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IGK - Chapter 50.1 Zhang Zhengdao’s Assistance (1/2)

Outside the Zhu Cultivation Town!

“Squeak, squeak, squeak…”

The flock of cranes carried the Golden Crow Sect’s disciples and closed in on Zhang Zhengdao, who was currently riding his flying sword. The latter had used his ugly face makeup but to no avail!

“Careful! Don’t let him escape. He’s heading in your direction!”

“Keep your eyes peeled, we must capture them this time around!”

“These two bastards won’t make it throughout the day!”




The pursuers urged each other.


Zhang Zhengdao threw the “Wang Ke” he was carrying toward his pursuers, which crashed into one of the cranes; he was only able to avoid being surrounded with that maneuver.

“Zhang Zhengdao pushed Wang Ke off. Capture Wang Ke!”

“Quick! Wang Ke deserves death the most! Catch him!”



The group swooped down toward “Wang Ke,” which allowed Zhang Zhengdao to gain some distance. However, there were still cranes still hot on his heels.

The group of people finally found “Wang Ke,” who had supposedly fallen to his death, and they flipped him over.

“A strawman? It’s a strawman?”

“Zhang Zhengdao and Wang Ke fooled us again?”

“F***, I’m going to kill them!”




The furious bunch of people rode the cranes to resume their pursuit once again.

Zhang Zhengdao wore a bitter and angry face as he flew into the horizon.

“Wang Ke, you bastard! You really shoved me into deep sh*t. There’s nowhere to run! They can sense my location all the time, and they catch up whenever I take a rest! I can’t stop. I’m so tired! They don’t need to spend any energy since they’re riding cranes, but I’m flying on a sword! I’m burning a huge amount of essence energy to fly it! I’m running out of juice. It’s over, over!” Zhang Zhengdao cursed at Wang Ke as he flew.

He was now flying toward the Zhu Cultivation Town.

“Wang Ke is only at the Innate Stage Level Two? She Tianba is at the pinnacle of that stage! Even if we were to set him aside, there are dozens of Innate Stage cultivators in the She Clan. There’s no way you can save Princess Youyue alone. Even if your cultivation technique is smelly enough, how many people can you put down by yourself? The She Clan members can drown you with their saliva; there’s no way you can rescue Princess Youyue. You should share some of my burdens here! It’ll be easier for me if you get some of their attention! No, it’s better that you suffer instead of me! Wang Ke, you can only blame yourself. I’m going to put you through the same crap you put me through!”

He sped up toward the Zhu Cultivation Town as he spoke. He was going to lure his pursuers into chasing Wang Ke.


Zhu Cultivation Town!

Wang Ke was leading a massive contingent through the streets of the town; more and more people were looking at them curiously.

After all, no one had seen such a big-scaled event. It had not happened in a thousand years! Each clan’s attempt to get the She Clan to pay their money back had merely been small skirmishes. The current disturbance was a truly large scene.

Wang Ke is back?

I knew it. Only Wang Ke could put such a spin on debt collection. Tsk tsk, look at that banner!What’s that? Defeat She Clan’s authoritarian rule?And that? Refusing to be silent, will shout aloud?

The contingent began with about a thousand people. But then it grew massively, currently being at about five thousand. Most were there for the excitement; the entire streets were bustling with people.

Given the strangeness of the growing protest, the She Clan had already gotten word of this. All of them were bewildered.

“What? Five thousand people are coming our way? You surely have the wrong idea!”

“Wang Ke… They’re following Wang Ke? Are you sure you got it right? They would have flayed him if he showed up, right?”

“What? They’re going to uproot the She Clan?”




The news had already turned the She Clan upside down.

When Wang Ke and his contingent arrived at the She Clan; the gates were already shut tightly.

How the crap did this kind of thing happen?It’s so damn odd!

“Where’s the Clan Lord? Where is he? Quick, notify him!”

“I don’t know where he went!”

“Who knows where he is?”




A pity. No one knew where She Tianba was, and the few who knew his whereabouts were already ordered not to disturb him, no matter what happened outside. What should we do?

At the She Clan’s gate—

“Ram the doors!” Wang Ke shouted near the gates.

But then all the cultivators quieted down.

They had been clamoring so passionately and excitedly on the streets, but then they seemed to shrink back the moment they arrived at that place. After all, She Tianba had imposed an excessively intimidating image in the town. Are we really going to burn our bridges with the She Clan?

It would be easy to ram the gates open; but more importantly, who was going to take the first step? No one wanted to be the first. What if She Tianba managed to escape and later wanted to exact revenge on the first one who moved to ram the gates open?

Wang Ke immediately knew why they were acting that way. He realized that he needed to fan the flames a bit more.

But just when Wang Ke was about to speak—a stream of light arrived above the Zhu Cultivation Town.

“Wang Ke? Wang Ke, where are you? Follow me!” the newly-arrived urged.

That person was Zhang Zhengdao; he had rushed over to get Wang Ke to share the burden. After all, he wasn’t expecting that Wang Ke would successfully carry out the rescue mission.

“Zhang Zhengdao, you bastard. Why are you here?” Wang Ke cried out all of a sudden.

The town’s cultivators were astonished.

“Zhang Zhengdao? I heard about him from She Tianba. That’s the swindler that Wang Ke used. He is only at the Innate Stage, an extremely weak guy!” Everyone was looking at Zhang Zhengdao, who was hovering in midair.

“Bullsh*t. Can we believe She Tianba’s words? Do you think that’s something an Innate Stage cultivator can do?”

“Even if an Innate Stage cultivator possesses a flying sword, he wouldn’t have enough essence Qi and energy to ride it. The most he could do is to control the sword to circle around himself. Only a Golden Core Stage cultivator can ride a flying sword in the air. Zhang Zhengdao can’t be just an Innate Stage cultivator! He’s definitely at the Golden Core stage!”

“One Golden Core stage disciple of the Golden Crow Sect? Wang Ke called him directly by name? Wang Ke has indeed entered the Golden Crow Sect! He didn't lie to us!”




The crowd was stirred.

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Written by Guan Qi — Watching Chess. Translated by IcyRain. Edited by Calofel.