Chapter 994- The Executor
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Zhan Long Chapter 994- The Executor

By the time we reached our place, we were all soaked in the rain. The initial summer rain was quite torrential, but because Lin Wan Er was on my back, only my legs and arms got wet. When I placed her down, the way her skirt wrapped around her legs was really tempting. When I turned around and saw Dong Cheng Yue, I nearly lost my senses. As she was too focused on shielding us from the rain, all her clothes had gotten wet. That white shirt, which was completely drenched, pressed onto her youthful body, showing her twin peaks. One could not help but feel their blood rise.


 Dong Cheng Yue looked at my gaze. Although Tang Qi was stunned, too, Dong Cheng Yue still turned around and smiled at me. She even bent forward so she could make her cleavage more visible to me. I looked away and then said, "Dong Cheng, you're completely soaked; go take a hot shower. If not, you'll fall sick."

 Dong Cheng Yue smiled. "En, I will go now!"

 After saying that, she turned and stared at Tang Qi. "You look again and I will beat you to death!"

 Tang Qi: "..."

 I pulled Lin Wan Er's hand and said, "Wan'er go bathe, too; I will make hot ginger tea for everyone."

 "En en."

 The two girls went to shower and I returned to my room. In less than ten minutes, I finished and walked out with dry clothes. I took cups and then made two cups of ginger tea for them. Both girls took a long time to bathe and only came out ten minutes later. They drank the tea while smiling and talking about what had happened earlier. They also agreed to head out again some other time in the future; they also wanted to wear high heels then.

 I said, "Then you must call me."

 Lin Wan Er laughed. "Do you like watching us dance?"

 I replied honestly, "En, it is quite nice to watch. Especially with heels, you two look no worse than SNSD."

 Dong Cheng Yue said, "Actually, when Wan'er was at her peak, she was better than that girl band, alright? In her first concert, she sang and danced. That video was uploaded everywhere, and that's also why she remains so famous even after quitting

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