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PBS - Chapter 2189 - Xiang Hun's Conspiracy

While Qin Nan and the others were practicing the formations, somewhere in an ancient forbidden land...

Lights sprang into the sky as rare phenomena took place over the land, the mountains, and the forests within thousands of li.

Zhuang Nan who was sitting in the air opened his eyes. Nine blinding rays burst out of his back and lit up the surroundings.

In addition to it, his aura skyrocketed as if he had just broken a seal. His presence was magnificent.

"HAHAHA, the real coexistence of nine fleshes!" Zhuang Nan burst out laughing. He was extremely pleased with the outcome.

A few days ago, Xiang Hun had managed to capture Lu Gufeng and Meng Jiugong, allowing him to achieve such a great feat with the ancient pill which Supreme South World and the others had refined.

The coexistence of nine fleshes was completely different from its previous version. Not only was he able to utilize the power of the nine fleshes smoothly, he could even merge their power.

However, it would only last for three years at most. He could only retain the power by obtaining Qin Nan's blood essence.

"Such a terrifying power!"

The Nine Heavens Supremes of the Heaven-Slaying Sect and the Heaven-Repelling Ancient Sect were startled. Their faces turned pale when they sensed the immeasurable power.

"Very well!"

Xiang Hun's eyes glittered too.

He had already reached a secret agreement with Zhuang Nan before Zhuang Nan and his men arrived at the Dao Seeking Land. They were going to use the Supreme South World so Zhuang Nan could achieve the Coexistence of Nine Fleshes in order to take on Qin Nan.

Xiang Hun knew better than anyone in the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm how outstanding Qin Nan's strength was, thus he could not afford to lower his guard.

Even he was only one step away from claiming the Indestructible Flesh of Eternity which would grant him exceeding strength. He also had the help of many formidable factions. Qin Nan was going to lose without a doubt, yet he still insisted to help Zhuang Nan achieve the Coexistence of Nine Fleshes.

He would do his best to defeat Qin Nan!

He too was very excited about the strength of the Coexistence of Nine Fleshes. If his plan succeeded by claiming the wisp of Indestructible Force, he might even become stronger than Zhou Di after achieving the Coexistence of Ten Fleshes.

"Zhuang Nan, it's time," Xiang Hun said after calming his thoughts. He flew into the distance, followed by Zhuang Nan and the others.

A day later, on the Heaven-Reaching Dao Tree...

"Did you hear? The Sixth Immortal is on his way here to meet the formidable factions!"

"Of course I heard, but there's one thing I don't understand. Didn't the Sixth Immortal achieve the Master Realm? How is he going to come here?"

"I didn't expect Xiang Hun would go so far just to take down Qin Nan in person!"

The rogue cultivators were discussing in the ancient cities and palaces. Some were expressing their astonishment.

Some time later, they noticed the reputable cultivators of various factions heading toward the nineteenth branch.

The meeting was being held at the Wang Clan, one of the seven Heaven Highness Clans!

Immortal intents were descending from the sky on Blue Moon City which was established by the Wang Clan. The Nine Heavens Supremes were making their way to the main hall.

When Supreme Chang Xiao arrived, he exchanged glances with the Patriarchs of the Sanqing Ancient Sect and the Heaven Illusionary Ancestor Sect before greeting the rest of the Nine Heavens Supremes.

The authorities of the factions with bases in the Dao Seeking Land had gathered.

It was extremely lively in the hall.

"Why aren't they here yet?"

The Patriarchs and Saints soon frowned.

It was already half an hour past the time of the meeting.

"Fellow cultivators, I'm sorry for being late," a calm voice said. It immediately grabbed everyone's attention. They saw Xiang Hun arriving with a smile. He was showing no sign of remorse.

Behind him were Zhuang Nan and a young man.

"The early stage of the Nine Heavens Supreme Realm?"

Everyone immediately noticed Xiang Hun's cultivation.

"Fellow cultivators, I'll cut straight to the topic now that we are all here!"

Xiang Hun suddenly halted in his track without greeting the Patriarchs and the Saints. He said, "I'll try to lure Qin Nan out. In return, the Ownerless Heaven Pattern, Undying Cycle Mountain, and his blood essence will belong to the Heaven-Slaying Sect! As for his memories and the Divine Battle Spirit, you may share them among yourselves."

"If anyone dares to take them from me, I won't hesitate to fall out with them!"

The eyes of many widened.

"Patriarch Xiang, aren't you asking too much? Leaving your ability to lure Qin Nan to us aside, how is it fair for your Heaven-Slaying Sect to claim the two great artifacts? You..." a Saint of an ancient tribe spoke.

However, Xiang Hun waved his hand at him before he could finish the sentence.


The palace shook vigorously as a formidable power surged within it.

The Saint's expression shifted. He quickly executed his Art of Dao Seeking to defend himself, yet he was soon devoured by a force. He let out a cry of agony as he slammed heavily into the wall.

The Nine Heavens Supremes were astounded.

The Saint was a peak Nine Heavens Supreme. He might not be ranked on the Supreme Leaderboard, yet his strength was quite impressive. Even so, Xiang Hun managed to injure him with just a wave?

"Patriarch Xiang, can you tell us how you are going to lure Qin Nan out?" a Saint of the Zheng Clan, Zheng Hou who was ranked second on the Supreme Leaderboard asked after collecting his thoughts.

"Cang will return in two years. Qin Nan and I will have to kill his reincarnation at all costs to stop a great calamity! Therefore, I'll be using something to make the Heaven-Reaching Dao Tree blossom before the time comes. Do you think he's going to miss out on it?" Xiang Hun said calmly, yet it served as a clap of thunder in everyone's ears.

Xiang Hun was able to make the Heaven-Reaching Dao Tree blossom in advance?

Xiang Hun was displeased by the crowd's reaction. He went to the other palace and sat down.

He began to unleash the Force of Eternity.

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