Chapter 46- Saying something fierce
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Zhan Yue Chapter 46- Saying something fierce

East Gate square, I passed the equipment and gold to Ah Fei, and he went to sell everything as I strolled around.

"Ah Li, the takeaway is here; go offline at five to eat," he said.

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"I understand."

I nodded my head.The game process today was quite smooth and I worked hard. I had no regrets!


However, a few minutes later, Ah Fei spoke again. "Ah Li, I have something to discuss with you."


"Someone wants the Beastrider Armor; how much do you think we should sell it for?"

"Someone wants it? They want to avoid the auction?"


"Who wants it? Look at his net worth before confirming the price."


He smiled and said, "Someone familiar.A girl called Breaking Dawn Fate.She’s really beautiful.Hehehe..."

"D*mn! Can you not sell it for cheap just because she's beautiful?"

"I'm afraid that I can't control myself. If not, I wouldn't have discussed it with you. If I decided this on my own, I'll have likely sold it for a few hundred."

"No, it's the top armor in the game right now.They'll definitely use it to fight Bosses, so we can't sell it for cheap."

"En, the two of us are discussing it by the church.How about you come eavesdrop and then give me an idea?"


Thus, I strolled over. As expected, Ah Fei and Breaking Dawn Fate were discussing it at the said location. I sat at the side and acted as if I were suntanning.

"What's the highest price you can give?" Ah Fei smiled. "Give a sincere price. This armor is the highest level right now, and there's a market for it.We all understand."

"I know."Breaking Dawn Fate smiled. "How wouldn’t I know the value of such armor now? Still, it’s just transition equipment. Plus, it might just be useful for a few days. Since that’s the case, it’s value will naturally decrease by a lot. That’s why the price I can give you is 2000; I’ll pay it upfront."

"2000?"Ah Fei laughed. "That isn't good, is it? This top armor is only worth 2000? Beautiful Fate, don't think that I don't know. Your Breaking Dawn is planning to clear the Boss in the Green Ghost Forest.Without the defense from this armor, do you think it'll be easy?"

"You..." Breaking Dawn Fate got furious.

Ah Fei giggled. "I'm speaking the truth. Iheard that Breaking Dawn had invested over a million to be first in Linchen County.Will you even bother about this bit of money? One has to know that if the frontline can't tank enough, the strategy will fail. Especially if you meet a Boss like that Lightning Rider Assassin again, you’ll definitely fail!"

"This..."The final sentence hurt Breaking Dawn Fate badly, her expression turning solemn. "A-At most... At most 3000."

I told Ah Fei, "5000!"

"No, at least 5000!" Ah Fei said right away.

"You're conning me..." Breaking Dawn Fate frowned. "Why not 4000? I'm sincere enough. If you continue to raise the price, this trade is about to fail."

I said right away, "Ah Fei, hold on for a little longer."

"En,"Ah Fei said. "Beautiful Fate, let's do 5000.Actually, this isn’t mine, and my friend just asked me to sell it. He told me that the lowest he can take is 5000. Since you’re saying 4000, you’re really forcing my hand!"

"Then... 4500?" Breaking Dawn Fate gritted her teeth and was about to give up.

I nodded right away. "Ah Fei, deal!"

"Okay, deal!" Ah Fei laughed and took out the Beastrider Armor.

Breaking Dawn Fate felt helpless, knowing that the price was too high, but she still bought it.

She went to the official trading channel and instantly 4500 entered Ah Fei's pocket. Halfof that sum directly entered my WeChat;I felt rich!


"You win..."

Breaking Dawn Fate looked at Ah Fei with grievances in her eyes before leaving. A few Breaking Dawn members received her.

Ah Fei looked at me and said, "That girl... is actually pretty good.She’s skilled as well as gentle and pretty. Unfortunately, I heard that she has someone she likes. Otherwise—"

"Either way, it doesn't concern you." I interrupted him. "Stop liking just anyone you see. There are so many beautiful girls; can you collect them all?"

"Once fate comes, then I'll grab it. I don't care what the outcome is; couldn't I just live with no regrets and have an unforgettable memory?" He was dazed.

"...Scram!" I was momentarily speechless. "Use your words to lie to girls, not me."

"Hahaha!You really have no EQ. You really make me wanna beat you up!"

At that moment, ten or so people walked over, and among them were a few familiar faces. They were Wine and Poems and Fenghua Shizhang. Wang Siyu was also present.

"August End!"

Wine and Poems frowned. "Who was that person who killed us? What're you doing?Did you call him over?"

"What does that have to do with me?"

Ah Fei replied lazily, "A Boss suddenly dealt with all of you.What does that have to do with me?"


Only Shooting God stared at me coldly. "ThatBoss hit me until my Health was really low so that you could get the final hit. What's going on? Are you treating us as fools?"

Wine and Poems said, "August End, apologize now and return the equipment that I dropped. I'll allow you to continue in Linchen County; if not, then you won't have a place anymore."

"I can't return the equipment; I've already sold it."

Ah Fei smiled coldly. "I'd like to see what you could do to me."

"What?!" shouted Wine and Poems. "Fine! You just have to hide in a safe zone and not head out as I'll ensure that you die whenever you head out. If you don't believe me, then you can try!"

"Why will I head out?"Ah Fei asked back confidently. "It's time for me to sleep."

"You..."Wang Siyu laughed coldly. "This is all you have."

"Right! Of course, I don't have as many skills as a bitch like you. Goodbye!"

Ah Fei went offline and then said, "Ah Li, come offline to eat something. Our quest ends here."


I turned my back to the few of them as I did not want Wang Siyu to recognize me. After all, this character was too weak and people might laugh at me for it. Moreover, I did not dare to transform in the city. Once the Shura descended, the NPCs would chop me up into pieces. After all, I was a member of Black Castle, and on the surface, we were enemies with Xuanyuan Empire's cities. When I was in Shura form, Linchen County guards' names would turn red.

I turned around, entered the church, shattered a City Return Scroll. Magic instantly wrapped me up and brought me back to Black Castle. Once I was there, I went offline.


As I took off my helmet, I felt famished.

I wolfed down the food Ah Fei ordered with him. My left hand had barbecue while my right held beer. As we ate, Ah Fei said, "I'm angry. I lost a level and might not even reach thirty tomorrow. I might not be able to use that level 30 staff you gave me."

"That's okay.Train well, and you should be able to reach level 30. After all, Mages level up really quickly."


He nodded. "Right, Wine and Poems said that he wants to deal with me.Will he not let me head out of the city?Why not... come to Linchen County and deal with them?"

"How's that possible?"I frowned and asked. "I don't have to level? You don't have to worry too much. Those things are just arrogant words; they don't have so many people to guard you.Plus, you can head out from different gates and train in different maps. It won’t be easy for them to locate you."


He sucked in a deep breath and said, "I checked and Wine and Poems just moved into Suzhou. He set up a guild at the latter parts of Destiny called For Dreams and even recruited a bunch of people to work for him. They're strong.Even though they can't compare to Breaking Dawn, they're nearly there."

"What?" I was shocked. "He did?"


He laughed out loud. "Although Wine and Poems isn't that strong, he's rich. I heard that his family has mines. Now, you know why Wang Siyu broke up with you. She’s climbed the ladder..."

I was speechless. "It doesn't matter. I didn't like her at all. Since she chased what she truly wanted, why should I stop her? Besides, if I didn’t have a fightwith my dad, what would his family owning mines amount to?"

"En?"He looked at me. "If I didn’t know better, I’d say Little Brother Ah Li's father is Ma Yun!"

"Scram! Hahaha~"


After eating my fill, I washed up and went to bed.

At night, I layin bed but suddenly did not feel too tired. I looked up at the ceiling and thought of my experiences, My head felt a little heavy and my past memory became slightly blurry. The energy in my body surged through it all.My pores opened and I absorbed... the night air?

Recently, not only was my mind iffy, even my body had become weird...


Early in the morning of the next day, I woke up.

I felt great and sat up to stretch. I heard my joints creakingas I felt my muscles surging with power. This made me suspicious.That was right; I had not exercised in a long time. How did I feel that my bones had changed?

I looked at my palms.The patterns were really clear and were filled with life. This pair of hands looked really good!

A pair of hands that I could not explain~


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