Chapter 562- You look really good
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Zhan Yue Chapter 562- You look really good

“Lin Xi stop crying…”

When I saw her tears, I panicked, “Why are you crying when it is such a happy thing?”

She didn’t say anything and tears continued to fall. She pounced into my arms and I could only pat her back, “Okay, okay---”

Lin Xi didn’t say anything and just continued to cry.


A few minutes later.

She left my embrace and her face flushed red. She looked at the wet patch on my shirt and said, “Sorry, I dirtied your clothing…”

“No worries.”

I looked at her and smiled, “Is everything okay now?”


She nodded and looked at me, “Sorry for that. I didn’t expect that I could stand up again, I also didn’t expect… You to treat me so nicely…”

Shen Mingxuan was already by her side and her eyes flushed red too, “Lin Xi do you feel good?”

“En, very good.”

“That’s good… That’s good…”

Tears spun in Shen Mingxuan’s eyes. I could tell that she was really happy for her. Gu Ruyi hugged the bolster and wiped her tears too.


Lin Xi laughed, “Lu Li tell me, what is up with this design?”

“En all sit down, let’s eat while I tell all of you.”



I sat down and ate my crispy dough fritter and my fragrant pepper soup, “The main function is similar to exoskeletons but I just made it better and use lighter materials. It can handle the lesser weight but it is enough to support Lin Xi. The main thing is that it is light and looks nice. Lin Xi just needs to wear socks and one can’t see anything. You can wear the shoes you want but currently, you can only wear flats, I haven’t written codes for high heels. If you want to change wait for me to upgrade the system…”

Lin Xi said, “En, flats are enough now!”


Shen Mingxuan touched her hairclip, “What is with this hairclip, I saw you ask her to wear it, what is its use?”


I took it off and flipped it over, “Do you see this, there is a chip here.”


Lin Xi was stunned, “What is the use of it?”

“This chip is inside the game helmet too and is used to connect to the neurons. The brain signals that are for the legs will be picked up by the hairpin. This means that if you want to jump and walk, this hairclip can pick it up.”


Lin Xi took it and wiped it, “This detailed device should be expensive right?”

“Still okay, I made it in the lab.”

I smiled, “Lin Xi if there is anything uncomfortable please tell me, I design things so I will provide improved services.”

“En en---” She smiled and nodded.

Shen Mingxuan was speechless, “I felt like this day won’t be too far, our Lin Xi is going to become someone else’s. Eh, you were the one that told us no dating in the studio…”

She pointed, as expected, the note was still there.

Lin Xi’s face flushed red, “What do you want to say?”


Shen Mingxuan laughed, “Stop flirting with one another, I think Ruyi and I will die…”


Gu Ruyi nodded.

My face flushed red, “What are you thinking? I am just… Doing my job, I also didn’t say that she has to be with me. I am not forcing her, you two. If your legs have problems I will design something similar okay?”




Lin Xi’s face was red and she said, “Eat. You can’t beat them, don’t take the L okay?”



I drank the soup while asking, “How is the situation in Spirit Realm Battlefield?”

“Everything is good.”

Lin Xi said, “After we defeated Limitless, we have stabilised on the southern and eastern plains. Shen Mingxuan, Ruyi, Light Lantern and I discussed and gave half of the southern plains to Lingyan Pavilion and Forbidden City. They have occupied ¼ each.”

“That’s okay.” I nodded, “They fought alongside us so it is correct to make such a decision. With You should have some allies so the two of them are good choices.”


Lin Xi smiled, “Forbidden City is an enemy with our enemy so they are our friends so Astral Step decided to be allies with us. But if it is out of Spirit Realm Battlefield, things might change. As for Lingyan Pavilion, Cloud Arrogance seems to respect you so they are good allies.”

“En, right. Cloud Arrogance is a true brother and he will remember all the help and kindness. Such a person is worthy to be an ally.”

Shen Mingxuan said, “Lu Li is right but the game is based on conning one another. No one is able to be sure about allied relationships!”

Ruyi asked, “Lu Li are you coming online?”

I thought about it, “Nope I want some sleep, I slept quite late last night.”

Lin Xi bit her lips, “You… You hadn’t slept since you left the studio right?”

“Still okay, I had 3-4 hours last night.”


She stared, “Then don’t come online, go and sleep. I will call you at lunch.”



Morning, Ruyi was the only one online holding up the Spirit Realm Battlefield situation. I went to sleep. Lin Xi had no mood to be online at all. She wore her new gear and hairclip and walked around the garden. Shen Mingxuan followed beside her afraid that she would fall. My product balance was really good and once she adapted, she could walk on her own.

“Softly, softly!”

Lin Xi said, “Lu Li is sleeping, let’s not wake him up!”

“Eh, you know how to protect your food!”

Shen Mingxuan was speechless, “Seems like I am not the person you love the most, I guess I can only become second choice.”


Lin Xi explained, “Lu Li and you are both really important to me, you should know that feeling right?”

“Like a relative?”

Shen Mingxuan giggled, “We are best sisters, closer than sisters, we said that last time!”

“I know.”

Lin Xi said, “When Ruyi and you came to Suzhou to accompany me, I knew that when we built With You.”

“Lu Li this fellow…”

Shen Mingxuan said, “I can tell that he really treats you well, he really cares about you. He is different from those other jerks that chased you.”

“Of course I know…”

Lin Xi said gently, “I want to treat him well, but… I don’t know what to do…”

“It is enough.”

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Shen Mingxuan said, “Those that chased you, did you let them touch your hand? Look at Lu Li, he hugged you so many times. Honestly, I am jealous…”

“Shush, softer, don’t disturb him, you are so loud…”

“Damn, I am loud? You brat you really don’t care about me at all!”

When the two of them were having fun in the garden, I fell asleep. At that moment I felt really calm and peaceful. I really wanted time to stop, that would be great.


Afternoon, after waking up, I was really energised and felt like my body was filled with energy. Blazing Sun Energy surged around my fingers. A space crack appeared in front of me and I felt like my strength had increased. Blazing Sun Power’s strength was 20% higher than before!

What was going on?

I frowned and sat up. I looked at my hands and was thinking. Was it because I slept well which was why my strength increased, or… I didn’t sleep and my mind was working? If it was the second reason, didn’t it mean that I had to continue to code and then my strength would increase further?

As for what the reason was, I couldn’t care so much.

“Dong dong--”

At that moment, I heard knocking at the door. Lin Xi’s voice spread out, “Lu Li are you awake? Can I enter?”

“Wake up, come in.” I wore my clothes.


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