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ZY - Chapter 205- Border

"Heaven and Earth Power!"

    "Is that Heaven and Earth Power!?"

    "Oh my god, how long has it been since July Wildfire has entered Wind Cloud Platform. He actually stepped into Heaven Realm?"

    "I remembered that he was only Body Training Realm previously!"

    All of a sudden, the place was filled with shock. As for me, I looked at my own dagger in confusion. That stab was just a basic attack so why was it so powerful? I felt like I had entered some sort of storyline and broke through the limits of the attack and defence system. Was this the true power of Heaven and Earth.

    I walked down in confusion and sat next to Lodan, "Two Balls good luck, don't lose!'

    "Don't worry!"


    Not long later, Lodan won and he really didn't disappoint. As for Dong Yuanbai his face was dead as ash as his opponent was a disciple from Ancient Battlefield. It was a teen holding a broadsword called Sword Three. Ancient Battlefield disciples' names were really special. There were four of them and they were called Sword One, Sword Two, Sword Three and Sword Four, making them sound like sword idiots.

    "I know you."

    Sword Three raised his head and said solemnly, "One of Wind Cloud Platform's prides, but you aren't my match."

    "How would you know if you don't try? !"

    Dong Yuanbai pulled out his sword and attacked quickly


    Sword Three pulled his sword too and it was so quick that I couldn't even see how he did it. He slapped and both his sword and palm pushed forwards. He didn't grab his sword at all. Was he controlling it through energy? !


    A loud explosion as sword energy danced around. Dong Yuanbai spat out blood and fell. He had lost in just one stroke!

    "Little Scum lost just like that?" Two Balls face was ashen white, "How is that possible, did Sword Three cheat?"

    "No." I said calmly.

    Ding Heng said, "Little fellow, you saw through his attacks?"


he is using energy to control the sword."

    "Not bad, not bad~~"


    In the next battle, one of them was Land of Reincarnation's Han Shang and the other was Heaven and Earth Pavilion's Gao Lei. Both of them pretty much jumped up on the platform at the same time. Han Shang held a spear and around it was ice energy. Around his body was also thick death laws.

    "Double element!?" I was stunned.


    Elder Yun said seriously, "Han Shang is one of the first direct disciples that Zhuang Huai Shui took in. His body has both ice and death laws and is a cultivation genius. This Gao Lei is probably in trouble."

    Dong Yuanbai frowned, "Gao Lei is Heaven and Earth Pavilion's final disciple. If he loses then Heaven and Earth Pavilion will get wiped out and they will be the first faction to get kicked out."

    Ding Heng brushed his moustache, "The battle each year is so cruel and strength is everything."

    Gao Lei shouted in rage and death energy surged from his body. He slashed towards his opponent with his sword.

    Han Shang raised his head and smiled. He waved his left fist forwards and an entire patch of ice aura was sent out, forming into an ice shield. Gao Lei's sword smashed onto the ice shield and not only didn't he pierce through, he was even forced back and spat out blood!

    "Too weak!"

    Han Shang got up and soul power surged around his spear, smashing onto Gao Lei's shoulder. He was sent out of the platform and was eliminated just like that.

    "Two moves?"

    Two Balls was shocked.


    I frowned, "Another Heaven Realm!"

    For some reason, when Han Shang attacked, I sensed that the Heaven and Earth power on the stage was used by him. Maybe because I was also Heaven Realm so I was able to sense it but Two Balls couldn't.


    The battle proceeded one after another and it became more intense. Some battles even ended up in bloodied messes before the outcome was decided. After 25 people, 13 people advanced to the next stage. All four from Ancient Battlefield proceeded and only Lodan and I remained in Wind Cloud Platform. Land of Reincarnation and Precious Treasure Pavilion had a few remaining while Heaven and Earth Pavilion were all wiped out. Land of Reincarnation was furious and without a doubt, the resources that they would obtain in the next year would be the fewest.

    The elder made use of the energy to pair up the remaining 13 names. The next round of battles was out!

    This time, I was in the third pair and my opponent was Han Shang who had just defeated Gao Lei!

    "That is great!"

    in the distance, the bunch of Land of Reincarnation disciples were delighted, "July Wildfire that jerk actually met Senior Brother Han Shang, he will definitely lose this time! Senior Brother Han Shang has comprehended these two laws for up to a year. Now that he has came out, his strength has greatly increased. His comprehensions of the spear can counter two July Wildfires."

