French players wree helpless. Players' enery couldn't compare to that of the NPCs.

But when Lin Qiong led the Majors of Heaven Barrier Army up the walls, I saw the exhaustion on their faces. They had rushed through the night and it was definitely tough for them.

"Marshal Li!"

Lin Qiong cupped his fists, "We are here, are we not too late?"

"En, not late!" I slapped his shoulder, "Since you are here then Moon City is definitely Tian Ling Empire's! We must defend it at all cost!"

"Yes general!"


However, at that moment, a bell rang in the sky above--


Syste Notification: Congratulations player Demon Mountain (Germany) for destroying Nine Heavens City's throne to recover it. Moreover, as the battle points are too low, all rewards are turned into experience to be given to the relevant players!


Nine Heavens City was taken once more!

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