Chapter 48- Exiled One
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Zhan Yue Chapter 48- Exiled One

"Since that's the case, let me start it off!"

In the crowd, a handsome man charged up. The dragon horn on his head dazzled as his exquisite armor, covered by a translucent robe, made him look like a celestial being. It was Long Yilan, a cultivator from the Land of Reincarnation with half-dragon blood. He was quite famous in the five outer locations.

"Purgatory Lion!"

Long Yilan pulled out a sword from its sheath and it was awashed with bright light. He then pointed at Two Balls. "I lost to you because I was overconfident last time.This time, I shall start from you!"

"Is that so?"

Two Balls laughed out loud, but his eyes were filled with confidence. He stood in front of Long Yilan and smiled. "You always insult my Purgatory Lion race because of your half-dragon blood.This time, I'll make you shut up!"

"You're asking for death!"

Long Yilan shouted and attacked right away. He waved his blade and a strong sword light descended from above. It instantly covered the area around the Purgatory Lion. Long Yilan was a genius cultivator, and coupled with having the strong The Great Dragon Sword Technique, his attacks were really sharp. He seemed to be much stronger this time, too, for his series of attacks had actually managed to drive back Two Balls!


Sword light pierced through Two Balls' shoulder and blood splattered around.

"Hahaha!That's all the skill you've got? I heard that you had gone into secluded meditation, yet this is the outcome? Why don't you just stop cultivating, trash!"

Long Yilan attacked while he continued to mock the other.


Two Balls smiled instead of getting angry. He then retreated several steps and planted his feeton the ground. Two Balls spread his arms and a blood red power rose around his body. At once, I felt shocked. A power, which could threaten me, was awakening in Two Balls' body, and in the blink of an eye, his body had been bathed in red light.


Following a bright spark, his hands sent Long Yilan's blade flying. He then walked up to the latter and grabbed his neck.

"This is why I went into secluded meditation. Do you understand now?" Two Balls laughed coldly

"Y-You... actually awakened Purgatory Lion's first stage, Blood Rage...Your bloodline actually... r-retrograded!" Long Yilan was shocked, and veins on his face appeared.

"It's too late now!"

Two Balls slapped Long Yilan's face, causing it to swell up.

"I heard that you have used many girls in the Land of Reincarnation.Today, I will fix this face of yours and make it look much better."

Two Balls slapped him dozens more times.

"Purgatory Lion, you are too much!"

Beneath the platform, Xia Buhui shouted in anger.

"Why, do you want to try me?"

Two Balls tossed Long Yilan off the stage and said, "Come, let me experience how strong the strongest Necromancer in the Land of Reincarnation is!"

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"As you wish!"

Xia Buhui jumped up. He waved his staff and instantly the ground shook. Many blood-colored bone claws rose from the ground and grabbed onto the Purgatory Lion.


Two Balls roared and the blood-colored energy around him swelled. Like Olaf using his ultimate, he ignored the skill and punched Xia Buhui's chest!



Just one fist and Xia Buhui's body was shattered in the wind. The Wind Cloud Platform swept him away. He was actually killed with one punch?!

Two Balls seemed a little too strong today!

I sucked in a deep breath.

"Who else?"

On stage, Two Balls' eyes shone brightly. He looked at the younger generation from the five locations. He was like a king. Today, Two Balls got famous.

Next,many people headed up to challenge him, but they were not his match at all. Two Balls, who had awakened stage one of the Purgatory Lion’s bloodline, had increased Attack, Defense, and speed. The other disciples were not his match at all.

In the end, three people remained around the Wind Cloud Platform: Two Balls, myself, and the famous Land of Reincarnation expert, Zhuang Huai Shui's proud disciple, Lei Ling.

Lei Ling walked up silently and said calmly, "Purgatory Lion, I shall count to three and you scram down. If not, I'll have to send you down personally."


Two Balls hollered and blood energy wrapped around his body. He pounced forward.

Lei Ling's gaze turned cold and lightning shone around him. "Since that's the case, I won't give you a chance!"

He shouted tothe sky and lightning rained down all around. Dark clouds buzzed and gathered, then many streaks of lightning landed from above, hacking down onto Lei Ling's body. It was as if he was in a Lightning Tribulation, but he was actually the one summoning the lightning. The Purgatory Lion retreated as many streaks of lightning continued to be gathered, forming a two-meter-long lightning sword.


