Chapter 43- Level 35 Rare Boss
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Zhan Yue Chapter 43- Level 35 Rare Boss

"For Aidar Tribe's glory!"

Along with a furious roar, three Beastrider souls woke up. A wolf and a bear all charged at me. The Beastriders and the others shared Health,but they were considered as three individuals, and with these three level 33 Rare monsters attacking me at the same time, I had to face them seriously.

I entered Stealth.

Right when they charged at me, I lifted my hand and used Staggering Blow to stun one of them. My body moved quickly to avoid two Pounce attempts and flicked my dagger to Gouge the Beastrider in front of me. I circled around him and used a basic attack plus Backstab. This was when I was hit by the third Beastrider; fortunately, I had 300 Defense, so he only did around 500 damage.

I rotated around them, and after I used a basic attack to kill one Beastrider, I equipped Blood Drawing Blade and White Cloak. My body suddenly disappeared, and when I reappeared, Backstab landed on the second Beastrider's body!



One must say that the 200% true damage after White Cloak was just too strong. Moreover, Blood Drawing Blade recovered 835 Health. I launched another series of attacks to deal with the second Beastrider. As such, the Beastrider who got stunned by Staggering Blow was not a problem anymore. I used Blood Drawing Blade to randomly hit and end him.

In the end, after killing the third Beastrider, my health returned to fullbar!

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Blood Drawing Blade plus White Cloak, the damage and recovery effects were a perfect match!



Right as the third Beastrider knelt, his body exploded and turned into a blood light. Under his shattered bones, a light blue dagger fell to the ground. My heartbeat quickened. What a coincidence.It actually dropped a blue dagger for me? I picked it ,up and all of a sudden my heart rate quickened—

<Blade of the Beastrider> (Rare)

Attack: 36-58

Agility: +23

Strength: +22

Level required: 30


These stats were even stronger than my current Snakebone Blade. As for the Water Pattern Dagger in my left hand, they were not even on the same level. Unfortunately, the level required was thirty, and I was still some way away from it, but I was not too far and would definitely reach it today.

I tossed Blade of the Beastrider into my bag and continued killing monsters!

I obtained large amounts of experience while summoning my system spirit. With a shua, her beautiful body appeared in the air and she circled around me. She smiled. "Master, why did you summon me?"

"How is the drop rate decided?" I asked.

She blinked. "It depends on the monster's drop rate along with your Charm."


I looked at my 11 Charm and smiled. "Little Shu, then how much does my 11 Charm add for me?"

"As for that..."She pursed her lips and smiled. "That’s secret data; I don't know~"

"Okay, then."

I recalled the little secretary and started to train. At the same time, I asked Ah Fei and learned that the top person in Linchen County's Leaderboard was already at level 30. Those people were all so quick; fortunately, I was not slow, either.

Over an hour later, following a streak of light, I reached level 29!

Continue to work hard; get to level 30!

After which, the Beastrider souls dropped a few more pieces of equipment. They were all Strong- and Precious-grade equipment, but there were no traces of blue equipment. That was understandable as blue equipment was rare and had a low drop rate. It was even harder for normal monsters to drop them, so it was probably at one in ten thousand for me to get a level 30 dagger.

I was just too lucky today.




The second golden light descended and I was finally level 30! Moreover, at that moment, the Ancient Bracelet buzzed and a sharp bell rang in my ears—


[System notification: Congratulations!Your Ancient Bracelet has evolved!]


I was surprised and took a look. As expected, the stats and quality of the Ancient Bracelet both increased—

<Ancient Bracelet> (Super Rare)

Defense: 65

Agility: +42

Strength: +40

Property: Can evolve.

Property: No level restriction.

Property: Can provide 200 units of storage space.

Special effect: Has recognized a master.


Super Rare!

I confirmed it multiple times before being certain that its quality was Super Rare and not Rare. The name itself turned dark blue and it was not light blue. It was probably the first Super Rare on the server, right? The stats were quite insane; Agility and Strength were both 82. At the current stage, the best rare equipment added 40 points each at most. This was a huge increase!

What was more; with it providing 200 units of storage space, this could be compared to a godly item!


