Chapter 1913

 Chapter 1913 (Raw 2014): Nine Dragons Soaring in the Sky
 With Liu Feng in the lead, the four silently headed for the rubble.
 Xiao Chen did not rush to follow, pondering some things first.
 Could the Rakshasa Demons have guessed that the Flame Dragon Legion would send someone to destroy the Underworld God Altar?
 Actually, the thought of destroying the Underworld God Altar is quite crazy, as the success rate is low. It is also very dangerous, with a high chance of death.
 Normally speaking, the Rakshasa Demons should not have thought of this.
 Xiao Chen shook his head and stopped thinking. Then, his figure gently drifted away and silently arrived by Liu Feng and the rest.
 The four were all startled at Xiao Chen’s incredible speed. His Movement Technique was indeed superior to theirs, as Wei Hongfei said.
 “Boom! Boom! Boom!”
 Amid the rubble, Murong Yan’s entire body blazed with fire. He was like an ancient fire dragon, sending out overwhelming fire with every punch and palm strike, spreading flames everywhere.
 The Rakshasa Demonic army fell into chaos. Several experts tried to pin down Murong Yan, to prevent him from wreaking further large-scale destruction.
 However, Murong Yan’s mission was to attract the attention of the Rakshasa Demons on the ground. How could he let himself get trapped there?
 Murong Yan suppressed his temper and let out wild laughter. His figure moved about chaotically without any pattern.
 With Wei Hongfei in the sky and Murong Yan on the ground, they did indeed create a great chance for the other five.
 Wei Hongfei gave off glistening, golden light in the sky, and the golden clouds radiated Dragon Might. Murong Yan released overwhelming fire from his entire body on the ground.
 The commotion the two caused attracted the attention of nearly all the Rakshasa Demons.
 As a result, large empty spaces appeared in the rubble of the city.
 Liu Feng’s group took advantage of these to sneak forward, quickly approaching the Underworld God Altar among the rubble.
 “Boom! Boom! Boom!”
 Loud noises rang out nonstop. As the group walked into the city, the surroundings were filled with Rakshasa Demons. The bangs and blasts occasionally erupted by their ears, making everyone show extremely grave expressions. They did not even dare to breathe deeply.
 “Who’s there?!”
 Suddenly, a small team of Rakshasa Demons came out from behind a broken wall in front.
 Xiao Chen’s gaze turned cold. Then, he made the first move. Ghosting forward like a phantom, he tapped the forehead of the Rakshasa Demon that spoke.
 A strand of saber Qi shot out of Xiao Chen’s fingertip and silently and instantly finished off this Rakshasa Demon.
 Xiao Chen’s hand did not stop moving. With every move he made, a Rakshasa Demon died.
 Liu Feng and the others reacted only after Xiao Chen had already dealt with three people. They hastily made their moves, and in the time it took for a spark to fly, they killed the remaining Rakshasa Demons.
 Fortunately, Liu Feng and the others were not weak. Once they reacted, they were quick in killing the enemy.
 Hence, this team of Rakshasa Demons was soon cut down without causing a commotion.
 Liu Feng’s gaze fell on Xiao Chen, showing some surprise. Xiao Chen looked back and said indifferently, “Come with me.”
 Right now, Xiao Chen gave off a different air. He seemed reliable for some reason, inspiring others to follow him.
 Liu Feng was far from comparable to Wei Hongfei.
 Liu Feng would not be able to accomplish great things, so Xiao Chen chose to lead the team himself.
 This matter was extremely important. They could not afford to fail.
 With Xiao Chen in the lead, the group moved extremely quickly. His Spiritual Sense was very sharp. Many times, he could avoid the Rakshasa Demon teams in advance.
 In the chaos, Xiao Chen led the other four towards the Underworld God Altar.
 Along the way, the group occasionally had some unavoidable encounters. Xiao Chen would use lightning-quick methods to end the battle quickly.
 There were several close calls, but they were not exposed and did not attract more.
 Suddenly, Xiao Chen stopped, and the people behind copied him.
 Upon seeing that the Underworld God Altar was less than ten kilometers away, Liu Feng said, “Do you really think yourself the leader? Stand aside. Charge over to the Underworld God Altar and finish the mission.”
 After Liu Feng said that, he ignored Xiao Chen’s order and went past Xiao Chen.
 The moment Liu Feng went past Xiao Chen, the Rakshasa Tian statue above the Underworld God Altar suddenly opened a pair of scarlet eyes.
 A scarlet light descended from the sky and encased Liu Feng’s figure.
 Liu Feng had nowhere to hide within ten kilometers. The eight guards at the Underworld God Altar opened their eyes as well and looked at him coldly.