Two Balls started to tremble. "You... actually can form the Lightning Blade?"

"Yes!"Lei Ling smiled. "Now, can you admit defeat?"

"Admit your head!"Two Balls shouted. "July, open your eyes; I hope that you can find its weakness!"

As he said that, he roared and charged forward.

Lei Ling's eyes went cold and sword light pelted out to force Two Balls back. He lost a large part of his health as he retreated. When he charged a second time, another strike slashed at him. Lightning light ravaged him and instantly lowered him to critical health. When the third sword landed, Two Balls was already on his knees.

The wind swept his body away and his unwilling voice reached my ears. "July, you must defeat him. If not, the Land of Reincarnation will be so arrogant, and the other four groups of disciples will have to live with that!"


I frowned and stepped onto the Wind Cloud Platform.


My body sank down and I entered Stealth.

"July Wildfire, it's finally your turn!" Lei Ling's eyes were filled with killing intent as he smiled. "Unfortunately, this is Wind Cloud Platform and you can revive, so I have no chance of killing you, but... I can still defeat you. Come out.Your lousy hiding skill can't hide you from me. Just scram out!"

He charged at where I was, raised his Lightning Blade, and slashed down accurately.

Alas, the moment he did that, I rolled tothe side, so the Lightning Blade smashed onto the Wind Cloud Platform. I pounced forwardand flicked the Snakebone Dagger. I used Gouge right onto his face.


At this moment, my attack was just too high!

I looked at the stunned Lei Ling and smiled. "Do you think Purgatory Lion took hits for no reason? Sorry, I saw your weakness from his defeat. Although Lightning Blade is strong, you can't control it fully. Your flexibility is too weak and you can only use it for direct attacks!"

"You... You’re asking for death!"

He slashed horizontally.

I moved in the direction of the attack and arrived behind him, using basic attack plus Backstab!



"I want you to die!"

Lei Ling, who had only 70% health, was totally furious. His Lightning Blade swept across. This circular attack was perfect and I definitely could not dodge it.

However, the moment Lightning Blade flew towardme, I activated White Cloak.


The white cape on my back shone brightly. In an instant, I entered a short period of total immunity from damage and his Lightning Blade completely missed my body, not causing any damage at all. I did not hold back and used the skill that I had just learnedAnnihilation!


A purple spark flashed and a wound appeared on Lei Ling's chest. Lei Ling panicked and looked on as he entered an Annihilation process. At the same time, a terrifying number jumped up his head


This strike actually crit and insta-killed this level 35 Boss!

Ten times true damage; it was just too powerful!

White Cloak plus Annihilation.As expected, it was a godly combination. It was too strong!


Clouds accumulated in the sky and turned into my master. "Snort.As expected of my disciple,no matter how strong the enemy is, you can always defeat them!"

I smiled. "Thank you, master!"

"Go.Your trial is about to begin!"

"En, I won't disappoint you!"

A blood pillar covered my body and it felt like I was being charged with electricity. After I screamed several times, a blood light rotated around my body and I started to swell. I went from 1.8 meters to over two meters. A chaotic light covered my face, so others could not see my looks clearly anymore. I was scrawny with a bent back. I wore a leather armor with a red scarf over my neck.

I looked much more proper and a lot more evil compared to when I was in Shura form. Moreover, my bent back made me look like my bones were not healthy.Just one look and they would know that I was not a good person.

Nonetheless, it was relatively cool as I seemed quite strong!


[System notification: Congratulations for turning into alevel 35 Exiled One (Super Rare)!Please select the city you would like to descend on!]

No need to think. Linchen County!

In the next second, my body was wrapped in a white light and I charged into the teleportation tunnel. With a loud thud, I smashed onto the land and caused sparks to fly all around me. I was standing on a Linchen County map. A bell rang, signalling the start of another battle


[System Notification: Players, please pay attention;alevel 35 Exiled One (Super Rare Boss) has landed in the Land of the Exiled near Linchen County! Courageous warriors, please head over to kill him and help Xuanyuan Empire clear this demon!]

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