Chapter 560- Geniuses are all crazy
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Zhan Yue Chapter 560- Geniuses are all crazy

“Energy systems prepared.”

“Bone model complete.”


Data jumped line by line while I frowned and looked at them all. I lowered my head and started to draw on a white piece of paper. I definitely couldn’t let this thing hurt Lin Xi so I couldn’t be careless at all.

After using three different algorithms to calculate, I got the best solution. I clapped and said, “Stareye start to model it.”


The hologram showed a human model and after wearing this, it modelled the various walking styles as well as equipment situations. I watched while thinking about many things like jumping, uphill, downhill, etc all these were things to be considered.


Stareye suddenly said, “You have worked for 12 hours, maybe you should rest.”


I looked at the time and unknowingly it was already 7 in the morning. But my mind was covered in design ideas so I couldn’t fall asleep if I wanted to. I shook my head, “No need, Stareye, show the heel movement details, I want to confirm whether or not it affects comfort.”


Once again lines of data appeared ahead. I lay in the chair and raised my head while frowning, “The model is a little rusty, let me calculate again.”



Not long later, when I had finished drawing on many pieces of paper, the experiment door opened and I saw someone with a small bag walking over. It was Ouyang Nuoyan.


After she switched on the light, she stared at me, “Someone told me that the light to the lab has been opened since last night, you have been here for a full night?”


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I nodded, “Sister take a look at this, something new I designed.”


She walked forwards and was shocked, “This is…”

“An exoskeleton.”

I looked at my product, “Lin Xi’s nerves below her knees are all dead which is why she can’t walk. I designed this to help her stand up again.”


Ouyang Nuoyan looked at my design and then said, “If you put so much effort into your sister I would probably smile in my dreams. But honestly, you are top in the world in terms of mechanical design. If this product works, we can sell it as a product, it can also help those handicapped people.”

“No need to think about that.”

I shook my head, “I use top quality materials, if we want a full set, it would cause 100 million, how many people can afford that…”

She stared, “Can you lower the cost…”

“This means that the weight will increase and put more pressure on the user’s body. Apart from the assistance system, there is a nerve connection system that is even more expensive.”


She placed her arms on her waist and looked at the numerous white pieces of paper, “You brat stayed up for a whole night so as to help your girlfriend who you haven’t even gotten design such a thing? It would cause tens of millions right? You brat… You really are willing to spend money.”

“If not?”

I waved, “Shouldn’t I do that?”

She laughed, “Right, if you can get her then the money is worth it. Lin Xi is so good, she does have the right to be in our family. You can take all the costs from me, don’t let father know!”

“You really are my sister!”

“Could I be your fake sister?”

She stared, “You look so tired, shouldn’t you sleep?”

“No, I want to settle this first.”

“Okay then…”

She shook her head, “I knew that you people were crazy. If you are hungry tell me and I will let Little White get something for you.”

“Let her buy a fried pancake and also give me a coffee every hour.”


She stared, “Little White is my assistant why are you commanding her much more than me?”

“If you are unhappy then give me an assistant too!”

“Forget it, let Little White do it, who can handle your personality!”

She waved and turned around, “Okay, I am going, I have a meeting in the morning and Little White will send the drinks over.”



When sister walked out of the lab, a message came from Lin Xi, “Lu Li, you are not back yet…”


I replied, “I am working, don’t care about me, just go online and lead With You. I don’t want With You to be wiped out when I get back.”

She laughed, “Don’t worry, rest well and take care of yourself!”

“En, go play--”


Continue to improve and perfect the design. I used dozens of ways to model and confirm them. This was a long process.

Not long later, Little White was here. She looked really good in her office dress and she was holding the pancake and coffee. She placed it on my table and then handed the pancake to me. She looked at my design and just rested on my chair. She smiled, “Lu Li did you design this for Lin Xi?”


I nodded, “Little White does this look good?”

“Still okay…”

She couldn’t understand and smiled, “I didn’t expect you to actually treat a girl so nicely. Boss told me to get close to you and I might end up in our family. I didn’t expect in just a year, you would slip away…”


I stared, “How many boyfriends have you had in a year?”


She smiled and smacked my shoulder, “Okay I will stop disturbing you. I will get someone to send you coffee every hour, let the machine pick it up, those people don’t have permissions to enter.”

“Okay, thank you.”


After Little White left, I wolves down on the pancake and increased some strength. I then continued to use the laser pen to complete the design. Like what my sister said, with my education at masters level, although I wasn’t on the level of those with a Ph.D., but after entering Destiny, I gained many skills and I didn’t need a piece of skill to prove anything.

I believed that not many people in this world could compare to me. Those that had better knowledge didn’t have experience, and those that had experience didn’t have resources. Destiny’s lab spent huge resources and my father built it himself before I returned back to the country. I completed above 50% of Illusionary Moon’s designs here.

Now this lab belonged to me and no one would question anything.


Just like that, I had spent 24 hours without sleeping. One cup of coffee and I felt like I could win time. Lin Xi sent another message to me to ask me when I would get back. I looked at the timer and it was 60% done. Thus, I told her not to care about me. No need to worry.

After which, after eating dinner, I bathed in the lab and continued to design.

Until 12.

“Movement system completed!”

“Balance design complete.”

“No harm to body, body protection complete!”

Words jumped out and I laid in my chair. At that moment, Stareye continued, “Pathfinder, there is still a huge flaw that might cause this product to fail.”

“What is it?”

“Balance system is based on one’s bone and muscles. Once a person wears it, the balane would reduce. Pathfinder’s chip system might be in conflict and cause the person to fall.”


I nodded and smiled, “I considered that and placed a B system in the design, that is just a signal receiver.”

“What thoughts do you have?” Stareye asked.

I said solemnly, “Our design lacks a signal source so I am planning to design a bridge that can collect signals from the brain so that the design will be like real legs and obey to the brain’s commands. Do you understand?”


Stareye kept silent for a few seconds, “Pathfinder, you really are a genius!”

“This is what we all know about so I don’t have to explain to you.”

I stretched and said, “This system is simple and is available already. We just need to correct the design slightly.”

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