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ZL - Chapter 993- White heels

"Li Xiao Yao!"

    Luo Xun roared at me and the golden helmet on his head dropped to the ground. No one had expected that the once invincible South Protecting King would end up like this. His eyes were filled with blood as he raged at me. "The heavens won't forgive you for forcing me to do this; if I become a ghost, I'll haunt you to hell. You won't get to reincarnate!"


    The sword slashed across his neck and flesh blood splattered. He slowly collapsed as blood surged out from the gaping cut in his neck. His eyes still looked at me with hatred as he fell slowly.

    "Your Highness! Your highness..." cried Floating Clouds on the side. She raised her head and said with her bloodshot eyes, "Li Xiao Yao, you are so cold-hearted; aren't you afraid that the gods and ghosts will all hunt you down?"

    I got up on the horse and retorted, "Luo Xun sneak-attacked and tried to kill all my sixty thousand Royal Army troops. All of you are the vicious ones, so aren’t you afraid?"

    Floating Clouds had nothing to say in response. I waved my hand. "Keep the South Protecting King's body and send Floating Clouds, Les, Louis, and the rest back to Tian Ling City. Collect the Violent Thunder, Fire Axe, and Dragonling armies’ weapons; bring everything back to Tian Ling City!"

    Han Yuan said, "Sir, the four armies have at least two hundred thousand people; are we really bringing them back to Tian Ling City? Why don’t we..." he lowered his voice "...kill them all?"

    I laughed and stared at him. "They are Tian Ling City's soldiers and are just following orders. Once we get back, Lochlan will pardon them. You don't have to worry about all this."



    Han Yuan was a smart person but not a vicious one. The reason why he wanted to kill them was out of hatred. These people had conned us so many times; he simply did not want us to suffer any further losses.

    The battle on Fire God Mountain was at the end. A while later, Q-Sword led Hero Mound's players over. "Xiao Yao, the battle is over. Rising Sun Like Blood has lost 70% of its strength; Wang Zecheng has run away with the Ice Spirit Cavalry. We can't chase everyone. Why don’t you lend me two thousand Furnace God Cavalry and I'll kill them all!"

    I smiled. "They're probably back to the city, so forget it. Thank you for your assistance this time; if not, the war wouldn't end so smoothly for us. Go back to the city. Luo Xun is dead, and the army system will likely be revamped. Let's see what Lochlan has to say; there should be rewards for everyone!"



    Before my comrades and I left Fire God Mountain, I assigned some of the Royal Army soldiers to man it. The rest escorted the prisoners back to Tian Ling City. An hour later, we arrived outside of the city.

    Peng peng peng...

    From afar, Lochlan in a dragon robe could be seen approaching us. He looked at the coffin that I was carrying and cried. He knelt on the ground but was unwilling to say anything.

    I walked forward and held his arm. "Lochlan..."

    He raised his head and tears could be seen in his eyes. "Master Li, I know that you hate my father. He’s done so many unforgivable things, but... he's still my father. You actually ordered him to kill himself. Master Li, I..."

    My voice went soft. "Sorry..."

    Lochlan wiped his tears away and said, "Master Li, I have never blamed you. I know that, in my father’s attempt to usurp the throne, he tried to kill you many times. He also tried to wipe out the Royal Army and I was powerless to help. I hate myself for being weak. I owe Master Li too much, but as his son, I couldn't even protect my father!"

    He pushed my hand away, pulled out his sword, and stabbed himself in the chest!


    It stabbed ten centimeters in and fresh blood splattered out.

    His face turned ashen-white and his eyes pooled with tears. "As your disciple, I saw you get harmed; I am ashamed to be your disciple!"

    He pulled out and then stabbed himself again. His two wounds started to bleed.

    "Lochlan, are you crazy!" I stared at him in shock.

    His voice became weak as he pulled the sword out once more, fresh blood flowing from his mouth. He continued speaking. "As the emperor, I couldn't stop the infighting and had to watch the Royal Army, Rongdi Army, and Fire Axe Army kill one another. I watched hundreds of thousands die for nothing. I am ashamed to be this empire’s ruler!"

    He stabbed himself again, and three deep wounds blossomed in his chest.


