Journey Towards The GODS
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Journey Towards The GODS

Yang Xiaotian found knowledge of gods by chance and he uses it to not only become stronger but also to impress women and get them on bed!

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Eastern Fantasy (Xuanhuan) Romance Cultivation Smart MC Ecchi Action Harem


This novel follows the protagonist Yang Xiaotian’s journey towards godhood. This is a Xuanhuan/Xianxia novel with heavy emphasis on smut. This novel does not follow the regular power level structure people are used to in similar novels. This novel also does not follow a lot of tropes and structures found in similar novels.


The world of cultivation is a harsh and unforgiving place. It is a world where the strong abuses the weak. It is not a liberal art school full of orgies and rainbows and sunshine. The price of weakness is unimaginable in these kinds of worlds, so stay prepared for some very harsh and infuriating situations.


This story is of a journey, there is no real set destination. The plot moves as it would move for a regular person. This is literally the MC going through his life, meeting new people, struggling through adversity, spending time with his loved ones, going on a journey and so on. There is no set villain or any “endgame boss”.


The power of the MC is described through his understanding of certain things. The MC has a different sort of understanding of the universe and from that understanding comes his power. His strength or weakness is not based on a haphazardly cooked up cultivation level. It is based on how much he understands or does not understand the secret working of the universe.


This book contains many hentai themes such as oyakodon, futanari and so on. Reader discretion is advised regarding this filthy smutty book.

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