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ZY - Chapter 238- Lunar Eclipse


 Character read successfully. I went online and directly appeared on the Linchen County square.

 I looked towards Great Sage Hall. The place where Ah Fei usually set his store was empty so he was probably not up yet. Tsk tsk, a guy with a girlfriend, as expected he was less motivated!


 In the With You groupchat, Lin Xi said, "I heard the news that Breaking Dawn finished a Unique Grade Boss in Purgatory Demon Realm yesterday but no Orange equipment was dropped. But even then, Breaking Dawn is bragging."

 "Breaking Dawn actually has the ability to take down a Unique Grade Boss?" Shen Mingxuan was stunned.

 "I heard they used numbers, many none Breaking Dawn players charged forwards, and then they killed the Boss like that."

 "So that is the case, I guess it is understandable."

 I laughed out loud, "Let's continue to level and after we return let's beat up Breaking Dawn!"

 "En, I think so too."


 Continue, I was going to start work.

 I held my sword and shield and continued to walk in the crowd. I went to work. Anyways, I was far ahead of most players and leveling wasn't the top priority for me. I had to arrange my equipment and skills!

 My gaze glanced across all the stores and the Shifang Flame Spiral Eye flashed in my eyes. Just like that, the unappraised pieces of equipment' stats all appeared. After a full night, many new goods appeared. One could tell that many had returned from Purgatory Demon Realm overnight. Especially some parties who sold their items together, so there were large amounts of items. 

 Not long later, my gaze landed on a light blue book. Under Shifang Flame Spiral Eye's effect, the skill book and introduction appeared--

 Momentum Slash (S Grade Skillbook): I used Momentum Slash and dealt 265% of damage to players in the trajectory, required level: level 65, required job: Paladin, Warrior.


 It was a decent S Grade skill book. Paladin had so few attack skills so this book was really precious. I bought it without hesitation as it just cost 500 RMB. If it was tossed to the auction hall, this skill could be basically sold for over ten thousand.


 Beside this store was a middle aged player known as Breaking Dawn Yi and he had the Breaking Dawn guild emblem on his head. There were 60+ items on the store and 5 unappraised skill books. I noticed that all the equipment were trash and the best one was just Super Rare. It was obvious that Breaking Dawn chose those from the Boss to be appraised and those from the normal monsters were tossed here.

 En, such a store was just too immoral!

 Of course, what I did next was even worse. I gazed at the few unappraised books and was attracted to the final one. Its stats slowly appeared--

 War Trample (S Grade skill book): Use trample, dealing 180% damage towards enemies within 10 yards.
Moreover, reduce his Attack Speed and Movement Speed by 40%, lasting 3 seconds. required level: Level 65, Required job: Paladin, Warrior.

 This was a god technique! Although this was just an S Grade skill but it was really effective and dealt high damage. For Paladins and Warriors, this skill was one that allowed one to fight an army. Charge into a crowd and one Warrior would be enough to shatter their formation!


 I bought it without hesitation. If Breaking Dawn knew that I had bought such a precious book, they would definitely tear up.

 I was delighted. With these two purchases, I definitely earned a lot!

 I continued to sweep the battlefield!

 I had turned into the unappraised market ender. I finally glanced at one shop that was owned by a cute girl that was around 18. She was a level 64 Assassin called Moonlight Firefly. Her stall had a bunch of unappraised items like she had just returned from the Purgatory Demon Realm.

 Beside her was a young archer that frowned, "Scoff... Breaking Dawn. Such a guild actually sneak attacked people in Purgatory Demon Realm. If not for Breaking Dawn Ash appearing, that Unique Grade Boss would have been killed by us. So infuriating. I lost a level and dropped many spoils. Right Firefly, you died too?"


 Moonlight Firefly frowned, "I sneak attacked when Breaking Dawn attacked the Boss and killed their Paladin. I took a few of their items but Breaking Dawn Ash was too strong. The instance I finished using my skills I was insta killed."


 The young archer said viciously, "I hope that someone buys these, if not... Our whole night would be for nothing."


 Moonlight Firefly coughed, "I will stay online for three minutes before going to class."

 "Are you not tired? You are still going to class?"

 "It is fine, I will sleep then..."


 Right that that moment, I looked at her items. One of them was a moon-shaped dagger that was covered in mist. Under my Shifang Flame Spiral Eye, it showed a bright orange light. This was actually a high-grade orange dagger!


 I took out 500 RMB and kept this dagger. After it landed in my bag, I used Shifang Flame Spiral Eye to confirm its stats and it was still a Unique Grade orange equipment. I thought about it. The Breaking Dawn Purgatory Demon Realm that Moonlight Firefly killed probably took the Boss's equipment so Moonlight Firefly ended up getting it. Just because of that, this orange dagger was able to appear on the market!

 I totally earned big!

 I looked at the pitiful girl that was killed in Purgatory Demon Realm. Breaking Dawn was our enemies so an enemy of an enemy should be a friend. I looked at her and walked forwards, anonymously tossing 5000G to her before disappearing.


 I headed towards the auction house and appraised all these skill books before learning them. I then appraised this Orange dagger. Its stats appeared in front of me and the server's first Orange dagger had actually appeared in such a form--

 Lunar Eclipse (Unique Grade)

 Attack: 525-680

 Agility: +195

 Strength: +193

 Stamina: +190

 Effect: Precision, Accuracy +40%

 Effect: Lifesteal +4.5%

 Effect: Quickness, Attack speed +40%

 Effect: Moon Dance, 25% chance of triggering, deal Waning Moon, dealing large amounts of damage.

 Effect: Armor Penetration, ignore 20% of Defence

 Bonus: Raise user's Attack by 75%

 Bonus: Raise user's Defence by 73%

 Introduction: Lunar Eclipse, a dagger that absorbed large amounts of moonlight. It was said that this dagger was crafted by a god blacksmith. It contains marks of large amounts of battles and once used, blood will definitely flow for thousands of miles.

 Required level: 72


 I could finally switch off my Frostfang. A Precious Grade dagger was definitely not befitting of my identity. I happily equipped Lunar Eclipse for Frostfang and then I switched it to my main hand. Instantly, my right hand felt like I was holding a crescent moon and it felt really sharp.

 At this point, Ah Fei had already gone online.

 I returned to the square and tossed Lunar Eclipse to him, "Get to work."


 He held the dagger and his face was like he had seen a ghost. He lowered his voice, "You picked it up?"



 He cupped his fists and started to get to work while I waited at the side. It added 300 Attack, not bad. My Assassin account was about to be overpowered.


 After which, I returned to Black Castle and headed towards my cave.

 I went into secluded meditation! I started to cultivate Shifang Flame Spiral Eye!

 This Celestial eye didn't look so simple, it was a treasure. The higher the level, the increase in strength would increase. With all the unreasonable settings in Illusionary Moon, I knew that I needed such powers. After all, no game will give players NPCs that will wipe them out. With my guess, Illusionary Moon was not a simple game and there were bigger secrets hiding behind it.

 As for what they were, my father might know and my sister might, but they will never tell it to me.


 Just like that, I cultivated for a morning where I kept using Shifang Flame Spiral Eye. At the same time, I gained large amounts of experience. It was obvious that it wouldn't be so easy to level it up. Only until 3 pm did I finally hear a loud bell. Level up!


 System notification: Congratulations, your Shifang Flame Spiral Eye (End of the Universe Realm), successfully reached grade two, obtained the ability Truesight!



 I clicked on Shifang Flame Spiral Eye and the effects of Truesight appeared--

 Truesight: Obtain true vision.


 A simple sentence but the change was so different!

 Right at that moment, I received a piece of news from Lin Xi, "Cough cough... Lu Li what are you doing?"

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