Chapter 47- Three times stats
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Zhan Yue Chapter 47- Three times stats

Morning, breakfast shop by the street.

Each of us drank a bowl of pepper soup and two dough fritters. We ate a mouthful of foodas we drank soup. Although Ah Fei and I were both from Jiangnan, our taste favored Subei, Henan. Especially for breakfast,we hated those dishes that Suzhou people liked eating as they tasted too sweet.

"What plans do you have for today?" He inquired in the middle of eating.

"As usual, level up," I replied.

"Has the Wind Cloud Platform refreshed?"

"It's about to. Once we finish and go back, it'll probably begin again. I looked at it when we came downstairs, and there's around two hours left."

"Then you need to prepare a little!"

He laughed. His gaze scanned the nearby students as he suppressed his laughter. "It's time for us to get rich this morning. The level of the Boss you turn into should be higher, right? Perhaps it's reached Super Rare?"

"Who knows..."I grinned. "Regardless, this morning will be one of massacring."

"Right right right!A morning of massacring~"

Right when we were talking happily, two students, who were eating Chinese crepes, at the side talked softly, "Those two look like noobs, but they actually said that they’re about to massacre people for an entire morning. They're getting so happy about killing mobs.What a joke!"

Ah Fei and I were both annoyed and wanted to prove them wrong right away.


At around eight, we went online!


Along with the flash of white light, I appeared on the Wind Cloud Platform. I looked at the countdown of Wind Cloud Platform. There were twenty minutes left, so I rushed toward the Precious Treasure Pavilion. I still had 20000 contribution points. I was like a person with a large sum of money. I felt uneasy and needed to spend some of it.

Precious Treasure Pavilion.

The morning mist spread about, and many cultivators walked about inside. I saw a teen training his sword in the mist, but having spent a long time here, I was long used to the sight. None of the ladies were normal and they either had their hearts hanging out or they lacked some limbs. They were basically people that I was not interested in. If I had to talk about the top beauty, it would definitely be Lady Yun Yue, but she was high above, so I could just forget about it.

"July Wildfire, what would you like to purchase?" A one-armed beauty greeted me.

"I'll take a look myself." I smiled politely.

She smiled back. "Then I won't disturb you."

Thus, I flipped and looked at the items in the Precious Treasure Pavilion. As the game progressed, the items featured, especially those in the equipment column, increased bit by bit. In fact, there were several pieces of level 55 purple equipment and their stats were so strong. Unfortunately, my level was not enough, and neither were my contribution points. One purple equipment needed hundreds of thousands of contribution points. Moreover, the prices would only continue to increase. Overall, there was no free lunch in the world, so to get top equipment, I must spend large amounts of time and effort to get contribution points.

The Wind Cloud Platform's trial was already a shortcut, but I still felt that it was not enough. The high-grade materials, skillbooks, and equipment in the Precious Treasure Pavilion were really expensive, and I could only take a look.

Not long after, my gaze landed on a purple skillbook and I could not shift my eyes away anymore. Right, this was what I was looking for today.It was really good stuff!

Annihilation (S): Consume 30 energy, ignore 50% of the target's defense, and raise Critical Strike by 30%, dealing 250% attack damage. After the attack, the Critical Strike effect will disappear. Cooldown: 12 seconds. Job required: Assassin. Required level: 30. Contribution points needed: 10000.


This was it, Annihilation!

I sucked in a deep breath, I finally had a skill that could increase Critical Strike.

In truth my current Critical Strike was only a pitiful 4%. Usually, when I fought mobs, I rarely saw any critical hits, but with Annihilation, it would be totally different. With a 30% increase, that would be 34%. That was really high. Three hits and one would be a critical strike!

Even with a price of 10000 contribution points, I did not hesitate and exchanged for it!

Pa ta!

In the next second, the purple skillbook landed in my hands. One could say that it was such a win to get a skillbook like this with just 10000 contribution points.

I learned it right away and Annihilation's icon turned into a purple dagger. Once I learnedthe skill, I excitedly unleashed it in the air!


A purple flame appeared on my Snakebone Blade and I slashed at the sky. It left a scene of things being extinct and wiped out. The special effects were great and the damage was decent, too. If I used it along with White Cloak, it would probably be the highest damage I could dish out. I could deal 500% true damage, and if I activated Critical Strike, this damage would increase by ten, which was just terrifying!

I looked at my skillbar and was satisfied. If I joined the Wind Cloud Platform’s trial this time, since I already got Dragon Will, White Cloak, Annihilation, and Blood Drawing Blade on my person, I could choose three more strong skills, which meant that I could wipe out all those experts from Linchen County.

Right at that moment, a bell notified me that the Wind Cloud Platform’s trial was about to begin. Did I join?

Of course, I did!


A strong wind blew me to the side of the Wind Cloud Platform. Around me were the many younger generationmembers of Black Castle. All of them were pumped up and did not show respect for one another. Only when they looked at me would their eyes be filled with animosity, care, and solemnity. They all knew that I was the reigning champion, and only by beating me could they take over, but it was too bad. These young cultivators from the five outer locations were all smacked by me, such that when I looked at them, I would shout, "Who else is there?"


Two Balls, who was wearing shinyarmor, walked up while he suppressed his laughter. "How's your Ancient Battlefield training?"

"Very good! Thank you, Two Balls."

His face turned black. "If you need help next time, I can still help."

"En en,"I said gratefully. "Thank you, brother!"

He was touched and tears appeared in his eyes. "You really treat me as your brother?"

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"You treat me so well, so of course." I nodded my head. Although I treated Two Balls as aNPC, this NPC did treat me well, so he was worth being my brother.

"That's good."

He wrapped his hand around my shoulder. "We'll be brothers in the future!"

My body sank down and I nearly fell to the ground. I was just an Assassin, sohow could I compare to a Warrior like him? Moreover, he was a Boss while I did not have Boss stats.

"Cough cough..."

Embarrassed, he smiled. "I didn't expect that, before you get the Wind Cloud Platform's power, you’d be so weak."

"You shut up..."I was momentarily speechless. "You'll know how strong I am later."


At this moment, a light veil landed from the sky. It formed into the list of skills that I could choose from, the same as usual.

Apart from Hunter's Edge and Apprehension, there was a skill known as Blood Blade. It could deal 150% damage to a target, and there was a 70% chance that the target would get silenced and be unable to use skills. This skill was not bad, so I decided to bring it with me.

Thus, I exchanged for it. I had Hunter's Edge, Apprehension, and Blood Blade on my skilllist. Let us hope that either Hunter's Edge or Apprehension got dropped. I needed these two skills to help me level up!

Wind Cloud Platform's competition was about to begin!


[System notification: Please pay attention.Due to your stats exceeding the upper limit, the Boss stats buff is now three times!]


A bell rang and I was stunned. The Boss stats buff got lower and lower until it was only three times. Was I really too strong, such that it affected the game balance the system decided to weaken me? It did make sense, though. My Attack was 542.If it increased by seven times, wouldI not have 3800 Attack? If I touched a high-level Paladin, I would be able to insta-skill him. It would be weird if players did not report me!

However, after my stats increased by three times, my Combat strength was still scarily high—

July Wildfire (Undead Assassin)

Level: 31

Attack: 1203-1626 (+8%)

Defense: 1350 (+8%)

Health: 12660

Critical Strike: 4.18%

Comprehension: 97

Charm: 13

Soul Star: 10

Contribution point: 10892

Combat strength: 2532


Attack and Defense were both through the roof. Recently, I obtained too much top equipment. This 1350 Defense was probably something that no one in Linchen County could break. The current players had at most 600-700 Attack. Without armor penetration or true damage, they would not deal more than two digits on me.

However, with only three times increase in stats, my health was a problem. I only had 10000. Truthfully, that was too little. This time, I was a Boss with high attack but a fragile health.

In the air, the cloud ocean turned into Master Ding Heng. He stood with his arms behind his back and said calmly, "Wind Cloud Platform’s battle begins!"

The talented disciples of the five outer locations cheered excitedly.

"This time, I'll make my master proud!"

"Defeat July Wildfire and win back the throne!"

"This time, the Land of Reincarnation will surely win!"


A bunch of people made noises as they looked at me with fighting spirit and passion. I held my daggers and sat on the stone by the side of the Wind Cloud Platform. I said calmly, "Find the strongest out of you before challenging me!"

What I meant was: "All of you are jokes!"

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