Chapter 1061- Blood Abyss
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Zhan Long Chapter 1061- Blood Abyss

Third day of the country war, at around 5pm. We had forced back the three servers numerous times. Fan Shu City was like a piece of scorched charcoal; the white iron around was red in color and the entire city was covered in smoke. Corpses lay strewn all over, especially in front of the city gate. The corpses were stacked up several meters high and were waiting for the system to despawn them.


As he walked down the city walls, Li Mu held his bloodstained sword and followed me. "Xiao Yao, if this continues, we may be unable to last for ten more hours. The west and south walls have cracked. As long as Swirling Abyss and Iron Skull send another giant to attack, there’s a high chance of Fan Shu's walls collapsing."

I nodded. "Right, Fan Shu isn’t a primary city and only has one outer wall. Once it is breached, the enemies will be able to charge in. Unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do about that. We haven’t enough troops and we have suffered such heavy losses. We can only wait for Nine Heavens City's outcome."

Li Mu laughed coldly. "Fang Ge Que and Q-Sword are having so much fun there. They leave all the pressure of the three main cities to just one Fan Shu City. What are they thinking?"

I sucked in a deep breath and said calmly, "Fan Shu City is our foundation, and owning Fan Shu City means that we must take this responsibility. Continue to fight. In just thirty minutes, they’ll launch their next attack."


I walked forward with Butterfly. Xiao Lie dashed over with his spear. "Marshal Li!"

"How are the repairs of the wall going?" I asked.

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Xiao Lie's expression was not good, "Not too good... There are 113 damaged points, seven of them are pretty bad, especially the part hit by the Frost Giant. We don't have enough manpower, with many being shot while doing repairs. Moreover, the city doesn't have enough stone, and those sent to pick up stone pieces were killed. If this continues, we can only guard a pile of rubble."

My heart shook and I asked, "Is there news from Tian Ling City?"

Xiao Lie cupped his fist. "His Majesty Lochlan has given orders for the Xia Yu Army to bring a bunch of workers, stone and grain over. They will also lead one hundred thousand troops over. Unfortunately, they were attacked by Iron Skull City adventurers, and a large amount of grain was burned. Currently, Iron Skull City has control over the Bridge of Fate."

I sucked in a deep breath; the situation was getting worse. Sky Rose was not stupid, and she definitely had more troops compared to my side. She could send people to block off Fan Shu City's supply lines. Currently, we were fighting all alone.

Looking at how tired the players and NPC were, I felt conflicted. I had just become The Executor; was I going to lose my own city in this country war?


I opened my friend list and sent Fang Ge Que a message: "End Nine Heavens City's battle, Fan Shu City can't hold it anymore. If the city is lost, Tian Ling City will be attacked by the three main cities. You do what you want!"

Fang Ge Que did not say anything except, "Give me five hours!"

After switching off the comms, my heart was in a mess. I looked at the flames in the distance. The Tian Ling City NPCs on Flaming God Mountain Range had lighted their torches, but so what? Most of them were in Tian Ling City and could not leave. Fire Dragon, Fire Ax, Changfeng, and the other armies had many troops taken by Fang Ge, Q-Sword, Yan Zhao Warrior, et cetera over to Nine Heavens City.

I did not have many troops that I could mobilize.

Eagles circled above. These were special Iron Skull City soldier-type. They tried to control Fan Shu City's airspace. My Flame Hawk Archers had suffered heavy losses, and only twenty thousand of them were left. If I sent more, they would all be wiped out; I dared not to take such a huge risk.

Yue Qing Qian, who was beside me, looked up. "We don't have any War Hawk Knights, so no one can head out."

I smiled. "It is okay; we haven't lost yet!"


Right at that moment, a few giant figures came. Along with a dragon roar, they wrapped around Fan Shu City. That was a crystal dragon. A bunch of eagles pecked it, but it spat out flames and turned them to ashes. Moreover, the second, third, and even tenth appeared above Fan Shu City!

Finally, Dragon City was here to help us!

Qing Luo pressed the head of the crystal dragon and descended. She looked at me. "Dragon Rider, you really are a sad sight. Fan Shu City has been besieged this much; what a pity!"