 “Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”
 Countless Rakshasa Demons rushed over from all directions, charging at Liu Feng. Although the situation in the rubble was chaotic, the guards in the vicinity of the Underworld God Altar and the eight on it did not panic or get distracted from the start to the end.
 Those that could guard the Underworld God Altar were definitely all elites.
 “It’s over. We are exposed!”
 “It’s truly over this time. There is no way to finish this mission. We will not be able to leave, either.”
 Xiao Chen and the others remained in hiding. However, when they saw the many Rakshasa Demons rushing over, they all turned ashen.
 Liu Feng, who had been noticed by Rakshasa Tian, panicked. He felt not only a Demonic Might pressuring him but also the horror of impending death. The elite Rakshasa Demons coming from all directions also put heavy pressure on him.
 It was like there were many grim reapers holding their scythes about to reap his soul.
 “Since we are exposed already, there is no need to think anymore. Charge forward.”
 Xiao Chen sighed in his heart but did not hesitate. He leaped into the air and shoved the dazed Liu Feng out of the line of fire.
 Then, Xiao Chen stood before Rakshasa Tian and looked up to meet the statue’s gaze.
 “Rakshasa Tian, I don’t believe that you really came to life.”
 Xiao Chen snorted coldly, then projected Dragon Might from his body. Without hesitating, he used the Dragon’s Gate Secret Technique Firmament’s Rage.
 A gigantic hand appeared in the sky. Its fingers were like sabers, containing boundless saber intent and electricity as it directly grabbed at the statue.
 “Sacrilegist! Die!”
 The eight high-ranked Rakshasa Demons suddenly stood up. They each executed their most powerful moves simultaneously and shattered the gigantic hand before it landed its blow.
 The eight Rakshasa Demons on the altar paled and took a step back, leaking blood from their mouths.
 Clearly, these eight had underestimated the might of this Firmament’s Rage, suffering from a huge rebound.
 “Bang! Bang! Bang!”
 The burning pieces of the gigantic hand contained a Great Desolate Eon Ancestor Dragon’s rage. It was not that easy to extinguish.
 When these pieces hit the ground, they blasted away all the Rakshasa Demon elites rushing over.
 “I’ll cover all of you. Quickly charge over to the altar.”
 Indecision invariably led to trouble. Since the group was already exposed, there was naturally no need to think about anything else. There was only one thing to do: kill!
 At the crucial moment, Xiao Chen stepped forward. Hope reignited in the hearts of the group, whose morale had plummeted.
 No longer hesitating, all of them rushed to the altar.
 “Many thanks.”
 Liu Feng felt embarrassed, wishing he could hide. He simply had not expected that he actually could not compare to Xiao Chen, a mixed-blood dragon.
 Xiao Chen said indifferently, “I’m not saving you. I just don’t want the mission to fail.
 Provoked by Xiao Chen’s cold attitude, Liu Feng snorted coldly and ran towards the altar with the others.
 There was a Divine Might on the altar. Under the heavy pressure, the group’s Movement Techniques were restricted. It was not easy to get on it.
 Soon, the thousand-odd Rakshasa Demon elites blasted away by Firmament’s Rage regathered and charged over.
 If these Rakshasa elites harassed the Dragon’s Gate disciples, then Liu Feng and the others would not have an opportunity to climb the altar.
 “All of you, come here!”
 Xiao Chen bashed the ground with the Tyrant Saber. Then, he drove the primal chaos Veritable Essence Energy in his 9-Star Primal Core, and the Taiji force field encased the surrounding ten kilometers.
 A huge Taiji diagram spun quickly on the ground.
 A strong suction pulled over all of the Rakshasa Demon elites trying to stop Liu Feng and the others from climbing the altar.
 The many Rakshasa Demons were horrified to find themselves dragged over to Xiao Chen.
 A strange force was sucking their bodies, preventing them from using their Movement Techniques and greatly hampering their speed.
 However, in terms of numbers, the thousand-odd Rakshasa Demons were still very horrifying.
 Two Dao disks appeared behind Xiao Chen. Then, he drew his saber, and a saber light flashed. The saber light slit the throats of ten Rakshasa Demons near him, instantly killing them.
 However, there was no time to take a breather. Rakshasa Demons surged in from all directions.
 Xiao Chen brought out his saber skills to their limits, dancing among the crowd with a dense saber light.
 Snowflakes, lightning, a bright moon, and all sorts of mysterious phenomena erupted from Xiao Chen’s body, shining in all directions.
 He stepped on a lightning dragon and moved about. He also used Light of Freedom to dodge many of the powerful attacks.
 Xiao Chen fought against a thousand alone. When Liu Feng and the others, who were climbing the altar, saw this scene, they felt shocked.
 The eight guards on the altar also frowned heavily, finding the scene somewhat inconceivable.
 The leader of the eight Rakshasa Demons, a high-ranked Rakshasa Demon wearing black armor, said, “Four of you go down, stop them from climbing the altar.”
 “Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”
 Immediately, four guards jumped down from the altar and charged at Liu Feng and the others.
 However, Liu Feng and the others possessed extraordinary strength. They were core disciples of the Dragon’s Gate’s outer palaces and also boasted Divine Dragon bloodlines.
 They had high odds of victory if they fought one-on-one.
 The four Rakshasa Demons that went down did not pose a significant obstruction to them.
 “Taiji Burst!” Xiao Chen roared below, and the Taiji force field ferociously exploded, blasting away all the remaining Rakshasa Demons.
 Saber wounds riddled the Rakshasa Demons, electricity crackling in the gashes; none of the Rakshasa Demons were recognizable.
 Xiao Chen stood erect with his saber upraised. His white robes were stained with blood, perhaps his or his opponent’s.
 Amid the chaotic battle, Xiao Chen got struck so many times that he no longer bothered to keep count.
 Then, he looked up and happened to meet the gaze of the black-armored Rakshasa Demon standing on the altar.
 Xiao Chen soared into the air and headed for the altar, directly charging over.
 “You overestimate yourself.”
 The black-armored Rakshasa Demon showed mockery on his face. He smiled coldly and grabbed the protruding bone on his left shoulder with his right hand. Then, he pulled out a slender, white bone spike.
 As Xiao Chen charged over, the black-armored Rakshasa Demon attacked at lightning speed.
 “Pu ci!”
 The bone spike pierced through Xiao Chen’s right chest. Blood spurted out. He had only gotten halfway when a strangely powerful Underworld Monarch Might encased him, restricting his speed considerably. Caught off guard, he could not avoid the black-armored Rakshasa Demon’s blow.
 Furthermore, this was the result of Xiao Chen dodging at the critical moment. Had the spike pierced the center of his chest, he would have been severely injured.
 The black-armored Rakshasa Demon looked handsome, not like regular Rakshasa Demons. The slender bone spike dripped with blood. The black-armored Rakshasa Demon brought the spike to his mouth and licked it. Then, with a strange laugh, he said, “Tastes good. After the battle is over, I will make good use of your body.”
 There were still three high-ranked Rakshasa Demons standing behind. They gazed at Xiao Chen coldly with their jade-green eyes.
 Xiao Chen stopped his wound from bleeding. Then, he glanced at Liu Feng and the others, who were fighting on the altar. They had nearly won their fights.
 However, the four would not have much of a chance of victory when they charged over. They would have to face the black-armored Rakshasa Demon’s group of four, who were still fresh and fit, while Liu Feng’s group would be exhausted.
 Xiao Chen snorted coldly, and his body suddenly turned into lightning, charging to the bottom of the altar.
 In that instant, he coiled around the altar, rushing upwards.
 The rapidly spiraling electric light illuminated the surroundings, kicking up boundless strong winds, sand, and stones, covering the sky and sun.
 When the strong winds blew above the altar, the black-armored Rakshasa Demon’s group of four had difficulty keeping their eyes open, and their figures trembled slightly.
 Xiao Chen, who turned into lightning, resisted the Underworld Monarch’s Might. His primal chaos Veritable Essence Energy drained continuously. When he was about to reach the top of the altar, he suddenly turned into a lightning dragon and roared ferociously at the black-armored Rakshasa Demon’s group of four.
 The dragon roar spread out in all directions, shaking up the sky.
 Before this startling dragon roar, the black-armored Rakshasa Demon’s group could not help taking several steps back on the altar.
 “Scram!” the black-armored Rakshasa Demon yelled. He resisted the pressure and projected his aura. He led the remaining Rakshasa Demons in launching themselves at the lightning dragon, wanting to chase Xiao Chen down.
 Who knew, the lightning dragon split into nine and did not waste any time with the Rakshasa Demons, continuously spiraling upwards around the three-kilometer-tall Rakshasa Tian statue.
 The nine dragons soaring in the sky triggered a terrifying mysterious phenomenon.
 Layers of thunderclouds massed above the statue, and lightning tore across the sky.
 “Oh no! He is planning to destroy the statue!”
 The black-armored Rakshasa Demon’s expression changed drastically. He hastily formed hand seals. The three Rakshasa Demons behind him simultaneously slit their wrists, and their blood spurted on the statue of Rakshasa Tian.
 Forced by circumstances, the four were preparing to summon Rakshasa Tian’s clone.

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