Chapter 49- Terrifying Defence
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Zhan Yue Chapter 49- Terrifying Defence

I was here, the Land of the Exiled!

The area around me was a really desolate place, and it was just the wilderness and bald forests. The monsters were traitors of the human race, who had tattered clothes and messy hair. Their bodies were wrapped in red light and they were level 35 Rare monsters. As for me, I should be their leader.

"Oi, how many of you are there?"

I walked up and tried to communicate with them, but they did not say anything and just looked at me dumbly. It seemed that I wouldbe unable to command them, but it did not matter. I was not planning to rely on monsters. With my explosive stats, I could settle everything here.

A deep system voice spread into my ears

"Land of the Exiled, a land in Xuanyuan Empire's Donghang Province. People who can't be pardoned are exiled here. Those whocommit unforgivable sins can only be sent here to end their lives. This place is filled with rapists, killers, thieves... Young adventurer, if you enter the Land of the Exiled, anyone here might become your enemy."


I frowned and right at that moment, a bald headed brute raised his head. His eyes were filled with rage and violence as he shouted, "I don't want to die here! I want to go back home and kill those people who gave up on me!"

As he said that, he lifted his hand and a blade in it shone a cold light. He slashed down at my head!

He actually dared to hit me?

I was stunned.As expected, anyone could become my enemy! Thus, I headed forwardand my daggers crossed. With three slashes, blood splattered. My three attacks did 5000+ damage and directly killed the level 35 monster. My experience bar lit up. Not bad, not bad.It seemed that I could level up here.

"He's here; he's here! One of those people who want our lives is here..."

Around me, a bunch of exiled people cried in terror and charged at me as if they were mad.

"You're all asking for death!"

I raised my hands and cast Apprehension before using Hunter's Edge. I cleared out this patch of the forest. Although the monsters had good stats, their defenses and attacks were weaker than players of the same level. When they faced an Asura-level Boss like me, they naturally were no match.

After clearing them out, my body sank down. I retreated and disappeared into the forest.

"What happened?"

In front of me, I heard players speaking. I saw ten players enter the Land of the Exiled. The one in front was a level 30 Paladin, who held a heavy shield and steel sword. His equipment gave off a green light. At the current stage, there were not many of his level. His level was roughly within the top 100 in Linchen County.

He walked all the way in front and looked at the exiled who had not yet respawned. He picked up a Strong-grade bracer and said, "Weird.These monsters were eradicated, but no one picked up their equipment and silver. How weird."

The Archer behind said, "What is weird? Some party must have passed by. Let's not waste time.Don't let the Boss get cleared by others!"

"Even if someone cleared the monsters, why did they not bother picking up a level 30 Strong-grade armor?" The Paladin was really calm as he analyzed the situation. "If he doesn't even want a level 30 Strong-grade armor, how strong must he be in Linchen County? Breaking Dawn probably won't do that? Are they from Elements?"

"Who knows?Anyway, time is precious, so let's just go."


The Paladin nodded his head. "Pick up the silver on the ground.Don't waste any. Then find the Exiled One and clear him out. All of our Combat strength is above 400, so if the ten of us work well together, we may be able to kill a level 35 Super Rare Boss without any losses. Good luck!"


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This bunch of people showed excitement on their faces.

I smiled and walked out from beneath the tree. I crept up to the Paladin, and before he moved, I attacked. Basic attack plus Backstab dealt shocking damage



Although there was no Critical Strike, it instantly took him down to low health.


He panicked. The moment he turned around, my dagger gave out another wave of terrifying damage, and three strikes pierced his body!

"Mother Hunter's Edge!"

Successful kill! At the same time, I killed two other players behind him!


The Archer panicked and retreated. "Exiled One... Exiled One is a stealth-type Boss!Also... wasn't that Hunter's Edge? D*mn!What have we faced?"

I pounced over and my daggers danced as I used basic attacks to kill two more players. The Archer pulled his bow and used two skills on me, Explosive Shot and Combo Shot.

