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ZL - Chapter 1020- 11 times drop rate

"They're here!"

Old K's Greedy Nine-headed Snake axe trembled as his face became filled with excitement. "This time, we’ll get to kill so many people.Hehehe!"

I said, "Old K, don't get too far in front. Don't forget that Greedy Nine-headed Snake's stats will increase drop rate by 1% for every kill, and it stacks infinitely, but if you die, then the effect will disappear. As long as you don't die, this axe will help you get large amount of equipment. Then we can sell it and you will have money to buy a house and get a wife. Don't you want that?"

Old K nodded. "I want..."

I smiled. "Then calm down and be more conservative. Don't be rash. How about this... Mengyao, you have Nuwa Stone, so protect Old K and don't let him die."

Li Meng Yao smiled and nodded. "Understood, brother!"


At this moment, war drums rumbled and dense group of Indian players appeared in front of Forest of Stars. In terms of numbers, out of the few main cities, the Indians’ territory was the most united. After all, with Drunk Maple and Clear Black Eyes having an alliance with each other, their unity could only be high. China’s unity was decent, too.At least during country war events, players would be united against the outside.

Yue Qing Qian flapped her wings and flew thirty meters high. She squinted her eyes forwardand said, "Brother Xiao Yao, they have cannons, both Dragon Crystal Cannons and Flame Dragon Cannons.Thenumbers... around five hundred. Does it matter?"

"No," I pulled out my sword and shouted, "whoever dares to raise their heads, I will chop off. Prepare to fight;the remaining people, stay here!"

Everyone wiped their saliva and prepared to fight.

In the distance, Drunk Maple raised his sword and hollered for the army to moveforward. Lin Wan Er whispered to my ear, "Drunk Maple is using a four-star god weapon with high attack. Be careful. Still, it doesn't matter; Conquer the World is facing Judgement and Hero Mound and has nothing much to do with us."

I nodded and smiled. "Understood. Prepare to fight. Wan'er, don't charge too far forwardas you aren't Cavalry. You might suffer without the mount's health."

Lin Wan Er smiled. "Don't worry. I'll protect myself. You just go gain more achievement points."




A Dragon Crystal Cannon exploded in Wrath of the Heroes's crowd, and that officially announced the start of the battle. Dragon Crystal Cannons were fired at one another. The Royal Army behind me also moved forward five hundred Dragon Crystal Cannons. In total, there were more than one thousand Flame Dragon Cannons. The Waterfront Cityplayers opposite Zhan Long were on the verge of crying as they were getting blown up.

I raised Butterfly and shouted, "Stop the cannon fire and charge;it is time to gain achievement points!"

Horse hoof sounds reverberated as Zhan Long's few thousand Furnace God Cavalry charged forward. A few seconds later, they reached the Quickness effect speed. From the opposite camp, many unknown India Region guilds had also charged to meet us. The cannonfire stopped; it was time to fight head on.

I had Butterfly in one hand and Zhen Yue Sword in the other; I did not use Icy Wings and just maintained my speed to charge along with Furnace God Cavalry. I shook the blade and used the level 19 Seven Star Fragment Slash into the crowd. I raised Zhen Yue Sword and another level 19 glow exploded. A six-star pattern appeared on Zhen Yue Sword.

The four Cavalry players in front saw that it was me and raised their shields to block my attacks. Instantly, I used Zhen Yue Sword’s Double Hit to smash their shields. Although they were defending,each one of them still lost 100,000 Health. The Furnace God Cavalry behind me charged and all of them died.

Old K was really quick and slashed Greedy Nine-headed Snake into the shoulder of one half-Health Warrior to kill him. At the same time, Nine Heads was activated. It dealt damage to nine enemies around him. However, he was too far in front, so his body was being pierced by sword energy. The enemy Warriors focused on him and his 140,000 Health very quickly dropped to 50,000.

Fortunately, Mengyao was fast and blocked Old K’s front. She raised Nuwa Stone to maintain the forward momentum. After it absorbed some damage, she used Judgement to smash a high-level Warrior and to forcehim back. While this Warrior was stunned for three seconds, she used Dragon Blade Slash to swing him off his horse. He definitely did not expect that a Cavalry would have such terrifying defense and attack!

