Chapter 557- Yanshi Bugong's shamelessness
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Zhan Yue Chapter 557- Yanshi Bugong's shamelessness

“Okay, I will try!”

“En, when are you coming home to eat?”

“When I am free, I have been too busy.”

“You have a girlfriend and forgot about us?”

“Not sure yet!”




After hanging up, I was speechless and charged out of the forest towards, killing from west to east and stirring the backlines of the guilds. At this point they didn’t have the strength to pierce through our allies. I killed too many of their backline such that their ranged damage was not a problem.

After killing Hidden Dragon’s Archer Old Li, I used White Cloak and left the battlefield. I contacted Lin Xi on my way over.

“I am coming.”

“Good timing.” Her panting was a little heavy and she was waving her Fallen Frost Sword to charge about the crowd, “Limitless’s attacks are getting stronger and stronger and they are crushing our frontline. If you don’t come we will collapse within half an hour. I underestimated their explosiveness.”

“There is something I need to tell you.”

I said solemnly, “My sister called me and told me that within the hour there were many complains about my Swallow Soul effect, this was a little too much…”

“Is that so?”

She licked her lips and looked worried, “Then… Will they weaken it?”

“No they don’t have the permissions. The ancient bracelet is special and is above other equipment. But my sister warned me not to go too far. Lin Xi what do you think?”

She thought about it, “After knocking back Limitless you back out of the battlefield so others don’t talk too much. But you have to come, if not we will lose.”

“Understood, I will be there! I will charge at Yanshi Stargazer right away and without him, no one else can threaten me.”



Five minutes later, I arrived on the main battlefield with White Cloak and entered through the gaps. I didn’t dare to continue moving forwards as the spells and arrows flying about might hit me. So if I wanted to remain in stealth, I could only stop here.

I looked ahead and used my macro. I locked onto Yanshi Stargazer’s name and he was being protected by four high level Paladins. Aroun

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