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ZL - Chapter 1018- killing archers

When over two hundred people surged into the forest, I did not think much and used Icy Wings to enter the bushes. I maintained camouflage using the wide leaves and also headed closer to the group instead of retreating. This King's Hunt was a great chance for them to gain achievement points, while it was a test for me. Whether or not I could get the highest score depended on this event.

Shua shua shua...

Flames rose from the bushes as the Mages used Starry Night. This skill could reveal players in Stealth mode within a certain range. Conquer the World was probably very familiar with my skills and knew that I could stealth in bushes; they should have also guessed that I was not far away.

I did not disappoint them. I looked at the group in front of me coldly. Out of the three hundred of them, only a few were Mages; in fact, there were no more than seventy in total. The rest were Archers, Musketeers, Cavalry, and other physical-attack types. My basic defense had reached 27,000; I was also a player who had gone through my seventh job advancement. To a certain extent, I did not fear physical damage. En, time to reduce the Mage numbers first. It would not be so easy for them to kill me.


After deciding on a plan, I did not hesitate and used Azure Dragon Crossbow in the bushes. Before it was noticed, I charged forward. Meteors appeared above me as I held Butterfly in my hands. It was Seven Star Fragment Slash again. With a peng, it crashed into the crowd and shattered the Mana Shields of most of the Mages. After this group was hit, they used Dimensional Leap to leave their original positions. They were like a bunch of shocked bees, scattering about without any direction. This was also something that I had expected.


An icy wave spread from beneath my feet as I used Ice Domain. Most of the Mages were frozen and could not move for three seconds.

"Kill him!"

The bunch of Conquer the World Cavalry players charged out. I moved calmly about to find a good angle before tossing out Butterfly with Blade Spin, killing sixMages. I then pulled out Zhen Yue Sword to slash a nearby Mage. At the same time, I used the Blade Spin's trajectory to control Azure Dragon Crossbow and shot through many of them. Only at this point did they notice the weapon. As such, some of them moved to destroy it, while many charged at me. This was especially the case for the Archers, whose attacks were very fierce!

In the blink of an eye, my chest had been turned into a porcupine. The joint attacks of a bunch of Archers were definitely not easy to take on and my Health dropped to around 40%. More terrifying was that a bunch of Warriors and Berserkers had charged over, too. Their player quality was really high and their support speed was really quick. Sword Break, Sword Control Technique, Battle Axe Throw, and other skills exploded!

I tried to calm down and move about to avoid 80% of the attacks. At the same time, I used Butterfly and Zhen Yue Sword to attack the Mages.

In the distance, Hundred Step Bow, the fourteenth ranked player on IBN, pulled his bow and shot my back, dealing 40,000damage. At the same time, he shouted, "His helmet has a 100% chance of dodging stuns. Don't use Scattered Shot; use Triple Arrow and Arrow Rain to kill him, instead!"

I was shocked. Hundred Step Bow knew so much about my equipment.

Moreover, his strategy did make sense. Triple Arrow was really quick and it was hard to dodge while Arrow Rain had AoE. As such, I would have no choice but to eat the damage.

However, under my attacks, the ten-plus Mages remaining were not to be feared. It was the large amount of close-combat players behind me that were tough to deal with.


My blade slashed the chest of an Archerand I dealt 102,711 damage, insta-killing him. Moreover, it was not a critical strike. My Attack was so high now, such that when I killed him, I got back 20,000 Health. Still, that was taken down and my Cleansing Rain was on cooldown. Hundred Step Bow pulled his bow once more. My Health was lower than 30,000 at this point; I would get insta-killed!

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I had no choice!

I activated the Holy Ghost’ssecond grade technique, Invincible Body!

A golden light descended from above and I entered invincibility mode, lasting twenty-five seconds. At that moment, at least a hundred Cavalry players appeared around me. This was my chance! I activated Death God's Dance and Trampling Thunder. Instantly, the players were all down to low Health. I used Sword Tempest!

