Chapter 559- I will protect Lin Xi's dreams
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Zhan Yue Chapter 559- I will protect Lin Xi's dreams

“With You!”

Male Bear gritted his teeth, “Don’t be a bully!”

“There is no use in saying all this.”

Peng Haoren commented.


Male Bear charged forwards and knocked With You’s Sika Deer Cavalry formation. Unfortunately, the moment he used Return Slash he was stunned by Archers. Smells landed and he was insta killed just like that.

In front of absolute numbers and strength, his strength was nothing at all. Of course, if Male Bear could transform and use Swallow Soul, that would be another story.


Eastern Skill Soldier hollered in rage. Unfortunately with Descending Chaos, invisibility was useless. A few steps and he was turned into a porcupine. Peng Haoren fell to Lin Xi’s Bladestorm and Heaven Sword Umbrella. He fell and he didn’t even make a sound.

Fewer and fewer of them remained and only Zhou Datong and Wang Siyu were left. They were angry but helpless.

“Time to have dinner.”

Lin Xi looked at me, “Let’s go offline? Others can handle this.”


I nodded and went offline with Lin Xi. Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi went offline shortly after also.


The food delivery will be here soon.”

Shen Mingxuan took off her helmet and said, “But, I have to go grab a parcel.”

“En, go quickly.”


Shen Mingxuan returned to her room and she changed into a white skirt. Along with her long white legs, she was a boy killer.

I stared, “You are getting a parcel so why do you need to change?”

“What if there is a handsome guy there?” She stared at me and smiled, “Why, did it kill you?”

“No, go get it, also get the delivery!”


When she entered the lift, Lin Xi sat on the sofa and stared at her legs. Her expression was a little sad and she muttered, “Arrogant…”

She then looked at her own legs and she looked sad.

“It is fine, things will get better.” I said gently.

“I hope so.”

She hugged her knees and turned into a ball. She buried her beautiful face in her knees and said, “Lu Li do you know? A few years ago I was the core of the dance team and nearly went to join a girl group, now there is nothing…”

“Lin Xi..”

I looked at her and was filled with emotions. Maybe to others, she was the war goddess and she was the dream of all guys. But in reality, she only had that one small wish that she could stand up and walk. But it couldn’t come through. That was not something others could understand.

“Lin Xi.”

I tapped her shoulder and said, “Can I… See your legs?”


She opened her eyes wide, “See what, you aren’t a doctor, forget it… The best doctors saw my legs so many times, no use, I can’t stand up…”

She placed her legs flat and rubbed her calf. She looked at me, “Do you know what I am most worried about? If I don’t use strength here the muscle will fade and then it will become ugly. I don’t know how to face my legs…”

“It won’t.”

I consoled her while placing my hands on her knees. I looked at her and said, “Do you have feelings here?”

“Of course you dummy.”

She laughed, “I didn’t amputate, the vessels here are all okay? I can feel it…”


I touched her calf, “I saw that you can bend your knees right?”


She said gently, “Just that my calf and heel have no feeling at all, that is why I can’t stand.”


I rubbed her calk, “It is quite meaty…”

Her face flushed red and she punched me, “I will beat you up!”

I laughed and turned around. I started to think and even thought of how to code it. After a minute, I turned and looked at Lin Xi, “Lin Xi, I want to help you design a system that can help you stand up and help you balance.”

“Ah?” She was stunned, “What… What is it like?”

“Like the exterior skeleton system of troops, but I can make it lighter and nicer.”


She licked her lips, “Is it those that clang alot when I walk, I rather be like this…”

“You won’t, don’t worry.”

I sucked in a deep breath, and looked into her eyes, “Do you trust me?”

“En, I do!”

“Then wait here, let me head back to my lab and I will create it, that… Follow me to my room, I need to scan your legs.”


She opened her eyes wide and was a little nervous, “What do you mean?”

“Just follow me.”


After which, I carried her down and came to my room. I said solemnly, “Stareye, activate.”

‘Welcome back Pathfinder!”

Instantly all sorts of data appeared ahead. Lin Xi stared and was stunned, this was probably her first time seeing all this. She was the first person to see my work space. Destiny’s top data analyst was the final tester of the product. I had seen tens of thousands of products and I did so using this system.



I hugged Lin Xi and placed her down on my bed, “Scan her legs, I want all the data.”

“Yes Pathfinder.”

Blue light landed and flowed along her legs. In a blink of an eye, a full hologram and data appeared. Stareye said, “Her muscles on her calf is okay but the nerves are dead, really hard to treat.”

I pouted, “Don’t be so direct, one day I will smash you up.”

Lin Xi burst out laughing, “Okay, don’t blame an AI. I knew that, I can accept that.”

“En, you will get better, trust me.”

I walked forwards and said, “Upload her data, I will use it in the lab.”

“Yes, already uploaded.”


I nodded, after ordering Stareye to sleep, I carried her up. Shen Mingxuan was back and she was carrying all sorts of lunch boxes. Seeing that I was carrying Lin Xi, she asked in shock, “What are you two doing?”


I picked up my phone and said, “I am going to the lab and might not come back. If there are things online you guys have to handle it. Okay I am leaving, don’t miss me.”


Lin Xi pulled my arm, “Eat first.”

“I am not eating!”

I shook my head, “I have many ideas now and it can’t wait. I am heading to the lab.”


Sshen Mingxuan opened the bag and picked out a box. She also added some long beans and meat for me, “I know your car can drive, you can eat while heading over.”

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“Understood, thank you---”

I headed down and let Stareye drive the car. I ate the rice. My heart was filled with only one thing which was how to get Lin Xi to stand up. If I could complete her wish, all the hard work would be worth it.


When I arrived at the company, i finished the lunch box and after parking, I tossed it and headed to the lift. I entered my lab. As expected, dad treated me much better and returned my permissions to the lab. If not I wouldn’t be able to get in at all.

I sat in the comfortable chair and crossed my legs, “Stareye, I want to design an exoskeleton. You understand her legs and her knees can be moved. So we only need one below the knee.”

Stareye said, “Should we use all the exoskeleton data in the world?”

“No need.”

I shook my head, “Let’s design one, this one has to be light and it can’t be more than 2 mm thick. It has to fit her leg shape. If she wears socks they must be able to be covered. What material should we use?”


Stareye said, “The toughness and weight meet your requirements. If we use nanotech, we can satisfy all your needs but it will be expensive.”

“That is okay.”

I smiled, “Even if it is expensive we have to.”


Stareye said, “Should we start to design?”


I nodded and then looked at the design change. A while later I looked outside and saw that Stareye had another system running. I looked at it, “The core engine data is not out yet?”


Stareye said, “With the current speed, to breakdown this super engine, we would need 124 years, 6 months, 13 days, 7 hours, 22 minutes, 36 seconds.”

“You don’t need to be so exact…”

My head hurt, “Stop it, enough. This technology doesn’t belong to humans.”


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