Chapter 1018- killing archers
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Zhan Long Chapter 1018- killing archers

When over two hundred people surged into the forest, I did not think much and used Icy Wings to enter the bushes. I maintained camouflage using the wide leaves and also headed closer to the group instead of retreating. This King's Hunt was a great chance for them to gain achievement points, while it was a test for me. Whether or not I could get the highest score depended on this event.

Shua shua shua...

Flames rose from the bushes as the Mages used Starry Night. This skill could reveal players in Stealth mode within a certain range. Conquer the World was probably very familiar with my skills and knew that I could stealth in bushes; they should have also guessed that I was not far away.

I did not disappoint them. I looked at the group in front of me coldly. Out of the three hundred of them, only a few were Mages; in fact, there were no more than seventy in total. The rest were Archers, Musketeers, Cavalry, and other physical-attack types. My basic defense had reached 27,000; I was also a player who had gone through my seventh job advancement. To a certain extent, I did not fear physical damage. En, time to reduce the Mage numbers first. It would not be so easy for them to kill me.


After deciding on a plan, I did not hesitate and used Azure Dragon Crossbow in the bushes. Before it was noticed, I charged forward. Meteors appeared above me as I held Butterfly in my hands. It was Seven Star Fragment Slash again. With a peng, it crashed into the crowd and shattered the Mana Shields of most of the Mages. After this group was hit, they used Dimensional Leap to leave their original positions. They were like a bunch of shocked bees, scattering about without any direction. This was also something that I had expected.


An icy wave spread from beneath my feet as I used Ice Domain. Most of the Mages were frozen and could not move for three seconds.

"Kill him!"

The bunch of Conquer the World Cavalry players charged out. I moved calmly about to find a good angle before tossing out Butterfly with Blade Spin, killing sixMa

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Novel Notes

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