Chapter 558- Kill them all
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Zhan Yue Chapter 558- Kill them all

Lin Xi jumped off her horse and held the Fallen Frost Sword. She stood at the front and smiled, “There is no more point in fighting, we think we can stop. Let’s come to an agreement.”


Yanshi Bugong jumped off the horse and walked forwards, “The two guilds suffered heavy losses, if this continues we wouldn’t be able to recover. Guild Leader Lin Xi has called for a stop at a right time, you are indeed wise.”

“Stop talking about these useless things…”

Lin Xi smiled, “The condition is… Limitless backs out of the Southern Plains, if that happens then we will promise not to hunt Limitless members in the Southern Plains and Western Wilderness. What do you think?”

“What did you say?”

Yanshi Berserk was furious, “Your appetite is a little too big? Swallow two maps? Lin Xi you are one of the strongest players but you are just being a bully!”

“Shut up!”

Haotian said furiously, “If not for you stirring trouble would With You waste an afternoon here? Don’t forget that you have asked for peace once and now you want the same conditions. Let me tell you, impossible. Even if we are nice, we aren’t to be bullied!”


Cal rode her horse forwards and guarded beside Lin Xi, “I think the conditions are fair. If I was the guild leader, I definitely wouldn’t hold back much less let you head to other maps. I will directly wipe you out from the battlefield. Since you dared to provoke us you deserve to pay the price!”

I stood beside Lin Xi and touched my nose, “Everyone is here to fight for resources, why does Sister Cal make it sound like we have the moral high ground?”

Lin Xi burst out laughing and lowered her voice, “So Cal is suitable for diplomacy and not you.”

“What am I suitable for?”

“To be my commander---”

Lin Xi’s teeth were shining bright and it nearly made my heart stop.


Ahead, Yanshi Bugong, Su Xiaohan and Yanshi Bumou discussed. In the end, Yanshi Bugong walked forwards and he was still really calm, “Since Limitless lost this battle, we have nothing to say. We will leave this map. Although we lost but there is something I need to say.”

“Say.” Lin Xi smiled.

Yanshi Bugong looked at me, “We didn’t lose to With You but to July Wildfire and his Swallow Soul effect!”

He turned around and rode his horse back, “Brothers back out of the southern plains, let’s find another map to hunt!”


Limitless left.

Lin Xi bit her lips and she looked unwilling to accept defeat. She said word by word, “One day I will lead With You to totally crush you!”


Cal clenched her fists and said, “Scoff, Yanshi Bugong that jerk, what was the meaning of what he said?”

“He probably wants to report Boss Lu Li…” Haotian said.

I touched my nose, “I am the deputy leader so losing to me means he lost to With You right? He is such an experienced dark, so stubborn!”

Lin Xi smiled, “That is true! Okay, Haotian, Cal lead the main force to pincer Dragonrider Hall and Breaking Dawn. We can’t offend Limitless but can’t we offend them? Head over quickly, I want to clear out the battlefield and send all of them out of the Spirit Realm Battlefield!”



Ten minutes later.

Southwest side battlefield, Lin Xi led the Sika Deer Cavalries and appeared behind Dragonrider Hall, Breaking Dawn, Cloud Ocean and Hidden Dragon. I also led Mundane Slaughter, Moonlight Firefly, Nine Song etc to join in. All of a sudden, the four guilds were grouped up.


Man of Steel held an orange sword and looked at the huge group of With You players. His eyes constricted, “What is going on? How did With You appear behind us?”

Breaking Dawn Ash hollered in rage, “Don’t you understand? Limitless has spoken with them. Now With You’s main guild has people to cut us off!”


Man of Steel raged, “Limitless! Backstabbers!”

Old Li’s hands were shaking, “Damn we are finished, our only way out is blocked. We can’t leave even if we wanted to.”

Dragonrider Hall members were about to go made. Fang Baiyu shot out an arrow and then turned behind, “Fight what? Find a way to break out if not none of us would be able to leave!”

Wines and Poems hollered in anger, “Don’t panic, if we can’t even handle this how can we fight for T1 status. Listen to me, Four teams hold up the rear, rest of you charge to the north, let’s try to get as many out as possible. We are unlucky to face pigs like Limitless!”


Peng Haoren raised a sword and said solemnly, “Get as many out as possible. Sparks can light up plains, we can burn brightly still in Spirit Realm Battlefield!”

Listening to his words, Breaking Dawn Ash nearly laughed.

He walked towards our formation and frowned, “Guild Leader Lin Xi, I think With You shouldn’t go too far. How about leave us a way out.”

“Is that so?”

She smiled, “Breaking Dawn Ash, since the first day you backstabbed us, we were enemies. Do we need to leave you a way out?”


Breaking Dawn Ash rode the horse forwards, “Boss Ash, With You is determined, there is no need to say so much. Let’s kill as many as we can. Even if we beg them it won’t work.”


Breaking Dawn Ash raised the orange sword and said, “Breaking Dawn form a triangle and charge out. Who cares about With You, they definitely can’t wipe us out!”


In the crowd, Breaking Dawn heavy armored players formed up into a triangle. They protected the ranged and support players within. The higher level players formed the sharp blade and charged right at With You.

Breaking Dawn was famous for being strategic and they were the top of the T2 guilds. Breaking Dawn Ash might be lousy at everything but his formations and commanding skills were quite good.


“What nonsense…”

Lin Xi smiled, “Lu Li use Apprehension to crush them!”


I nodded and headed forwards. One Apprehension smashed their triangle formation and another Wooden Dummy destroyed another part. After which I used Dark Shadow Jump to charge about. In just two minutes their formation was in a mess.

“With You attack!”

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Lin Xi pulled out Fallen Frost Sword and led Cal, Haotian and Morgue to charge. With You’s attack signaled the defeat of the alliance army. This was not a simple loss, this was a wipe out. After being pincered, Dragonrider Hall and Breaking Dawn were crushed. They didn’t dare to charge at us anymore and surged towards the forest. Unfortunately, Mundane Slaughter, Moonlight Firefly, Nine Song, Wet July were waiting for them so their deaths would be even worse. Fighting Assassins in a forest was just asking for death.

The battle didn’t drag and in just 20 minutes, their players were all destroyed only a small group were fighting back.

“Ang… Ang…”

Man of Steel held his bloodstained sword and only Wang Yaozu was beside him, “I didn’t expect Hidden Dragon to end up like this after preparing for so long…”

“As expected.” Wang Yaozu said.


Man of Steel gritted his teeth, “Do you dare to charge once more with me? If we can, I will drag Bright Moon and make her my wife!”

“What do I not dare to, you charge at the front!”

When the two of them were about to charge, Shen Mingxuan smiled, “Turn them into porcupines.”

In the next second, arrows flew and as expected, their armor was shot through. They knelt on the ground and they left the battlefield.


On the other direction, Lin Xi slashed and Breaking Dawn Ash fell to the ground, dying right away. Breaking Dawn Ash wasn’t weak and was at least grandmaster tier. Unfortunately, Lin Xi was top ten challenger and the gap was huge.

Not far away were Dragonrider Hall’s final ten people. Male Bear, Peng Haoren, Eastern Skill Soldier, Ghostwalker etc protected Zhou Datong and Wang Siyu. They were on their last legs and they looked really tired. With You surrounded them and they were filled with despair.

“Use Descending Chaos to light up the area.”

Lin Xi walked forwards, “Heavy armored in front, ranged behind, when we get close shoot them, don’t give them a chance!”

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