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ZL - Chapter 988- Strong troops

I stood on the city walls and allowed the snowflakes to fall on my body. I looked at the heroic Zhan Long Furnace God Cavalry charging over and was shocked. I only had one thought in mind: Too strong! This cavalry is too strong and so overpowered!


  Apart from their strong stats, there were two really strong effects. One was Flying General, which reduced speed reduction effects by 70%, meaning that ice magic would not cause them to become too slow. Moreover, it also increased their city destruction ability by 40%. This meant that we did not need siege weapons when attacking and just Furnace God Cavalry alone could destroy the city.

  Another effect was Quickness; when their speed was above 50%, they had a 30% chance of stunning the target. Charging and attacking was the Cavalry's basic battle tactic. Zhan Long players were definitely familiar with it. Moreover, with the Flying General effect, it was not hard to maintain 50% speed. Both were just complementary techniques and destined that the Furnace God Cavalry's stats could not be compared to other mounts.


  The city gates opened and Li Meng Yao was the first in. She charged up the city walls and held my hand. "Brother, are you okay?"

  "I am. Just that the Royal Army has suffered heavy losses!" I looked around us; the Royal Army had lost over two thousand people. All the soldiers were elites, so two thousand of them made me feel heart-pained.

  Yue Yao Yan also charged in and she smiled. "Leave the city protection to us!"



  Not long after, Lin Wan Er, Yue Qing Qian, Dancing Forest, and Dong Cheng Yue all entered the city. Thus, apart from Li Mu and Wang Jian who were taming Furnace God War Horses, pretty much all of the elites were here. Ten thousand people were enough to guard the small stone city. Apart from that, thirty thousand people all helped Frost. Most of the Zhan Long players joined the Army system, so it was time for them to show their loyalty.

  I carried the bloodied Butterfly and walked on the walls. I told Han Yuan and Xiao Lie who were behind me, "Let the injured soldiers heal. Allow my men to guard the walls. Only the perfectly fine Saint Hall Cavalry and Archers on the towers should assist us."

  Han Yuan nodded. "I’ll tell the other soldiers to help move stones and rolling wood. They can also help the Dark Moon Elves move arrows as they are consuming arrows really quickly. Fortunately, we have crafted a batch of arrows before, and they can be used now."

  Xiao Lie said, "Unfortunately, our cannons are all near Fire God Mountain. Such a waste... If not, this battle wouldn’t be so hard!"

  Long Xing smiled. "Actually, there aren't many in Tian Ling City that can face the Hybrid Demon army head on. Although we can't defeat them, we can beat them up. Just this alone will ensure that we get recorded in history books. What does the General think?"

  I smiled. "That will depend on whether or not we are the ones who write it."


  Not long after, the Royal Army retreated off the walls and only those Saint Hall Cavalry and Dark Moon Elves remained.

  The four thousand Furnace God Cavalry all entered the city. Next would be for the ranged players to shine. The Furnace God Cavalry just lifted their shields and sliced off those enemies who were attempting to climb. The Demon Hall Cavalry was unable to use mounts when climbing so their stats dropped.

  This was a great chance to gain experience and achievement points. Dong Cheng Yue, Thousand Suns Over Snowy Lands, Dong Cheng Yue, Lian Po, and the other ranged players fired and reduced batches of level 7 Hybrid Demons into corpses. The melee players did, too. I personally led two thousand of them out to charge into the Demon Spirit Swordsmen crowd. They could not handle us as we were too quick. They could not chase us, and if they faced us head on, they would get stunned.


  Time passed bit by bit; we managed to defend for over four hours. Tian Ling City players heard news that Legend, Prague, Judgement, Hero Mound, and the others had sent tens of thousands of players to assist us. If this continued, Leiding, Kate, and Lanais' strength would be reduced. Ba Huang City also sent dozens of Dragon Crystal Cannons to fire. The Hybrid Demons were being murdered. Not only were they unable to tear down the city, they were even being forced back.