    I hurriedly strode to him and smacked the sword away. He fell into my arms. Behind me, the guards charged over with Frost in tow. Behind me, Queen Angela and the Ba Huang City troops had rushed over, too.

    "This..." Frost looked at his injuries and frowned, asking, "how did this happen; he's so badly wounded..."

    Angela's eyes went red. "Crazy... The emperor has gone mad; he actually took all the blame on himself. He's just insane..."

    I asked, "Frost, can he be saved?"

    Frost nodded. "One wound touched his heart but didn't pierce through it. If we stop the bleeding, he can be saved!"



    A bunch of doctors rushed over and we entered Tian Ling City. At this point, my warrant for arrest had been rescinded; I no longer felt like a sinner.

    Lochlan, who had badly injured himself, was currently healing. After Situ Xin saw his wounds, he announced that there would be a meeting a day later. While Fire Axe, Violent Thunder, and the other army rebels were locked away together, the Royal Army would oversee their food. Frost and Qingluo returned to Dragon City.

    I went offline. After such a long time, I had finally solved one of the things that I was worried about. Luo Xun's influence in Tian Ling City was very strong. As the father to the emperor, he had too much control. If he did not die, Lochlan would be unable to wield complete authority. This was also why I had forced Luo Xun to kill himself.


    In the hall, Lin Wan Er, Dong Cheng Yue, and Tang Qi were present. I wore the jacket that Lin Wan Er had bought for me and sat beside her. "It's finally over!"

    Lin Wan Er placed down her laptop and hugged my arm. "With Luo Xun dead, no one can stop you in Tian Ling City, right?"

    I nodded. "En, finally no one will stop me from stirring up the world."

    Dong Cheng Yue said, "Wang Zecheng bet everything but got it wrong. He thought that the Rongdi Army could win, but he was just dreaming. In the end, Hero Mound destroyed him!"

    Tang Qi smiled. "After this battle, our guild leader’s prestige will skyrocket. D*mn! If we get a Guild Prestige Tablet, Rising Sun Like Blood can get ready to disband!"

    I said, "It is already six; there'll be a meeting at twelve midnight. We have a lot of time, so what should we do?"

    Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue smiled. "Why don’t we go..."

    My heart shook. "What do you two want?"

    "To the game city!" replied the two girls at the same time.

    I facepalmed. "How old are you two..."

    Nonetheless, I had no choice but to give in. Tang Qi followed us, too. It was nearby, so we just walked over after having dinner.

    The game city was too young for us, and after racing for a while, I found it boring, so I just watched Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue play. In the end, they went to have a dance battle. Unfortunately, they were both in heels. The two girls danced faster and faster and their short skirts attracted the attention of a bunch of young men. Especially with Lin Wan Er's perfect body and sweet smile, she was the center of attraction.

    They danced seven to eight songs in a row. When Lin Wan Er walked down, she was covered in sweat. She fell into my arms while smiling. "So tired..."

    I hugged her. "Can I look down on you for playing in high heels?"


    "Then I shall look down on Dong Cheng!"

    Dong Cheng Yue huffed. "Heartless fellow, to think that I’ve fallen for you..."

    I looked at the time and it was about 9pm. "Time to go back. Once we bathe, then it will be twelve already."



    When we were outside the mall, it started to rain. It was the rain between the seasons and it made one feel really tired. It got bigger and bigger; if we walked back, we would definitely get drenched.

    Tang Qi suggested that we should get a cab, but Dong Cheng Yue objected to this.

    Thus, she bought three umbrellas and we walked in the rain.

    When we were outside, Lin Wan Er screamed and then her face became filled with pain. I helped her up. "What happened?"

    "I twisted my ankle..."

    "Are you okay?" I bent down and helped her to check. Her ankle was slightly red. She had probably twisted it while playing and had only noticed it at this moment.

    "What now?" She looked at me with a pitiful gaze.

    I smiled. "What else? I'll carry you back..."

    "Hehe! Good!"


    I bent down and Lin Wan Er took off her white heels. She rested on my back, and two soft warm mounds pressed against my back. This felt good. I held onto her snowy-white legs and walked in the rain blissfully. Dong Cheng Yue charged over and helped Lin Wan Er and me hold up an umbrella.

    Tang Qi smiled and followed, too. The wind was filled with a youthful aura.

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Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by Goh Shao Feng Ryan.