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IGK - Chapter 39.2: A Chair (2/2)

The group of demonic cultivators had apparently failed their task and could only give an account of the situation to their Parlor Lord.

“It’s okay. You have already done a good job by finding out that the Heavenly Wolf Sect is behind this.” The red-robed Parlor Lord did not blame them.

“Thank you, Parlor Lord!” The group of men was pleasantly surprised.

They didn’t expect to escape punishment, having committed such a major mistake; it seemed like the Parlor Lord was in a good mood in recent days.

“Parlor Lord, why did you come personally? You are too noble for this trivial task,” one of the men asked.

“The Fifth Parlor Lord told me that Chen Tianyuan has left the Heavenly Wolf Sect! So I came to see if the Fifth Parlor Lord was telling the truth!” said the red-robed Parlor Lord.

“The Fifth Parlor Lord? Yes, you told us about his identity. The Demon Sovereign just appointed that person as Parlor Lord, right? He just entered the demonic sect and is really suspicious! He has killed so many of our disciples. I really don’t buy it. How could a reprobate like him be qualified to become a Parlor Lord…!” the man in black went along with Parlor Lord’s reply and denounced the new Parlor Lord. But before he could finish his sentence...


The Parlor Lord slammed the man with a palm strike. Blood was instantly shot out of the man’s mouth, then he crashed on the ground and convulsed.

The rest of the men quickly begged for leniency, “Have mercy, Parlor Lord!”
“Listen well! All of you!” The red-robed Parlor Lord looked mercilessly at his injured subordinate. He threatened, “ If any of you dares to speak ill of the Fifth Parlor Lord ever again, I will not spare him!”

“Understood!” All the men in black shuddered.

The Parlor Lord then said, “I asked you to investigate the poisonous material’s price hike. You lost the people you were supposed to be spying. All of you will be punished when we return!”

Everyone was saddened. Didn’t you say you wouldn’t pursue the matter?Why are you punishing us now? Everyone understood as they looked at the guy vomiting blood on the ground. It had all been his fault for vilifying the Fifth Parlor Lord with his big mouth, agitating their own Parlor Lord. Although their superior no longer appeared to be angry, he would remember this offense in his heart!

It was then that another man in black walked into the hall, “Parlor Lord! Someone just returned to the manor next door!”

Everyone’s eyes glistened in an instant. “Parlor Lord, our neighbor has returned! We... We didn’t lose them!”

“Hmm?” The red-robed Parlor Lord frowned and continued looking at his subordinates.

“Parlor Lord, does this mean we no longer need to be punished?” one of them asked carefully.

“They weren’t there before, and now they’re back once I got here? Don’t tell me you exposed yourselves!” the Parlor Lord asked in suspicion.

“Impossible, Parlor Lord. We have been very careful. It’s impossible! Moreover, no one knows us, it’s much less likely that we would be noticed!” one of the men in black replied.

The gate at the front courtyard sounded off just then.


“Open the door! I know you guys are inside. Open the door now!” Voices of Golden Crow Sect disciples were heard outside.

“You consider this as ‘no one would notice?” the Parlor Lord asked, annoyed.

“We…!” His subordinates were at a loss for words.

“You? Humph! You’ve already exposed yourselves!” said the Parlor Lord.

“No, this shouldn’t be! We… We have been very careful. We didn’t leak any aura of our essence energy. It’s impossible!” one of the men replied with a bitter face.

“Do you know who they are?” the Parlor Lord asked the messenger outside the hall.

“They come from the neighboring manor. They’ve just returned!” someone replied from outside the hall.

“The people you are spying on came searching for you instead, and you still think you weren’t exposed?” the Parlor Lord questioned them with a stare.

“Please forgive us, Parlor Lord!” His subordinates’ faces immediately showed guilt.

We have been hiding well. How were we exposed?Where did it go wrong?

“Let’s go and have a look! Be on full alert, ready to attack on my command!” the Parlor Lord said.

“Understood!” all the men in black responded in unison.

The Parlor Lord then put on his hat and led his men to the front courtyard.

“Bang!” The door swung open.

All the men-in-black looked at the eighteen people outside the gate with vigilance.

The leader took a huge stride into the manor while holding a white paper fan. That made the already-cautious men even more nervous. Many of them had their hands ready to draw their weapons.

“Don’t be nervous. Let’s talk inside! Chen Tianyuan sent me here!” Zhang Shenxu said the moment he stepped inside.

The nervous demonic cultivators were alarmed by Zhang Shenxu’s words. Chen Tianyuan?The Heavenly Wolf Sect Lord knows we’re here?Chen Tianyuan knows who we are?

All of them were so nervous they wanted to act immediately. They would have already attacked if not for the Parlor Lord next to them.

The Parlor Lord made no moves. He muttered softly and uncomfortably to himself with a clenched fist, “Has the Fifth Parlor Lord been lying to me?”

Zhang Shenxu stepped into the courtyard with his juniors.

“Bang!” His juniors offered themselves to shut the gate. It seemed as if they didn’t want outsiders to see.

This scene came as a surprise to the demonic cultivators. What does Chen Tianyuan want?Why did he send this group of people?And why are they carrying a chair?Is this some kind of customary act?Have the righteous sects changed their war tactics?

“You see this chair, right?” Zhang Shenxu said, pointing at the object.

He was presenting the alleged authenticating token. But the group of men in black were clueless about what he meant by it.

“Chen Tianyuan sent you here? With this chair?” The Parlor Lord looked at the chair in confusion.

A chair?What’s with this practice?

“Yes, this is the chair! It’s good that you recognize it! You should know why I’m here, right?” Zhang Shenxu asked with a smile.

Zhang Shenxu opened his fan as he spoke and flung his sleeves before slowly sitting down on the armchair. He toyed with his fan as he looked at the red-robed Parlor Lord, seemingly pleased with himself.

His casual and gratified look was read by the demonic cultivators like a lofty mockery and full confidence of their defeat.

Were we exposed?Was it counterspy work?Did we fall for a trap?

The Fifth Parlor Lord and Chen Tianyuan set me up. She lured me here, into a trap they had fully prepared, and was merely waiting for me to take the bait?Are they planning to wipe us out?They even sent a disciple to sit in front of me. Are they trying to humiliate me?

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Written by Guan Qi — Watching Chess. Translated by IcyRain. Edited by Calofel.