Chapter 558- Kill them all
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Zhan Yue Chapter 558- Kill them all

Lin Xi jumped off her horse and held the Fallen Frost Sword. She stood at the front and smiled, “There is no more point in fighting, we think we can stop. Let’s come to an agreement.”


Yanshi Bugong jumped off the horse and walked forwards, “The two guilds suffered heavy losses, if this continues we wouldn’t be able to recover. Guild Leader Lin Xi has called for a stop at a right time, you are indeed wise.”

“Stop talking about these useless things…”

Lin Xi smiled, “The condition is… Limitless backs out of the Southern Plains, if that happens then we will promise not to hunt Limitless members in the Southern Plains and Western Wilderness. What do you think?”

“What did you say?”

Yanshi Berserk was furious, “Your appetite is a little too big? Swallow two maps? Lin Xi you are one of the strongest players but you are just being a bully!”

“Shut up!”

Haotian said furiously, “If not for you stirring trouble would With You waste an afternoon here? Don’t forget that you have asked for peace once and now you want the same conditions. Let me tell you, impossible. Even if we are nice, we aren’t to be bullied!”


Cal rode her horse forwards and guarded beside Lin Xi, “I think the conditions are fair. If I was the guild leader, I definitely wouldn’t hold back much less let you head to other maps. I will directly wipe you out from the battlefield. Since you dared to provoke us you deserve to pay the price!”

I stood beside Lin Xi and touched my nose, “Everyone is here to fight for resources, why does Sister Cal make it sound like we have the moral high ground?”

Lin Xi burst out laughing and lowered her voice, “So Cal is suitable for diplomacy and not you.”

“What am I suitable for?”

“To be my commander---”

Lin Xi’s teeth were shining bright and it nearly made my heart stop.


Ahead, Yanshi Bugong, Su Xiaohan and Yanshi Bumou discussed. In the end, Yanshi Bugong walked forwards and he was still really calm, “Since Limitless lost this battle, we have nothing to say. We will leave this map. Although we lost but there is something I need to

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