    "Not bad, July Wildfire has just stepped into Heaven Realm and his control of Heaven and Earth Power cannot compare to that of Senior Brother Han Shang, he will definitely lose!"

    "Hahaha, once July Wildfire loses, Lodan won't be far away. This time, Wind Cloud Platform will face the same fate as Heaven and Earth Pavilion and get kicked out, hahaha~~~"


    I frowned and didn't say a word. One wouldn't be able to win any arguments with them. Which guy even designed those NPCs, they were really annoying and super strong at quareling. If I fought with them, I would definitely die from anger.

    In this round, the first match was behind Ancient Battlefield's Sword One against another Land of Reincarnation expert called Lie Hai.

    "Shua shua!"

    The two of them went up with an ancient sword in his hands. They stood up there really calmly.

    Lie Hai's aura was really thick and it seemed like he was from the barbarian race. He was tall and muscular. He clenched his fists and one was wrapped in fire while the other was wrapped in ince. This was also another cultivator that grasped two laws!

    "I didn't expect Lie Hai to meet Sword One so early on!"

    Zhuang Huai Shui smiled, "Tell Sword One to be careful, Lie Hai isn't so easy to deal with."

    Zhang Xiaoshan said, "Barbarian giant's bloodline along with twin laws. He is strong but Sword One only cares about the sword and that goes the same with his opponent, he doesn't care about him."

    "Senior Brother's words are really arrogant."


    Zhang Xiaoshan laughed and then closed his eyes like he was resting up. He didn't even bother to look and just his aura alone could sense what was going on.

    "Come on then!"

    Lie Hai hollered and pushed his fists fowards. Two extremely strong fists, one of fire and the other of ice pushed forwards like two dragons, "Twin Dragons!"

    "Nice timing!"

    Sword One waved his sword and instantly a bright light exploded, splitting the twin dragons into two. He used the power of Heaven and Earth to shatter Lie Hai's attacks. He said loudly, "Junior Brother receive my sword!"

    Lie Hai raged, his bloodline boiled and he one again punched with his left hand.

    But he couldn't block at all. Sword One just pierced through his fist energy and smashed onto his body, leaving a long mark as blood splattered.

    "You are injured, admit defeat!" Sword One stood in the air and said calmly.


    Lie Hai hollered in rage. His wound was healing at a visible speed, was this the power of the giant race? !

    "I have no choice!"

    Sword One slashed once more and the sword light filled the entire sky. It retracted into Sword One's blade. Along with a giant explosion, Lie Hai flew outwards and spat out blood. A shocking wound appeared on his chest. This time it was a complete defeat.

    "I actually... Lost..."

    Zhuang Huai Shui gulped and his face was ashen white.


    "Sword One, wins!"

    The elder said seriously, "Next, Wind Cloud Platform's Lodan against Ancient Battlefield's Sword Three!"

    Two Balls against Sword Three, another dangerous match!

    "Be careful."

    Elder Feng said, "Sword One is Ancient Battlefield's strongest disciple and his sword path is so deep that it can't be read. Sword Three is just a teen and you have a chance. Just go all out."


    Two Balls jumped up and landed on the platform. I was stunned. This fellow's explosiveness was really good. If he went to play basketball, NBA would be destroyed!

    Sword Three was a teen dressed in white. He held a sharp sword, "Senior Brother please teach me!"


    Two Balls hollered and his bloodline power surged. The Purgatory Lion image appeared behind him and he pushed his palms forwards. Sword Three was shocked and slashed three times to block Two Balls' palm. As what Elder Feng said, Sword Three was weaker than Sword One.

    On the platform, Two Balls attacked and Sword Three defended to resolve the danger.

    After half a minute, I frowned, "Not good. Two Balls went all out but still isn't able to send him off. Sword Three is saving some strength, things are not good."

    "Yes." Ding Heng said.

    As expected, the situation changed and when Sword Three counter attacked, Two Balls couldn't take it and he was forced back. He was sliced into a mess and due to his injuries, Sword Three kicked him off.

    At this point, I was the only one from Wind Cloud Platform left!


    Third, it was my turn.

    "Good luck Senior Brother Han Shang! Defeat July Wildfire!"

    "Kick out Wind Cloud Platform, don't let any of them get top three!"

    "Hahaha, Wind Cloud Platform, didn't expect you to have such a day!"

    Before the battle even began, Land of Reincarnation's bunch of kids started to diss us.

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