  It was not until 11pm that the horns rang out. The Hybrid Demons stopped and retreated. We killed close to half of the four hundred thousand army, but the remaining group was still like a flood. We did not even have the urge to give chase, especially with Lanais flying in the air. This queen was the true killer. Emperor Owen died by her arrows, and in this battle, she had also shot Queen Zhi Shu. No one was willing to be within her range as it was too dangerous!

  Within the stone city, Han Yuan, Xiao Lie, and Long Xing started to clean up the battlefield and rebuild the city. The dead were buried; tombs were carved and dug for them. At the same time, the injured were healed. The Zhan Long players all headed out. A bunch of Furnace God Cavalry picked up equipment. After seven to eight hours of fighting, most of the items and equipment dropped had rolled off the mountain and accumulated. Since we were the first to pick them up, we were naturally the biggest winners.

  Half an hour later, I brought everyone back to Dragon City and noticed that everyone was praying for the dead, too. Qingluo's eyes were red as if she had just cried. I walked to her and asked, "What happened?"

  Qingluo cried and did not say anything.

  I walked forward and saw a red dragon crying. At the side was a Cavalry whose chest was split open. This was one of the fifteen Dragonriders of Dragon City and his wound looked like it was from Leiding's axe.

  The Cavalry and the mount had a life and death contract, so the moment he died, the Fire Dragon's life would come to an end, too. This was why the dragon sounded so sad.

  Frost read the prayers on the side and her expression was not so nice, too. Even though we won, this battle was nearly a pyrrhic victory, for we paid such a heavy price.


  At 12, I logged out to eat supper with the two girls before heading back online. Due to the game matters, I shall sleep less tonight. After all, there was still no news from Death Plains.

  At around 2am, I was still guarding Dragon City. I accompanied Frost to look at the specks of flames in the north. Hybrid Demons would also light fires at night and they had cities, too, just that those living in there were not human. Odelia headed to the north in search of treasures again, while Queen Zhi Shu was resting. Near us was a Dragon City guard. After this battle, our defense had become much tighter. We saw how cunning the enemies were. Who knew whether or not they would send people to assassinate Zhi Shu?

  A little while later, Li Mu and Wang Jian returned. They walked over in excitement and laughed. "Xiao Yao, you definitely won't expect how many Furnace God War Horses we got!"

  I asked, "How many?"

  Wang Jian said, "We got eleven thousand mount crystals, which means that including the four thousand before, we have fifteen thousand Furnace God Horses. We have emptied the caves and crushed them all, so there won't be anymore of the Furnace God Horses!"

  I smiled. "Level 170 Demon Harvest Tier mounts, that will be enough to last us to the end of the game!"

  Li Mu said, "Now, our guild has fifteen thousand Furnace God Horses and nine thousand Fire Dragons. As for the Steel Blade Cavalry, I sent around twenty-one thousand of them to the side guilds. Our main force has around forty-five thousand; is that enough?"

  I shook my head. "No, we must continue ensuring that the main guild is strong enough while developing the side branches. I will hand them over to you. Future wars are based on numbers, so the more, the better."

  Wang Jian smiled. "That makes sense! Forty-five thousand Cavalry seem enough, but country wars involve tens of millions. Moreover, our forty-five thousand aren't all Cavalry like the Furnace God Horses."

  I rubbed my eyes. "It is late. You two have been online for too long. Hand in the quest and go to bed!"



  After rushing the few maniacs off to bed, I walked around the Royal Army camp. I was finally tired and saw that only a few people were leveling online. Dong Cheng Yue and Lin Wan Er had gone to sleep long ago. Frost and I chatted for a while before I exchanged the achievement points into experience.

  Offline, rest!


  When I woke up, it was already morning. Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue decided to buy summer dresses; I felt that it would not be safe with just the two of them, so I tagged along.

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