I looked at the new stats of the Ancient Bracelet and thought about how it had helped me comprehend the Dragon Will skill. This bracelet was really mysterious and I could not understand it at all. Moreover, I had it when I just entered the game besides the Shura Secret Codex and the Achievement Manual. Why did I get things that others did not have?

Was I a person chosen by the heavens?

Though I analyzed it deeply, I still had no inkling, so I told myself to forget it. I just had to be invincible! Thus, I took out the Blade of the Beastrider, which I got not long ago and equipped it, replacing the Water Pattern Dagger with it. Thus, along with the Ancient Bracelet's stat increase, my stats had reached a new level—

July Wildfire (Undead Assassin)

Level: 30

Attack: 339-442

Defense: 355 (+3%)

Health: 4120

Critical Strike: 3.31%

Comprehension: 97

Charm: 11

Soul Star: 10

Contribution point: 24892

Combat strength: 622


Now, it was not a stretch to say that my stats could allow me to sweep many people. Attack and Defensewere nearly invincible at the current stage and my healthbar was pretty long. Moreover, along with me adding Agility, my Critical Strike rate had reached 3.31%. In future battles, this Critical Strike Rate might be the key to winning.

I felt delighted. Now that my speed of killing monsters had increased, without needing to drink potions, I could solo four to five Beastrider souls at once!


A message came from my good friend, August End, and Ah Fei's voice was heard. "Ah Li, can you receive this message?"


"You actually can?" He was shocked. "Your human account ID is dark and it shows that you are offline, but you can actually receive the message?"

"Yes, I can.It seems like messages are shared."

"D*mn!"He smiled. "It’s already twelve.Do you want to eat some barbecue? I'm hungry."

I looked at my experience bar and replied, "No no. I will continue leveling. You go eat, and just bring me some buns and lamb skewers on your way back."

"Forget it then; I won't go, either. I’ll order delivery and we can eat after you finish leveling."

"You aren't sleeping today?"

"You’re staying up, so how can I?" He laughed out loud. "As good brothers, we must be united!"

"More importantly, I think you want to level up too, right? What level are you now?" I asked.

"Level 28.Isn't that still okay?" He laughed.

I was stunned. "Yes, it is. I didn't expect you to level so quickly. Ah Fei, you’ve changed. In the past, you only cared about women; who knew that you would become serious at gaming..."

He said seriously, "Ah Li, Old Han isn't here anymore; you're my only brother left. If I don't treat our hard work with respect and seriousness, then there's really no point in me living..."

"Why does it suddenly sound like you are flirting, you scum?" I asked.

"D*mn..."He was momentarily speechless. "I forced some emotions out, but you spoiled it just like that. #Q()$(Q!"

"Scram! I'm going to level!"

"HAHAHAHA~ I'm going to level, too!"


Just like that, I trained until two in the morning. At this point, my experience bar was at 97%, but the Achievement System did not show that I had obtained something. Lin Xi and Feng Canghai were both at level 30, so that was weird. Did someone already reach level 32? That was a bit too much...

At that moment, numerous remnant souls in front of me roared and gave out an ear-piercing scream. They appeared to be scared, and all of them were swept up, congealing into a ball. After the light flickered, a monster holding an axe appeared within. His limbs were really strong and his muscles protruded all around. His lower body was that of a crab and many spikes grew all over. His eight legs were really tough and he just looked like that to me.

"Ignorant brat, today, you’re going to die!"

He roared in rage, "You shouldn't have come here; you shouldn't have provoked Aidar's elites.Now, prepare to die!"


I retreated several steps.This was actually a Boss? This felt weird.. I was always the Boss in the past, but now I was the one fighting a Boss? Boss gave large amounts of experience; maybe it could help me top the entire server!

I raised my head and obtained the Boss's stats—

Beastrider Leader (Rare Boss)

Level: 35

Attack: 450-650

Defense: 300

Health: 50000

Skill: Beast Roar, Side Slash, Beast Stampede

Introduction: One of the Beastrider's leaders and the chief of the ancient tribe. After the entire race was wiped out on the Ancient Battlefield, his soul did not rest as he searched for chances to return to the human world.


Level 35 Rare Boss!

I entered Stealth and smiled. "He's so weak.These stats are so much worse than whenever I'm a Boss."

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