Chapter 559- I will protect Lin Xi's dreams
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Zhan Yue Chapter 559- I will protect Lin Xi's dreams

“With You!”

Male Bear gritted his teeth, “Don’t be a bully!”

“There is no use in saying all this.”

Peng Haoren commented.


Male Bear charged forwards and knocked With You’s Sika Deer Cavalry formation. Unfortunately, the moment he used Return Slash he was stunned by Archers. Smells landed and he was insta killed just like that.

In front of absolute numbers and strength, his strength was nothing at all. Of course, if Male Bear could transform and use Swallow Soul, that would be another story.


Eastern Skill Soldier hollered in rage. Unfortunately with Descending Chaos, invisibility was useless. A few steps and he was turned into a porcupine. Peng Haoren fell to Lin Xi’s Bladestorm and Heaven Sword Umbrella. He fell and he didn’t even make a sound.

Fewer and fewer of them remained and only Zhou Datong and Wang Siyu were left. They were angry but helpless.

“Time to have dinner.”

Lin Xi looked at me, “Let’s go offline? Others can handle this.”


I nodded and went offline with Lin Xi. Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi went offline shortly after also.


The food delivery will be here soon.”

Shen Mingxuan took off her helmet and said, “But, I have to go grab a parcel.”

“En, go quickly.”


Shen Mingxuan returned to her room and she changed into a white skirt. Along with her long white legs, she was a boy killer.

I stared, “You are getting a parcel so why do you need to change?”

“What if there is a handsome guy there?” She stared at me and smiled, “Why, did it kill you?”

“No, go get it, also get the delivery!”


When she entered the lift, Lin Xi sat on the sofa and stared at her legs. Her expression was a little sad and she muttered, “Arrogant…”

She then looked at her own legs and she looked sad.

“It is fine, things will get better.” I said gently.

“I hope so.”

She hugged her knees and turned into a ball. She buried her beautiful face in her knees and said, “Lu Li do you know? A few years ago I was the core of the dance team and nearly went to join a girl group, now there is nothing…”

“Lin Xi..”

I looked at her and was filled with

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