Chapter 44- Top in server
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Zhan Yue Chapter 44- Top in server

"Cheating demon, come out and die!"

He spun around with his axe and flames rose up around him. "This time, Aidar tribe won’t fail!"


A cold wind ripped across the sky. I used a basic attack plus Backstab to hit his back!



The damage numbers were still okay, which meant that I could kill this Boss. After using Backstab, I retreated and predicted his reaction, and as expected, the Boss moved mechanically. He turned around to hack me with his axe.


Flames wrapped around the Snakebone Blade and I used Gouge right on the Boss's head. Stun success. He was just five levels higher than I was, so there was not much level suppression. Right after Gouge succeeded, I spun about behind the Boss. For some reason, after I entered Illusionary Moon, my movement and mechanics felt really smooth as if it came right from my heart. I was much stronger than before.

Basic attack plus Backstab!

Another series of skills was unleashed. The Snakebone Blade in my right hand disappeared, and what replaced it was a palm containing golden energy. Ancient runes floated in the air and a dragon roared. The palm smacked onto the Boss before he could turn around.

Dragon Will!


After that palm, the Beastrider Leader successfully turned around. He was much quicker when he used Side Slash, so it hit my left dagger!


What a strong damage. Before I retreated, the Boss roared and gave out a red light. An AOE energy wave formed beneath his feet, and instantly my health dropped by 1000+. I was left with 50%. If he landed another set, I would be killed.

At that instant, my energy recovered to the point that I could use White Cloak. With a flash, I disappeared into the wind. While I entered forced Stealth, I took out a potion and shoved it into my mouth. I retreated dozens of meters and created distance between us so that I would have more time to regenerate energy.

Two skills and one Dragon Will used up my 100 energy. Even if my skills were off cooldown, I wouldbe unable to do anything, for without energy, I could not use any of my skills.

"Come out you coward!"

The Boss roared angrily and he slashed down with his axe.

I hid in the air and looked as my energy bar returned to full. I charged and activated Blood Drawing Blade. I had to get some lifesteal; if not, I might get insta-killed. After I activated it, I launched a fierce Backstab onto the Boss.



When Backstab was used after White Cloak, its damage would increaseby a lot. I took away a large chunk of the Boss's health and also absorbed a large amount of health at once. I then used a basic attack before retreating. I predicted that the Boss would turn around before using Gouge, so I added a basic attack and Backstab to control the tempo of the battle perfectly.

After this series of attacks, the Boss's health had dropped to 78% while I was back to full health. Right when the Boss wanted to attack, I used Quickness. I relied on my movement speed to leave his range as I waited for my energy to recover. I had no choice. Assassins had to kite Warriors. If I lost the tempo, it would mean that I would be killed. After all, for people of the same level, Assassins would never be able to deal with Warriors.

I dashed while looking at my skill cooldown. White Cloak was at sixty seconds and I had to save it in case that Boss unleashed his third skill!

Thus, I kited the Beastrider Leader around and used Gouge-basic-attack-Backstab-Quickness combo to reduce his health. Although I would be attacked and was even close to death, I was able to use my movement and mechanics to survive.

Just like that, ninety seconds had passed, and the Beastrider Leader's healthbar was nearing its end.


His body was covered in red and flames burned brightly; he was like a crab that was being barbecued. He shouted in rage, "D*mn, you have totally infuriated me! Come, feel the power of the wilderness, Beast Stampede!"


A red star rose from underneath his legs, and shortly after, a bunch of beasts roared. A huge swarm of beasts, tigers, leopards, elephants, bears, and even mammoths appeared. They covered a fifty-yard region. There was no way to dodge at all; this was an AOE attack!

Not good!

My heart felt cold and I tried to retreat. I raised my hand and activated Quickness and White Cloak right away. Now, I hoped that White Cloak was strong enough to avoid some damage!

A second later, as expected, White Cloak had a 100% damage avoidance system. Although the timing was short, around one to two seconds, it still allowed me to avoid many of the attacks. My body was translucent as I flew backward. After a bear smacked me away, I crawled and rolled to get out of Beast Stampede's region.

"How dangerous..."

I looked at the sceneand felt a little terrified. I gulped down a potion, and after I got out of battle, I entered Stealth once more. My body still had White Cloak's attack buff.

Close to ten seconds later.

Beast Stampede stopped. The Boss held the axe and stood proudly in the field. He hollered in rage, "Cunning demon, come out you coward!"

I got close and used a series of moves on him. Backstab and basic attack dealt thousands of damage to him and directly removed his last bit of health!

"Wu wa!How can I die just like this..."

He fell and dropped a bunch of gold and equipment. A golden light landed on my body and I was finally level 31. What was more surprising was that I was the first player to reach level 31. Shortly after, I received the Achievement System notification!

Forget it.Look at the Boss rewards first and then the Achievement System!


The Boss dropped a total of 17 gold. The amount was not a lot, but it was not little, too. To the current level of players, this was a large sum. As for equipment, three dropped:an exquisite looking blue staff which looked like a snake, a grey armor which did not look good, and a light blue ring which made my heartbeat accelerate.

I looked at the staff and the stats appeared in front of my eyes. As expected, I was not disappointed—

<Snake Staff> (Rare)

Magic Attack: 40-65

Magic Power: +21

Stamina: +20

Bonus: Raise users Magic Attack by 2%.

Level required: 30


Not bad. I should keep it since Ah Fei could use it. Moreover, he should reach level 30 tomorrow and would then be able to use this for some time. Now, for the second one, that grey armor looked like it had no shine at all. However, the moment its stats appeared, I was shocked!

<Beastrider Armor> (Rare)

Type: Armor

Defense: 54

Strength: +22

Stamina: +21

Bonus: Raise user's Defense by 3%.

Level required: 30


This was a top-grade armor, and it was definitely one of the best. Level 30 blue equipment should be what players like Lin Xi and Feng Canghai needed. If I auctioned it off in Linchen County, I would definitely fetch a good price.

At last, my eyes landed on the blue ring. The ring was a rare item.InIllusionary Moon, rings and necklaces were the hardest to drop. This was also the first ring that I had dropped until now. I saw that many people in Linchen County were fully equipped, only their necks and fingers were empty. One could see how very low drop rate for such equipment.

I lowered my head and looked at the ring. It was totally blue and looked like it was made of steel. A cow horn pattern was chiseled on it, and it gave out a vengeful energy. I waved it and stats appeared—

<Cow Horn Ring> (Rare)

Strength: +24

Agility: +22

Special effect: Critical Strike +0.2%

Bonus: Raise user's Attack by 3%.

Level required: 30



I slapped my thighs and was delighted. This ring looked like it was custom-made for me. It added two stats, Strength and Agility, which were both suitable for me. Strength could turn to Attack, and Agility could increase attack speed, Critical Strike, Attack, Defense, and movement speed. Those were the best stats for me, and the higher they went, the stronger I would be!

Apart from that was the 0.2% Critical Strike increase. This was what made me delighted. Critical Strike was the trump card of the Assassin job, and who knew that a Critical Strike effect would appear in a piece of blue equipment? Although it was just 0.2%, it was better than nothing. Moreover, there was a 3% overall attack increase, which meant that none of the stats on the ring went to waste. The heavens were helping me!

Pa ta!

I wore the ring. There were two ring spots in the equipment column. Right now, one was still empty.

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The Cow Horn Ring shone blue as power seeped into my fingers, which made me feel like power was being accumulated. The effect of my stats increasing felt relatively real.

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