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IGK - Chapter 21.2: The Immortal Sects’ Disciples Are Crazy! (2/2)

‘This is the Heavenly Wolf Sect’s Heroic Valley. This place holds the tombs of all our past heroes, including the tombs of a few Sect Lords.’

Zhang Zhengdao’s face turned stiff as he looked at the skeleton in his arms. Don’t tell me I’m digging into the Heavenly Wolf Sect’s ancestral graves!

Beads of cold sweat suddenly covered his forehead.

Sounding the warning bell when the Heavenly Wolf Sect was not going through a catastrophe would at most draw their disciples’ hatred and pursuit. But what would they do if I dug their revered heroes graves and their past Sect Lords’ bodies?

Sweat rained down on Zhang Zhengdao’s face, no longer daring to think about it. His mind went blank as he held onto the skeleton. Who am I?What is this place?What am I doing?


Heavenly Wolf Sect, at East Wolf Hall’s entrance!

Wang Ke held Princess Youyue in his arms and was surrounded by his subordinates. He was about to get out of the situation, but Zhang Li'er stopped him.

“Who said you can leave! No one can leave before I meet my brother. Not even you!” Zhang Li'er raged.

Wang Ke: “..........................! ”

The more beautiful a woman is, the more she’ll be prone to sabotaging?Here comes another one to sabotage me!

The guests were also in a daze. This wedding is so exciting! It was a bitter betrayal just now, and it now became a drama of two women fighting for one husband! Now that the two stopped fighting, one goes crazy while the other tries to leave?What is the groom doing?You better say something!

Everyone turned their eyes toward Murong Luguang, who was deeply annoyed. What am I supposed to say in a situation like this?What can I say?This is such a tough spot!

Sun Song, who was right next to him, spoke up with a stiffened face, “Don’t worry, Zhang Li'er. Your younger brother is okay. He’s only slightly wounded and will be fine soon. Don’t worry!” Being the emcee of the wedding, Sun Song wanted to salvage the situation. 

“It was all him! He’s the one who gave the order to strike Zhang Shenxu with lightning bolts! He even told his juniors not to stop! Continue striking!” Wang Ke added.

Sun Song: “......................!”

Damn you, are you even speaking human?Don’t you see all this mess?I’m trying to save the situation. Why are you backstabbing me?

Wang Ke had to do it! Everyone’s attention was still on him, Zhang Li'er was especially giving him a stare. With her blocking the way, how was he going to leave? Wang Ke had to divert everyone’s attention; getting Sun Song in trouble was better than keeping the trouble all to himself, so he wittingly pushed the blame onto the latter. Moreover, that was the truth! Wang Ke was just trying to clear himself from all the blame.

The ploy worked; Zhang Li'er and all the others turned their attention to Sun Song.

Sun Song wanted to cry but the tears wouldn’t come. Curses! Why are all of you looking at me? Do you still want the wedding to go on?

“Zhang Li'er, rest assured. I guarantee you that everything is fine with Zhang Li'er. It’s noon already, why don’t we carry on with the wedding? Let’s not miss the timing!” Sun Song said anxiously, giving Murong Luguang a glare as though he was blaming the groom. I’ve said this much already. Can you at least say something to help?

Murong Luguang understood the cue and Sun Song’s trouble. He nodded and said, “Li’er, whatever it is, let’s speak later. Have you forgotten what we are doing today? Didn’t we agree on it already? Your younger brother is still alive. I will compensate for his injuries, don’t worry! Let’s continue with our consecration!”

Things had been better before Murong Luguang’s attempt at persuasion. His words ignited Zhang Li'er’s explosive temper. Her eyes bulged with anger as she flung the red veil to the ground before stomping forcefully on it.

“Things are already in such a mess. Consecrate your mother! Brothers of the Golden Crow Sect, arm yourselves. Time to do it!” Zhang Li'er cried out with an intimidating voice.

“Shwing, shwing, shwing.......!”

Scraping sounds of cultivators drawing their weapons shocked all the guests, who were aghast as they looked at Zhang Li'er. They had heard about her explosive temper, but that was more than just her temper; they were going to fight! The guests thought they were going to clash with the Heavenly Wolf Sect!

Murong Luguang’s face froze when he saw Zhang Li'er draw her saber. He understood that she wasn’t making a move against him but the demons present. She was going to make the first move.

Consecrate? It was never in Zhang Li'er’s mind. She was just putting up a show, and he took it too seriously!

“Eldest apprentice-brother, forget it. Let’s get down to the more important matters!” Sun Song said in a bitter tone.

The ceremony was no longer possible. It was time to start slaying the demons!

Murong Luguang was deeply frustrated as he glanced at Wang Ke and Princess Youyue. It’s all their fault! Everything would have been in my control, there wouldn’t have been such a big disruption to my plan!

“Shut the gates of our sect and prepare to do it!” Murong Luguang commanded loudly.


The gates were shut loudly; no one could get out. Wang Ke, who had been ready to escape, was dismayed. Shit, we can’t get out!

All the Heavenly Wolf Sect members drew their weapons; the guests were bewildered.

“What is happening? No more ceremony? The bride and groom are really going to fight?” a confused guest asked.

Weren’t they okay just a moment ago?Why are they drawing their weapons now?The Golden Crow Sect and the Heavenly Wolf Sect?And they shut the gates to stop anyone from leaving?

“Both of you, please calm down!” a guest persuaded as he walked to approach the couple.

But then, rather than pointing their weapons at each other, Murong Luguang and Zhang Li'er pointed their weapons toward him and the other guests. He was stupefied. I just wanted to help mediate, and now both of you want to kill me?

“You... What do you want to do?

“I am one of your invited guests!

“I just wanted to act as mediator, and for that you want to kill me?”

All of the guests cried out in shock.

Wang Ke, who wasn’t too far from them, was also taken aback. “You want to kill people just because you can’t get married? Even the guests have to die? Are all the immortal sects’ disciples this crazy?” 

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Written by Guan Qi — Watching Chess. Translated by IcyRain. Edited by Calofel.