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They cried and a large group of them died. Conquer the World really wanted to kill me; they continued charging forward, not allowing me to flee. Many Berserkers jumped right onto me so that I could not fly up.

I smiled. I had been waiting for them to get close!

Butterfly rose up and lightning energy wrapped around the blade. The sky turned dark and a storm started to rise. Thundering Heavens exploded with me at the core and swept the crowd. Plenty of them died at once. I charged forward with my sword pointed at Hundred Step Bow. I must kill this person first!

Hundred Step Bow saw that I had locked onto him and tried to leave. I used Blade Rush plus Seven Stars Teleportation to teleport over. I raised my blade and then used Seven Star Fragment Slash!


His judgement was really accurate. Right when I was about to hit him, he used Crystalize, one second invincibility. However, I raised my hand and used Defeat the Dragon to grab him. However, his reaction was too quick and he activated his skill. His body was protected by a golden shield, which was an eleven-second invincibility technique!

I did not think and just used Double Hit on an Assassin behind me. I had six attacks, and two of them were enough to kill him. I slid forwardand used the remaining four on two Cavalry to heal 100,000. Alas, the Archers and Musketeers were too strong. Along with Hundred Step Bow's attacks, I was truly in pain!


I bent down and jumped up, leaving a circling energy current in the forest. At the same time, I used Cleansing Rain on myself. D*mn! That was so risky. The instant Invincible Body disappeared, I only had 10,000 Health. With Hundred Step Bow's long-ranged attacks, I would probably die.


I remained in mid-air and drank a Health Potion. With Cleansing Rain's heals, I was probably safe for now.

However, things were not as I expected, for dozens of black shadows had charged at me at this time. They were War Hawk Knights, but not all of them were War Hawk Knights; some were with spears. Level 178 NPCs. Their strength were on the same level as level 6 Hybrid Demons. A Flame Lion Army Captain shouted from below, "War Hawk Knights, kill! Kill that jerk!"

Even the sky was not safe now?

I smiled and played around with Butterfly. At this point, my Health had recovered to around 70%, so I was not afraid anymore. I used Double Hit plus Strength of a Thousand Men to rip one of them into pieces. My blade continued its strikes as I used Wind Carrying Slash. Now, Wind Carrying Slash was at level 19, and its cooldown was five minutes. A slash from it could send out fifteen swords. The charge of the level 19 god skill exploded, forming an energy wave. The fifteen swords caused a blood rain, and the two War Hawk Knight were killed in mid-air. Pieces of their bodies landed from above. The Conquer the World below was probably in shock at what they had just witnessed.

Within minutes, the fourteen War Hawk Knights were all killed by me.

I looked at the forest once more; Hundred Step Bow's face had turned ashen white. He shouted, "No, we lack strength to suppress him; everyone, retreat with me tothe south!"

The more than one hundred Conquer the World players retreated, shocking the Flame Lion Army. "You cowards!Have you forgotten your words when you joined the Flame Lion Army? Such mice!You people are unworthy of the Flame Lion Army!"

I charged down and locked onto Hundred Step Bow. If I did not kill these people, they would be a threat to China Region during the King's Hunt. His attack was not much lower than Dancing Forest, and with his calm judgement and strategy, he posed a huge threat.

This time, Hundred Step Bow did not have invincibility, so he could not dodge. He turned around and looked up the sky in shock. "Archers, slow him down! Our men are about to arrive!"

The Archers stood still and aimed at me.

I did not bother about them. Butterfly was already out of my hands. Hundred Step Bow moved to dodge it, and right when he took a step, which I had anticipated, I grabbed him into the air. With a slash, I used Double Hit and killed this Conquer the World team leader.


At that moment, the sound of horse hooves came from afar. Over five thousand Conquer the World Cavalry had arrived!

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Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by Goh Shao Feng Ryan.