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IGK - Chapter 4.1: A Prisoner Can Earn Money Too! (1/2)

The Zhu Cultivation Town!

The breaking news from a day prior was about the Wang Clan’s financial product that all the cultivators fought to purchase. The news of the day was also related to the Wang Clan again.

The Golden Crow Sect’s bounty had already been known by everyone in the Ten-thousand Great Mountains; everyone wished to get the reward, but they knew it would be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Notwithstanding, no one expected that Wang Ke would achieve the impossible: he captured the mysterious Princess Youyue!

The fact was no longer a secret. No one knew who started spreading intel, but all the cultivators in the town had already heard about it; they swarmed to look at Wang Ke’s prison wagon party as it reached the clan’s gate.

At this moment, all the town’s major cultivation clans were gathered around the bloodstained Wang Ke by the gate.

Not only Wang Ke was covered in blood; the group of Wang Clan members behind him also seemed to have suffered great injuries. They entered their mansion to be immediately healed upon their return. Meanwhile, two prison wagons remained outside the clan’s gate.

The prison wagon was obscured; there was only a small hole through which people on the outside could see someone kept inside.

“Everyone, this time our Wang Clan has caught Princess Youyue after having suffered great losses. Please don’t swarm any closer, in case a villain tries snatching her away!” Wang Ke placed himself in front of the throng of people with cupped fists, all with the intention of blocking them.

All the cultivators in the crowd were shooting envious looks. This isn't Princess Youyue, it’s merely a substitute they’re using to enter the Golden Crow Sect! Snatch? There were too many people there, or else people would have already fought over her.

Reputation?What’s the use of reputation? Who would dare criticize if I become a Golden Crow Sect disciple?

“Of course, if anyone wants to snatch her away, that person would have to consider if they might offend the Golden Crow Sect. I say this because I’ve sent messengers to the Golden Crow Sect. They will soon know I was the one who captured her!

“You cannot snatch my name after all. Moreover, if Princess Youyue escaped while you were fighting to snatch her, that would be equal to offending the entire Golden Crow Sect. I think no one here wants to become the Golden Crow Sect’s enemy, right?” Wang Ke cupped his fists again and smiled.

All the powerful cultivators’ expressions turned after they heard Wang Ke’s words. They immediately restrained themselves.

“Also, the Golden Crow Sect’s bounty is to capture Princess Youyue alive. If Princess Youyue died because someone is fighting to snatch her away... Uhh... It would be a great offense in the Golden Crow Sect’s eyes!” said Wang Ke, all smiles again.

Although Wang Ke’s smile was casual, all the covetous cultivators around him were shocked. They were about to make a move, but now they chose to restrain themselves.

They would be in big trouble if they fought to snatch Princess Youyue from a place among the crowd of people and actually killed her by accident then they would be in big trouble.

Everyone looked at Wang Ke hatefully; he was really sly. He had already sent a messenger to report to the Golden Crow Sect. Even if they snatched the princess, the Golden Crow Sect might not recognize them.

“Clan Lord Wang, how fortunate of you to have captured Princess Youyue!” a cultivator said enviously.

“I’m just lucky, lucky. Hahaha!” Wang Ke pretended to detect the other person’s sarcasm.

“Clan Lord Wang, there was no portrait of Princess Youyue in the Golden Crow Sect’s bounty. Are you sure you caught the right person? Don’t make a mistake you could later regret!” another envious person warned them.

“Haha, this is the right one. Moreover, how would I dare fool the Golden Crow Sect with a fake princess Youyue? I don’t want to risk my entire clan getting slaughtered by the Golden Crow Sect!” Wang Ke replied, smiling.

Someone in the crowd said, “You’re right; Clan Lord Wang is as careful as always. He dared to report to the Golden Crow Sect, which means that it has got to be the right person! Princess Youyue must be inside!”

“Who would use a fake princess to deceive the Golden Crow Sect! This person has to be tired of living; I think the one inside has to be the real one!”

“I’ve done business with Clan Lord Wang before. He would not claim that she’s the one if he’s not fully confident!”

“It’s true. Clan Chief Wang, you’re so fortunate!”




The crowd discussed. Wang Ke smiled with satisfaction upon seeing that the “selfless” remarks he had made had continuously swayed the crowd, virtually “brainwashing” everyone.

“Clan Lord Wang, we have never seen Princess Youyue before. Would you let us have a look?”

“Yeah, Clan Lord Wang! You grabbed a hold of such a great opportunity. Let us have a look, please!”

“Yeah, Princess Youyue has to be extraordinary, for the Golden Crow Sect to give 5 participation slots as a reward, stirred up the entire Ten-thousand Great Mountains in a single move! Let us take a look!”




The crowd was effervescent, demanding to see the captured princess.

“This...?” Wang Ke appeared to have been left in a difficult spot.

Even though he seemed worried, he was extremely happy with the way things had turned out. At the same time, he was waiting for his “touters” to continue speaking.

“Clan Lord Wang, I know there are many people here; you’re worried that things might go wrong. Why don’t I pay you ten pounds worth of spirit stones in exchange for a look. How about it?” someone shouted from the crowd.

Everyone despised him. You want to use spirit stones to bribe Clan Lord Wang? Haven’t you realizedthat he is the richest person in the Zhu Cultivation Town?

Seeing that everyone was openly disdaining that cultivator, Wang Ke nodded his head with a doubt. “All right. All of us live in the same town and I’m on a roll. I would be too ungrateful to not fulfill your curiosity. However, there are too many people here, my place cannot host so many people. I cannot let anything happen to Princess Youyue! How about... ten pounds of spirit stones for half an hour, done according to my clan’s rules? How about that?”

All the cultivators around him were stunned. This also worked?Is he selling tickets?

“Okay! Thank you, Clan Lord Wang!” The “touters” in the crowd shouted immediately.

Although some of the cultivators were reluctant to spend ten pounds of spirit stones, most were able to afford it. It was of no use if everyone was willing.

However, Wang Ke really knew how to make money! He even sold tickets to people interested in visiting a prisoner!

“If so, please wait. I will settle matters with Princess Youyue in my backcourt. I’ll make arrangements for you guys to enter and see her. Please wait for a moment!” Wang Ke cupped his fists respectfully to everyone.

All the cultivators felt odd, but they still nodded.

Wang Ke immediately escorted the 2 prison wagons back into his residence, and the gate was shut close.

The crowd of cultivators waited anxiously outside the gate.

The gate was flung open shortly after.

Everyone saw a huge number of Wang Clan’s servants come out, placing fences all around the gate and leaving only a narrow pathway to maintain order. They had set up tables with shopkeepers at the gate. Many baskets had been placed by the side to collect the spirit stones.

A Wang Clan shopkeeper cupped his fists toward the throng of people and said, “Everyone, our Clan Lord has now settled Princess Youyue down. You can purchase your tickets here. First come, first serve! We placed Princess Youyue in a cage. We promise that all of you will have a clear look within half an hour!”

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Written by Guan Qi — Watching Chess. Translated by IcyRain. Edited by Calofel.