Mengyao's equipment was mostly obtained by me, so her combat strength was definitely not low.

With Mengyao's protection, Old K's attacks became more brainless. Greedy Nine-headed Snake swept the crowd; one Whirlwind Slash could kill dozens. Greedy Nine-headed Snake's effect stacked, and after he killed a thousand, there should be ten times the drop rate... Those killed by him would probably drop everything, right?


Zhan Long's Cavalry was just too strong. Today, we had roughly thirteen thousand Furnace God Cavalry to sweep the enemies. After they swept forward, they would be stunned. Those mid- and small-sized guilds were totally caught off guard by us and had no way of fighting back. They could only end up being killed by us.

The situation progressed smoothly; the Indian players ahead of Zhan Long either got killed or fled. No one was willing to go up against the Furnace God Cavalry. I looked at the blades of the Furnace God Cavalry around me; they were all red. Anyway, we had gained large numbers of contribution points.

Li Mu shook his blade and the blood was turned into ash. He laughed. "Done! I feel really invincible; who else is there to kill?"

I said, "One Second Hero, choose three thousand and lead them to continue fighting here. The rest of the Furnace God Cavalry, follow me in helping the other guilds!"


Li Mu, Wang Jian, Old K, et cetera selected numbers, and very quickly, ten thousand of them appeared. Lin Wan Er, Yue Qing Qian, Song Han, and the other melee experts followed the Furnace God Cavalry forward. Anyway, this was a great chance to earn points, so we could not miss it.


We charged east. The situation here was totally different from what we had seen on the Zhan Long ground. The top ten guilds in India were not weak at all, and when they went all out, Wrath of the Heroes, which was closest to us, nearly could not hold on. A large part of their frontline players had died. Under the third guild in India Region, Flowing Cloud Guild, there was even one player who shouted, "Cut off Tyrant of Western Chu's head!"

So arrogant!

We became even more arrogant. The ten thousand Furnace God Cavalry roared as we charged over. Flowing Cloud Guild players reacted quickly. An elder, who knew that we were not easy to deal with, held up his staff. This uncle shouted, "Defend!Prepare to stun the enemies and block them. Healers, follow up. This bunch has no support;let’s kill as many as we can and show them how strong Flowing Cloud Guild is!"

I waved my sword and shouted, "Let's see then!"

God Dragon Horse charged forward. Very quickly, I arrived at the front. I danced in a S-shape manner to avoid damage; at the same time, I received many Scattered Shots, but none couldstun me. This shocked all their players. No one knew why I could not get stunned at all.

As they were in shock, I used Wind Carrying Slash on them. Moreover, it was with Icy Wings and the original five yards became ten yards. The level 19 Wind Carrying Slash turned into fifteen sharp blades that sliced into their shield formation; many large damage numbers rose—



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The Wind Carrying Slash damage numbers continued to stack, and the soldiers at the front were turned into corpses. The players were stunned. "This... What nonsense attack is this!"

Before they could understand what was happening, Old K used Whirlwind Slash. Wang Jian used Halberd Whirlwind and then activated Halberd Flame. Those players who were not killed by Old K were all finished by this. Li Mu used Thousand Man Enemy, and the dozens of players at the front gritted their teeth. One of them shouted, "No need to be afraid; my base defense is 27,000!Can't I block this ugly guy?"

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"Who are you calling ugly!"

Li Mu shouted and his movement speed increased. A pillar formed in front of the formation, which Li Mu smashed into. Smashing Buzhou Mountain skill exploded. With Li Mu's Flame Scorching Sword’s Double Hit and Covering Sword Slash, that guy with 27,000 Defense folded. Talking about high Defense when in front of Li Mu, who had Thousand Man Enemy and Smashing Buzhou Mountain, was such a joke. One could say that no Cavalry in the entire server could block Li Mu's attacks.


We swept forward,and their twenty thousanddefensive formation could not block us at all. We moved across and charged at another India guild. Still, no one could block us. We did it again. Very quickly, we passed Hero Mound. We noticed that their Hundred Abyss Cavalry was really strong and they did not need any help from us. We, thus, merely pushed forward. Finally, we met the true opponents. Drunk Maple was leading a bunch of strong cavalry to attack Flying Dragon.

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Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by Goh Shao Feng Ryan.