I could not smile at all. "Qing Luo, why are you here?"

Qing Luo replied, "Frost sent me to lead a nine-dragon cavalry over to assist you. She said that Fan Shu City can't be lost, or Tian Ling Empire will lose the gate to the west."

Qing Luo blinked. "Frost also said that she hopes you can head to Dragon City; there’s something really important for you to decide."

"Oh, what?"

"I don't know. As it is really important, how can I have the right to know..."

"Okay, I understand!"

I looked at the flames above Fan Shu City and said, "I shall hand the defense of Fan Shu City to you. Before I begin, even if you fight to the death, don't lose it!"

Qing Luo giggled. "Don't worry, sir. Leave this place to me!"

Thus, I told Li Mu, Yue Qing Qian, Mu Xuan, Han Bei Song, Enchanted Painting, and the others to defend Fan Shu City, while I headed to Dragon City. Moreover, of the Zhan Long leaders, only One Second Hero died. He gathered those who had revived to try and take back the Bridge of Fate, so he could open the path to Fan Shu City!

After arranging everything, I used Icy Wings and took to the skies. Qing Luo smiled. "Sir, do I need to open a path for you?"

"No need!"

My tone was firm and I flew toward the north east. The Iron Skull City’s eagles surrounded me, but my Sword Tempest scattered them. They could not fly as fast as I did and could, therefore, not stop me from leaving.


After close to half an hour, it was a snowland ahead. The snowflakes floated down. Dragon City was snowing all four seasons a year, and today was no exception.


My war boots left a mark on the ground and I landed on Dragon City. A dragon cavalry, who was rubbing the head of his dragon, looked at me. "Sir, you’re back!"

I asked, "Where is Frost?"

"Lady Frost is waiting for you in the main hall!"

"Okay, thank you."

My boots stepped on snow as I charged forward. When I pushed open the door, I saw Frost, Queen Zhi Shu, Odelia, and some other important Dragon City people there. I was shocked. "Oh, why are you all here?"

"Close the door," Queen Zhi Shu said.

I closed it and asked, "Why?"

"Xiao Yao, come meet someone." Frost looked at me.

I was stunned. I walked forward and saw that the three of them were surrounding a person, whose face was ashen white. Her clothes were removed and one of her arms was shriveled up with only bones left. It was a saddening sight to look at.

"This is..."

I looked at her face and was shocked. "Lanais! Why are you here?"

She opened her red beautiful eyes. She recognized me and only smiled. "Li Xiao Yao, you are here?"

I asked in shock, "What happened? Why are you here in Dragon City? Frost, why don't you kill her? She killed Owen!"

Frost muttered, "The situation is different."

"What happened?" I asked. "Lanais, why are you here? What happened?"

"Blood Abyss. It’s Blood Abyss..." Her face was filled with fear.

"What is Blood Abyss?" I asked

Queen Zhi Shu said, "Do you know? Hybrid Demon Territory has fifteen lords. Lanais is sixth, Sif is third, and Dalun is second. As for the legendary first, no one has seen him because he’s been amassing strength in hell. The ancient heroes called him Blood Abyss Azure!"

Frost said, "I remember Azure. That guy is a demon that kills people without blinking. Half of the gods died at his hands, but before they fell, they gathered their strength to seal him. Now that he has been reborn, no one can stop him."

I looked at Lanais. "What does his rebirth have to do with your injuries?"

Lanais laughed. "For Azure to break through, he needs death power, but he’s already absorbed most of the death power in Hybrid Demon Territory. As such, he decided to sacrifice me, Igoras, Sif, and the others in order for him to obtain death power. Look, my left arm became a sacrifice."

My heart felt cold. "Azure dares to kill you?"

"He is the god of death and doesn't belong to anyone." Her eyes were filled with despair. "I, Sif, Igoras, Dalun, and the others signed a contract with death. We’re unable to escape from Azure. Maybe the moment he breaks free, the few of us will have to die."

On the side, Queen Zhi Shu refined a Dragon God Essence to help treat her arm, which started to have color and grow back following its application. The queen's face turned ashen white as a price.


I sat down and held Butterfly's handle> "Lanais, you came to Dragon City for a reason, right?"

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