Chapter 1019- God Wind Cavalry
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Zhan Long Chapter 1019- God Wind Cavalry

Keng!In front of the crowd, the level 180 Drunk Maple pulled out his sword. On it were magma-like patterns that seemed to flow. This Fire Swordsman's outer appearance looked so cool. He was also riding a beast, which looked like a giant dragon, but while that mount had the appearance of an Earth Dragon, it had a pair of wings that could be retracted, so one did not know whether or not it could fly.

Drunk Maple looked up at the sky and smiled. "Xiao Yao Zi Zai, long time no see; why don’t we have a deciding battle?"

I looked at him from afar. "I'm alone against a few thousand; that's just unfair. Why don’t you come up here? That will be a little fairer, won’t it?"

In terms of one against one, I was not afraid of him.

Drunk Maple waved his hands and replied helplessly, "My mount has wings, but it can't fly. If you don't dare to fight here, then just leave. The Forest of Stars is our territory!"

I was stunned and realized that I had unknowingly entered the Forest of Stars. This was Waterfront City's protection forest. At the same time, Yue Qing Qian's voice came from the guild channel: "People from the Forest of Stars, back out; Indians are invading and they have occupied it. Legend, Hero Mound, Vanguard, and Prague have all retreated!"

I did not say much and just turned towardFire Marsh Plains. In the plains, Fire Marsh Plains was really close to War God River, which was recognized as China Region's territory. The place where we battled was probably just Forest of Stars and Fire Marsh Plains.


I looked down and could see the entire Forest of Stars. The forest was shaking as it appeared like a huge army had entered it. Millions of Indian players were currently attacking the forest. In the north, there were plenty of players being forced out. Further ahead, one could see many China guilds lining up in Fire Marsh Plains.

Shua! I charged to the ground, heading to where Zhan Long's main camp was. Lin Wan Er was lining up the troops; over ten thousand Furnace God Cavalry were lining up the front. All of them he

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