Chapter 47- Three times stats
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Zhan Yue Chapter 47- Three times stats

Morning, breakfast shop by the street.

Each of us drank a bowl of pepper soup and two dough fritters. We ate a mouthful of foodas we drank soup. Although Ah Fei and I were both from Jiangnan, our taste favored Subei, Henan. Especially for breakfast,we hated those dishes that Suzhou people liked eating as they tasted too sweet.

"What plans do you have for today?" He inquired in the middle of eating.

"As usual, level up," I replied.

"Has the Wind Cloud Platform refreshed?"

"It's about to. Once we finish and go back, it'll probably begin again. I looked at it when we came downstairs, and there's around two hours left."

"Then you need to prepare a little!"

He laughed. His gaze scanned the nearby students as he suppressed his laughter. "It's time for us to get rich this morning. The level of the Boss you turn into should be higher, right? Perhaps it's reached Super Rare?"

"Who knows..."I grinned. "Regardless, this morning will be one of massacring."

"Right right right!A morning of massacring~"

Right when we were talking happily, two students, who were eating Chinese crepes, at the side talked softly, "Those two look like noobs, but they actually said that they’re about to massacre people for an entire morning. They're getting so happy about killing mobs.What a joke!"

Ah Fei and I were both annoyed and wanted to prove them wrong right away.


At around eight, we went online!


Along with the flash of white light, I appeared on the Wind Cloud Platform. I looked at the countdown of Wind Cloud Platform. There were twenty minutes left, so I rushed toward the Precious Treasure Pavilion. I still had 20000 contribution points. I was like a person with a large sum of money. I felt uneasy and needed to spend some of it.

Precious Treasure Pavilion.

The morning mist spread about, and many cultivators walked about inside. I saw a teen training his sword in the mist, but having spent a long time here, I was long used to the sight. None of the ladies were normal and they either had their hearts hanging out or they lacked some lim

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