Chapter 561- Lin Xi's rebirth
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Zhan Yue Chapter 561- Lin Xi's rebirth


Stareye was curious.


I lay in my chair and said, “Did you forget? Destiny’s helmets have neural connectors and can help to balance information. As long as we remove the controls things will be fine!”


Stareye said, “Will you start to break down the system and separate the parts?”

“En, begin!”


Instantly, Stareye took Illusionary Moon’s helmet code and started to separate the system. This was a long process and took over 2 hours. It was already 9 pm at night and I was in a tough situation.

Once the system was designed, how should I group its functions? I couldn’t let Lin Xi wear the game helmet or wear headphones all day long. She would look like a fool. I could even imagine her awkward expression.

Thinking about it, I asked, “Stareye once the system is designed, how large will it be?”

“If we use the top equipment then it will be the size of a rice grain.” It calculated the size and it was indeed the size of a rice grain.

“If that is the case…”

My heart lit up and I started to search for hairclips. I screenshotted many and sent to Lin Xi.

It was already 10pm and after Lin Xi got my message, she said, “Yi, why did you suddenly send so many hairclips to me?”

“Cough cough…”

I felt awkward and said, “Lin Xi, select the one you like.”


She was stunned, “But I don’t like hairclips… I have never used one…”

“If, I am saying if…”

I thought about it, “If you need one and might have to wear one for the rest of your life… Or if I want to see you wear one, which will you choose?”

“If that is the case… Let me see…”

A minute later, she screenshotted one of them and smiled, “This looks decent.”

“En, okay--”



I looked at Stareye, “What are you looking at, I need this hairclip, we can start making it in the lab.”

“Yes, getting details.”

The 3D replica of the hairclip appeared in the hologram. After which, it started to make it. This lab was connected to an AI factory, it could even create half-complete game helmets just that the price would be high.

Not long later, an exquisite hairclip appeared in front of me. After which, what we needed to do was to put in the code.



Search for the original.


I looked at the code run and said, “Stareye, we can start to make the product. Before Lin Xi uses it, I would like to test it.”


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