Say Hello to HostedNovel's First Original Author - HarutoraRyu!
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Say Hello to HostedNovel's First Original Author - HarutoraRyu!

Heyyo @everyone
We finally have our first resident author onboard on HostedNovel, HarutoraRyu 
A quick introduction from him:
Greetings everyone, I am HarutoraRyu. I am a man of culture! My motto is: of the perverts, by the perverts, for the perverts! My favorite kind of magic is lesbomancy!
His book is a smut novel (18+, contains sexual scenes) written for dirty-minded bastards such as myself. Let me give ya a synopsis to share what it's about:
Yang Xiaotian is a man of action.
He does not spend thousands of years trying to comprehend Dao. He does not wait for an epiphany to understand something. He does not waste time mulling about some mysterious 'step' or 'minor dao or major dao'.
Instead, he finds inspiration in the embrace of nature, both literally and figuratively, and of course, in the embrace of beautiful women too! He uses his wits to comprehend the 'mysteries of heaven and earth', and he understands that cultivation is an endless journey without destination.
This is a smut with hours of backstory, it contains hentai themes like MILF, Oyakodon, Futanari and so on. Reader discretion is advised regarding this filthy webnovel!
For fellow dirty-minded adults who are interested in checking out the novel, here's the link: