Chapter 45- Wine and Poems
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Zhan Yue Chapter 45- Wine and Poems


I heaved a sigh of relief. My equipment was basically all settled. One Super Rare-, five Rare- and two Precious-grade equipment. Such equipment would probably shock a whole bunch of people on the outside. One could foresee that the next Wind Cloud Platform's trial would be the time for me to start a massacre.

I was all pumped up and instantly opened the Achievement System. The moment I opened it, I was swept into another world. Looking out, smoke and clouds circled and a giant whirlpool covered the sky. There were sounds from the heavens, which suddenly made me really calm and clear-headed.


[System notification: Congratulations for completing second achievement, Transcend!Obtained rewards: Charm +2, gold +50;additional reward: Slaughter Cape (Super Rare)!]


"Super Rare?"

I could not believe my eyes. I hurriedly opened my bag, and as expected, a red cape lay in there quietly. This was a Super Rare cape. Coincidentally, I did not have a cape, so I glanced at the stats and was ecstatic—

<Slaughter Cape> (Super Rare)

Defense: 85

Agility: +42

Strength: +40

Special Effect: Dodge +20

Bonus: Raise Attack by 5%.

Bonus: Raise Defense by 5%.

Level required: 30


As expected from a piece of Super Rare, dark blue equipment. Let us not talk about the double 80 stats; there were two bonus ratio stats, too. This should be the strongest equipment currently.


Following my confirmation that I would equip it, a blood-colored cape fluttered on my back. I looked really handsome and it felt like I was a wandering Assassin. This and my Shura image was a perfect match. Just one look and one would feel that I was not to be messed with!

"Challenger,"that deep, old voice rang out once more, "you've completed two challenges.Next is the third one: Riches, obtain 10000 gold!"

"Ten thousand?"

I was lost. How was that possible? A gold was equivalent to a hundred dollars right now, so was ten thousand of gold not a million? With how poor I was right now, this was just too difficult. It seemed like this achievement would not be completed so soon. I had to wait for a time when gold devalued.

Just set it aside and handle it slowly.

In the nextsecond, I was teleported out of the Achievement System space and appeared on the Ancient Battlefield. However, it was impossible for me to continue as I had used up most of my durability. If I continued, I would lose my equipment’s stats and I might get insta-killed by the monsters. Moreover, since the achievement to top the server was done, it was time to stop!

Thus, I carried my dagger and returned from where I came from.

When I passed the breach, the Purgatory Lion Chief was lying there. He wore a collar around his neck. Presently, he was propping his head with his arms from behind. He looked at me and asked, "Kid, you are leaving?"

"Yes."I nodded my head respectfully. "Senior, thank you!"

"No need to thank me."

He added, "You are stealing an opportunity. If Zhang Xiaoshan finds out, he won't let you off, so you must keep everything that happened here a secret."

"Understood.Thank you!"

I turned around and left. After going up the mountain path, I shouted toAh Fei, "Ah Fei, I have something for you to sell and also some gold. When are you returning to the city?"

"After I finish these monsters; what about you?"

"I'll come over right away.Let's meet at the old place."



I quickly repaired my equipment and headed tothe Heaven and Earth Pavilion. After teleporting, I carried my daggers and charged at Linchen County.

I avoided the crowds, and when I spotted Linchen County, I changed into my human identity. I was dressed in cloth and walked into the city, but at that moment, Ah Fei cursed. "D*mn, this bunch of dogs!"

"What happened?"

"Someone killed me and I lost a level. My Precious-grade gloves dropped.D*mn!"

"Who did you?" I frowned.

"That fellow who was tenth on the Level Ranking Board!"


I opened Linchen County's Leaderboard and the one at tenth was still the same; it was an Assassin called Wine and Poems!

"Ah Li, go sell the stuff yourself.Don't come as they're guarding my body."

"They're actually doing that?"

My eyes turned cold. "Then don't revive in the city. Wait for me, I want to see who this Wine and Poems is to be so arrogant enough to start player-killing near Linchen County."

"Don't come.They've got so many people.Plus... you know one of them."

"Who? Send me the coordinates!" I said calmly.

"Anyway, it's someone familiar... Fragrant Forest east of the city.Coordinates are 189, 4772!"

"These coordinates.. That's the city entrance. #$Q(Q&!"

I turned around and walked out. "Wait for me; I want to see who I know that actually killed you."

"Okay, but be mentally prepared."


Not long after leaving the city, I charged into the forest and changed my identity. A black light descended from above which shocked the land. Shura Assassin landed in Linchen County and I instantly entered Stealth. After passing a small forest, I saw a bunch of people.

On the ground was a corpse.This was Ah Fei and beside him were four people: a Warrior, an Archer, a Mage, and a Priest. The Warrior was Wine and Poems and he looked a little familiar. The Archer and Mage were 25 years old; as for the Priest, she wore a white robe and looked quite good. She was too familiar. Wasthis not my ex Wang Siyu?

Wine and Poems should be her new boyfriend—that rich man I met at the mall!

However, for him to actually create such a name, that did not look right.


Wine and Poems stepped on Ah Fei's head and asked, "August End? I know you haven't revived in the city, so you can hear my voice. Weren't you really arrogant last time? Why aren't you arrogant now? You’re just lying in front of me like a dead dog. Why don't you jump up and bite me? Hahaha~"

The Archer, who was called Only Shooting God, laughed. "He's already a dead dog, so how can he jump? Even if he jumps, I will just shoot him once more and stew him."

"Shush!"The Mage called Fenghua Shizhang laughed. "Dogs are so cute; how can we stew him? I think we should cut him bit by bit to eat hotpot."


The bunch of them laughed nonstop.

On the side, Wang Siyu frowned. "Ah Fei, don't blame me. Just blame Lu Li and you for scolding us in public. You lost a level today because of that, so you really can't blame anyone."

"D*mn!"Ah Fei grumbled. "She's the one who started it, yet now she's acting as if she's in right?"

I nodded. "Shush. I'm about to attack."

"Okay, help me wipe them out! My soul was already in place. Leave the Archer. He was the one who killed me; I want to revive and kill him!"



I sucked in a deep breath. If I did not help Ah Fei take revenge, then what kind of a guy would I be?

At this moment, I was already behind Wine and Poems. He was a fully equipped level 29 Warrior with Strength added to Health, so he should have more than 5000 Health. It was either I refrained from attacking or I should killhim instantly. If not, Wang Siyu would have a chance to heal him.

Thus, I could only use extreme methods!

I waited for roughly thirty minutes, and finally Wine and Poems turned around and faced the Mage. This was my chance; I shifted behind them and attacked!

Basic attack plus Backstab!

"Someone is sneak attacking us!"

Wine and Poems shouted and turned around.

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Alas, before he could fully turn around, I used White Cloak and disappeared into the wind. I then spread my fingers and a golden dragon energy swelled up. Golden rune patterns wrapped around me and a dragon’s roar was heard.

Dragon Will!

This was Dragon Will used after White Cloak, so the true damage was 200%. As a result, I was able to deal six times the damage!




After two loud sounds, Wine and Poems and Fenghua Shizhang were both killed.


Only Shooting God was shocked and he retreated, but I dashed forwardand stunned him to the ground. I did not kill him and let him live. I used Quickness and headed to Wang Siyu.

"Ah?! You..."

He looked at me in my Shura body and showed a terrified expression. My ID was shown as ??? above my head, so she could not see it. "You?! What do you want to do..."

"Stop the nonsense.Die, b*tch!"

My daggers crossed and I slashed her. At the same time, I dashed at Only Shooting God and did not give him a chance to escape. I used a stab to reducehis health. I shouted, "Ah Fei, revive!"


Light descended and Ah Fei revived on the spot. He used Fireball to kill the Archer.

"Feels good!"He laughed coldly. "Revenge really tastes sweet!"

"Pick the items and use a City Return Scroll," I said. "Don't try to save money."

"I understand."

In the end, Wine and Poems dropped Precious-grade leggings, while the others did not drop anything. Not bad.Once Ah Fei returned to the city, I entered Stealth again and also came to the city. I switched to my human form and walked in with an innocent smile. A few players by the east gateall started dissing me—

"Tsk, what's got that rookie so happy about?!"


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