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ZL - Chapter 1062- Expedition

Lanais smiled bitterly, but that smile showed her sadness. She coughed a few times, and after regaining calm, she said, "Dalun, Sif, Igoras, Lei Ding, Anna, Kate, and the others have been restricted by Azure's Blood Ocean Restraint and are providing death energy for him. Dalun, Sif, and Igoras used their strength to release me in hopes that I’d be able to get out and ask for help!"

As she said that, she looked at Frost. "Frost has a god divinity, and she’s the only one that can face Azure."

"It’s possible, but it’s not a certainty!"

I was emotional and said coldly, "Does Frost have to head over to Blood Abyss just because of you lords who kill people mercilessly?"

Lanais gave a self mocking laugh. "That’s true. In your eyes, we Hybrid Demon Lords are unpardonable demons, right... I shouldn't be here, but..."

She looked deeply at me. "Don't you forget that the death energy of Hybrid Demons are really pure. If Azure is reborn, his strength will be back at his peak. If we give him death power that isn’t pure, he’ll be greatly weakened."

I squinted my eyes. "Why should I trust you?"

Lanais smiled. "Why should you trust me? Azure has been summoned. You can ask Frost. As a god, she must feel intense resonations!"

Frost was helpless and pulled my hand. Her hand was icy cold as she looked at me with her bright eyes. "In these few days, I haven’t had a peaceful night. Azure's power is like a curse wrapped around my heart. I sense that he is coming out. He knows that I exist, and he’s been warning and threatening me..."

My heart felt pained. "T-Then... what should we do?"

Frost replied, "I think that I should head to Blood Abyss."

"Then I shall follow you there."

Lanais looked at me. "Of course, you have to as this has something to do with you."

"Something to do with me?"

"Yes." She sighed. "I plan on giving Azure human souls. With that, even if he’s reborn, his power won't be that strong and he won't be invincible."

"Provide human souls?" I was shocked. "You mean?"

Lanais smiled and her lips curled up. Her smile was like that of a demon. "Let me lead an army to wipe out Tian Ling City? That city has so many people; even if I wipe them out, not all will die. Also, I will let you be emperor. How about that?"

"Emperor?" I laughed. "Stop joking. I don't wanna be bored to death inside a palace. Plus, if I became the emperor, who would listen to me? Let's not talk about it; I don't agree with that suggestion."

"You have to. If not, we will all die together."

I thought about it and had an idea. "If you really wanna kill humans, then choose another city? Iron Skull City, Moon City, what about those two?"

Lanais was stunned. "That..."

I clenched my fist and said, "If the Hybrid Demon’s army attacks Iron Skull and Moon cities, I’m willing to be the vanguard. How about that?"

Lanais smiled. "So... are we working together?"

"Of course."

"Hehe! I didn't expect that Tian Ling Empire’s The Executor, the marshal of the armies, would be willing to be a vanguard of mine. This is really an honor of mine!"

"How can you even laugh at such a time?"

"I will die anyway, so I don't care."

I laughed. Lanais really looked at things lightly, but she was right. She would die regardless, so what was the point of caring so much? Still, if I really wanted to lead the Hybrid Demon to attack Moon City or Iron Skull City, would they not say that I was a traitor?

Forget it. As long as I could save Fan Shu City, it was worth it!


A while later, her injured arm recovered. She sat up and said, "Time is of the essence; Azure is about to wake up. Let's head out!"


"Still, Iron Skull City has many defending troops, while I only have a limited number of troops. Let's not choose Iron Skull City; why don’t we attack Moon City?"

"Okay." Moon City was one of the few cities attacking us and was also the first to attack Fan Shu City crazily. Let us take them down!


After heading out, Frost left Queen Zhi Shu and Odelia to deal with matters. In truth, Frost did not totally trust Lanais and had to leave god tier experts to defend Dragon City. If not, she might fall into a trap. Seeing that Frost left people behind, Lanais laughed and did not say anything.

A few minutes later, Frost, Lanais, and I flew into the snow and headed toward the core area of the Hybrid Demon Territory.

