Chapter 1068- Goodbye queen
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Zhan Long Chapter 1068- Goodbye queen

In less than an hour, Lightning Umbrella selected close to 50 thousand warriors to form the first army. As time was rushed, they weren't able to forge army tokens so each person had a red string on their arms as proof. The formation of this army also meant that the power of Moon City had shifted.

I sat on the city walls and looked at the flames of war rise. Those were the sounds of Dragon Crystal Cannons. The battle at Moon Valley had begin. With Lanais there, the millions of players had no chance. Moreover with the main city lost, they revived in the nearby maps after they died and not within the city.



Lightning Umbrella raised a sword and he sat on a black horse that he got from some place. He smiled at me, "We have occupied the granary. Sir, can we let the slaves have a full meal. Most of us have never had a good meal in our lives."

I nodded my head happily, "Of course but pay attention to the amount of grain we have. Apart from that, send the word that you mustn't hurt the civilians of Moon City."

"Yes, sir!"

Looking at Lightning Umbrella lead the soldiers away, I sighed as this was just the start. It was really tough to manage a city. Grain, farm, lifestock, safety, army etc, all of them gave me a headache. If I personally managed all of them, it would drive me crazy.

But this was just a game. Once the country war ended, relevant people from Tian Ling City would be moved over. As for me, I was just The Executor and I just needed to fight wars. This was what I was good at.


Not long later, smoke bellowed from within the city. Lightning Umbrella found meat and food at the storage and was cooking them. The slaves started to get houses and even fought. I didn't allow that so I ordered a system to give people houses. I selected some of the older ones to be in charge.

Moreover, Lightning Umbrella led a bunch over who he recommended to me. Some of them were good at building, some at heigene. I didn't have many choices and could only make do. It was much better than the city being in a mess. If that was

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