Along with pelting sounds, Explosive Shot, and two hits, three arrows bounced off my chestplate. His attacks were unable to break my defense and four damage numbers rose up. It was quite touching






Even I nearly laughed out loud. Was my 1350 Defense too heartless? A level 29 Archer was actually unable to break through it. If it were someone else, they would definitely be much worse off.

"D*mn! So little damage?"

The Archer rubbed his eyes; he could not believe what he saw.


Another Archer retreated. "We can't damage him, so how can we even kill him? The leader was insta-killed; what could we even do?"


They tried fleeing, but how could they run from me? My Agility was three folds, so one could imagine how fast I was at 1200 Agility. I got close, and with just a few hits, I sent their ranged players back to the city. In less than ten seconds, the ground was covered in corpses.

I lowered my head and saw a bunch of potions, silver, and two equipment. Unfortunately, I could not pick them up~


Could I really not pick them up? I could switch to a human!

I was delighted and tried to switch, but unfortunately a heartless female voice reached my ears, "During the Wind Cloud Platform’s trial, you cannot switch souls!"

I failed and totally gave up.


"Ah Li!"Ah Fei's voice spread into my ears. "You're the Exiled One in the Land of the Exiled, aren’t you?"

"Yes, get close.Train on the map nearby."

"En, understood!" he said. "Right, be careful. You killed a party and they started spreading it in Linchen County. They said that you were the Lightning Rider Assassin, Ten Mile Slope’s Dog God, as you know how to enter stealth and sneak attack. You also know Mother Hunter's Edge. Now, many large-size guilds are planning to attackyou."

"What's the point?When they come, they're just asking to die..." I laughed out loud.

"No choice," he said helplessly. "Your name is too bright. From Autumn Moon Village to Linchen County, you have terrorized them. Whoever kills you will get famous. Who doesn't want to get famous ingame?Do you think that they don't know that the chance of winning is low? Even then, they want to attack you for the name. Once they get famous, do you know how warm those girls will get? You can't imagine."

"I'm lazy to imagine."

I sat above a tree and entered Stealth. I said lazily, "Okay, I'm planning to massacre them. Level well and keep in contact with me. Let's hope that I will drop Hunter's Edge or Apprehension!"

"I know. I will try!"


Not long after, dense footsteps came from the edge of the forest. A bunch of people entered the Land of the Exiled and the person in front was actually someone I was familiar with. He held a shining shield and a blue sword. He was at level 30, the leader of Hidden Dragon Mountain, the legendary Man of Steel!

"That turtle has finally appeared!"

Man of Steel's face turned green. "This time, our Hidden Dragon Mountain can't afford to fail again. We must wash this Exiled One in blood to wipe away our past humiliations. We’ll want all players in Linchen County to know that we aren't to be bullied!"

"Yes." Old Li nodded. "Leader Lu is right."

Wang Yaozu held a blue sword and frowned. "It won't be so easy. Those bunch gave out intel that the Boss's attacks are really strong and can insta-kill any job that isn't heavy-armored. His defense is really high, too.An Archer with 417 Attack used Explosive Shot and only took away 52 Health. We must be careful."


Man of Steel looked at him in disdain and said, "You are too careful. This time, just listen to me. Think about it; when did the Boss fight us head on? He used sneak attacks. If we can block his first wave, then things will be much simpler. Even if I die, all of you must do your best to kill him and bring glory to our Hidden Dragon Mountain!"

"I understand."

Excitement appeared on their faces.

This time, Hidden Dragon Mountain was going all out. Close to two hundred of them were around twenty-seven to thirty. One could imagine how much contribution points I would get from wiping them out. I would basically get close to 2000, right? Moreover, there were high experience points. This was a sure win deal!

"Spread out!"

Man of Steel raised his sword and shouted, "Once the Boss appears, Warriors use Assault and stun him; Assassins, don't be afraid in heading up and Gouging him. As long as we can control the battle, we will surely win!"

"Yes, leader!"

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