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This novel is _hosted_ by hosted novel.

Maybe they felt that my flying speed was too slow, but Frost got close and pulled my arms around her. My palm pressed onto her chest; it was soft and bouncy. A god tier expert's body was the same. Before I could enjoy it, Frost sped up. The two of us flew into the distance like a meteor. D*mn. I was quite fast, but she was several times faster than me. Lanais's hands hung low as she flew forward, too. However, she was slower than Frost; this was the difference in strength.

In under ten minutes, I was in the core area of the Hybrid Demon Territory. A few minutes later, Lanais told us to stop.

Looking down, it was a desolate piece of land. A blood cloud floated in the distance and lightning shone. Without needing to think, that was the Blood Abyss!

I was excited. D*mn! Was the top boss of Destiny about to appear? Dalun, Sif, and Igoras were weaker than this. How strong was this?

I used Icy Wings and pulled out Butterfly as I looked around warily.

Lanais saw how nervous I looked and laughed. "No need to be so careful. There’s still some time before he breaks out. Plus, you haven’t signed a life and death contract, so he can't do anything to you. Still, once he is out, hehe! Your broken sword can probably only help him file his teeth."

I looked at her. "A 5-star god weapon for that? I’m worried his gums will get inflamed."

Lanais giggled.

Frost said, "Stop fighting. Let's go see what’s going on!"



As we ventured deeper into Blood Abyss, I saw the ground all around turning into a blood pond. This was Blood Abyss; it was covered in blood water and many bubbles boiled all over. Moreover, lightning smashed into the pond as if it were absorbing its strength.

Around Blood Abyss, many stone pillars stood. Around six of them were Hybrid Demon Lords. Lei Ding, Sif, et cetera were there. Some of them knew me like Igoras. His arms were tied by blood chains, and his body was in a magma form. His expression was really ugly. He looked at me and laughed coldly. "Kid, you actually dared to come to such a place. Hehe! Aren't you afraid of dying?"

I waved Butterfly and laughed coldly. "When I kill you, I’ll be considered a demon killer warrior, right?"

Sif said, "Igoras and Li Xiao Yao, stop fighting! Lanais, we don't have much time. We only have half of our death power left. Quick. Use the soul prison I have refined to kill. Once the soul enters, they can be sent to me. I can then send these souls to Azure at once!"


Lanais reached out and many blood-colored lanterns appeared in front of Sif. These were the soul prisons that Sif had mentioned, and they could absorb soul powers.

Lanais pushed one to me. "Li Xiao Yao, this is yours. You are the vanguard, so how many we get is up to you!"

I nodded. "Understood!"

I grabbed it and held it in my left hand. My right hand still held the Butterfly. Anyway, I was going to kill people, so there was no need to use two swords.

At that moment, the blood pond bubbled and a hand reached out!


The giant hand grabbed me and I could not move. Frost was shocked. She pulled out her blade, and that sliced off the hand. A demon-like roar spread out. "Traitor... Traitor..."

"Didn't you say that there wouldn't be any danger?" Frost asked.

Sif replied, "There are always surprises..."

Lanais's expression was not good. "Let's head out! My Hybrid Demon is at the border and can head out. Four million of them; that’s all we can take out!"




As we headed out to kill, Frost did not follow me and, instead, returned to Dragon City, leaving the Moon City's mission to me.

When I arrived at the border, the crowd of Hybrid Demon troops terrified me. Sword Spirit, Demon Hall, Barbarian Wolf Cavalrymen, and other level 7 troops were all present. Apart from that, there were giants with war hammers and earth dragons that waved their tails. Lanais said a few wordsin demon language and those soldiers knelt down towards me. It seemed like as the vanguard I had gained their respect.

At the same time, the Hybrid Demon army appeared on my commander interface. There were 10 armies, each with 200 thousand people. The vanguard could command 2 million troops. Great!

"Head out!"

I returned my blade to my sheath. I held the shining soul prison and said a few simple words.

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