Chapter 556- Higher permissions
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Zhan Yue Chapter 556- Higher permissions

Half an hour later.

Hidden Dragon’s backline was ripped apart, one portion was done by me and the rest was by Mundane Slaughter and Moonlight Firefly.


A message came from Lin Xi, “How are your swallow soul stacks?”

I glanced, “1009.”


She opened her mouth slightly in disbelief, “Half an hour? 1 thousand stacks?”


I sent her a screenshot and said, “Look at it yourself, Hidden Dragon is just too good, I feel like I haven’t done anything but kill. I even forgot to breathe. I love this bunch hahaha---”

She smiled and nodded, “You are only allowed to fall for Man of Steel and Wang Yaozu, not Flower Zhang or anyone else--”


I rolled my eyes. Lin Xi knew this bunch quite well and was able to call out their IDs.

“How is the main battlefield?” I asked.

“Still okay.”

She panted and from the background, I saw that she was charging about, “Limitless is really strong and they are using all their main force. Yanshi Stargazer locked onto me with Stargazing Technique. Luckily I had Paladins using Self sacrifice and heals if not I would have died.”

“So the main battlefield is dangerous?”

“Not at that stage.” She smiled, “The losses are a little much, it is around 1.1:1, we are at a disadvantage but that is okay, with me here you don’t have to worry. Use your thousand stacks to do something, gain an advantage for With You there!”

“En, understood, good luck!”

“Good luck---”


I charged forwards and it was Cloud Ocean’s camp. I had sliced apart Hidden Dragon’s entire backline such that the backline of Cloud Ocean was exposed. A bunch of Mages and Priests looked at me. One of their team leaders gritted their teeth, “I… How is July Wildfire here so quickly?!”

A Priest shouted loudly, “Those Hidden Dragon noobs can’t even take a hit! Not only weren’t they able to defend, July Wildfire’s Swallow Soul is at a thousand stacks. What noobs, why did we invite them, did they lose their brains!?”

“Shush… Be careful with your words!”

The team leader shouted, “Men, stop July Wildfire, prepare your control spells and seal his path!”


I laughed and directly kept White Bird and Orange Night. After all they were Cloud Ocean and they weren’t noobs from Hidden Dragon. If Cloud Ocean did well, then there would be a chance that White Bird would get killed. I couldn’t afford that, both of them were my treasures so I couldn’t lose any of them!


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Under Flames state, I used Dark Shadow Jump to leap into the Cloud Ocean players. 1000+ stacks so what did I have to fear? I dashed and slashed, the splash damage killed groups of ranged players. At the same time, I sent Apprehension and Wooden Dummy out!

“Stun Shot, lock onto him, quick!”

A high level Archer among the group of them shouted.

I took a look and used Dark Shadow Jump on the Mage at the right that forgot to use his shield. I cast Muddy Waters on the Archers and silenced all of them!

“Peng peng peng---”

I used Dark Shadow Jump to leap around.

Just like that, in 10 minutes I pierced through Cloud Ocean. Further forwards was Breaking Dawn. Among them were many with the Breaking Dawn emblems that were stunned. They threw their skills at me and they shouted in rage, “Kill July Wildfire, quick! Focus fire!”

Wines and Poems who was ahead of the Dragonrider Hall formation even said, “Listen up,



In the Assassin team, Mundane Slaughter was shocked, “Zhou Datong really is generous, kill Seven once and gets 500 thousand, damn! Even I am touched! Seven let’s discuss, let me kill you once and drop a piece of equipment. That is 1 million, if I kill you a few times I can buy the hotel opposite mine!”

“Wishful thinking!”

Moonlight Firefly smiled, “If anyone did I would be the one, how can an outsider be the one to kill you right Brother Seven?”

My body shuddered, “I am a god, all you mortals don’t think about killing me. I choose to suicide!”


The team laughed but we didn’t slow down. When the elites of the four guilds attacked us on the side battlefield, the Assassins were deep in their formation, adding pressure on their backline. There would definitely be a time when Dragonrider Hall, Breaking Dawn and Cloud Ocean break down. Once they snap, their attack would be affected and the battle would lean towards our side.


A current pierced through a body and I directly killed a Breaking Dawn Archer. The players around saw the 360 thousand damage dealt and were shocked. Among them was a Mage with a staff that had channeled Flame Whirlpool but forgot to toss it, “What kind of damage is this? That Swallow Soul effect is too overpowered, why aren’t they dealing with this Bug? Damn, after this battle if I don’t report July Wildfire my surname is not Wang!”

The others replied, “Right, we have to report him, he is using this bug to get such strong buffs, how can others play?”

“Report July Wildfire!”

“Smash him onto the wall!”

“Players rejoice!”


I dashed into the backline of Dragonrider Hall and instantly they were enraged. Wang Siyu held her staff and saw me too, “Lu, you… You are not a guy, do you only know how to kill me?”


I frowned and used Dark Shadow Jump to kill the Archer in front of Wang Siyu. I slashed and held my dagger to her throat. I said calmly, “A girl’s hatred and jealousy, how did you let your soul become so ugly?”

“You… You…”

Hunter’s Edge!

Light shone and Wang Siyu’s body turned into light rain and then she fell to the ground. Did she really think that I would let her off because of what she said?


Beside me, a Paladin’s hair was standing on their ends and even his helmet was knocked back. He hollered in rage, “Guild Leader told me to protect her, now that she died right in front of me, how will I answer to him? My bonus is gone! July Wildfire I will kill you!”

White Cloak!


All of a sudden, this Paladin fell down from horse back. Under the Swallow Soul buffed attack, his armor was not worth mentioning at all!

Just like that, I started to destroy the backline of Dragonrider Hall. One against many such that they were all cursing to report me.


After half an hour, Swallow Soul was stacked to 1900+, it was even higher than the battle yesterday. The main reason was because they didn’t have someone like Yanshi Stargazer that could stop me. So after I reached 1000 stacks I could do anything.

Just like that, a call entered the game and it was from sister Ouyang Nuoyan.


I used White Cloak and backed out of the battle. I hid in the forest and picked it up, “Sister, what is it, why did you suddenly call me.”

“During this hour, we received a huge amount of complaints and all of them pointed at you. You should know what I am saying right? Brother---”

“Of course, Swallow Soul effect!”

I nodded, “But I am not planning on changing anything, it is my equipment stat so what rights do they have to point fingers at me. If they have the ability they can get an effect like that. I won’t say anything at all.”

“Stop it!”

She was speechless, “Lu Li it is indeed your equipment stat but you can’t keep using it to kill people right? This hurts our company’s reputation if not I wouldn’t call you personally. This is something to do with the tech department.”


I laughed, “Sister, based on past incidents, you can directly change the data so why are you so elegant and polite now? Is it because they don’t have the permission to change my equipment?”


She was stunned, “How did you know?”

“I guessed.”

I frowned, “This ancient bracelet existed the moment my account was created and I found it weird. Maybe the main server spawned it or it was something else. Anyways Destiny doesn’t have the permissions right?”


“Then I have another question.”


“Does Destiny have something more powerful than itself? Who is that, do you know?”


She sighed, “Just use this effect less, I will push aside these complaints.” 

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