Chapter 42- Beastrider
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Zhan Yue Chapter 42- Beastrider

I returned to the Wind Cloud Platform.


"En?" Ding Heng appeared in the clouds. "What is up?"

"Can I head to Ancient Battlefield to train?" I asked.


"Why?" I was baffled.

"Black Castle's Ancient Battlefield has many good opportunities and treasures, so it isoff-limits and guarded by Elder Zhang Xiaoshan. Each cultivator needs clearance to enter and there is a limit. You just used your chance to form your soul, so wait a while."

I was helpless. "Is that so..."

"You can sit down and continue to cultivate," he said.

"Okay, then."

I left the Wind Cloud Platform. It seemed like I could not head to Ancient Battlefield for now. Was he forcing me to leave Black Castle and train outside? However, the monsters outside might not be suitable for me!

Right at that moment, a low roar came from the forest. Someone pounced at me, their sharp claws shining coldly!

Sneak attack?

I sank down and used my dagger to block. Keng! I blocked the claw attack and I slashed with my right dagger, hitting the attacker's stomach. My assailant was sent several meters back. I raised my head; it was the Purgatory Lion!

"Two Balls?"

I was stunned. "Why did you sneak attack me?"

He was calm. "As expected from July Wildfire who has won the Wind Cloud Platform so many times, you're actually able to block my sneak attack!"

Facing this confident Purgatory Lion, I was annoyed. "Scram! I'm not in a good mood today!"

He laughed. "What is going on?"

Thus, I told him about Ancient Battlefield.

The moment I said that, Two Balls squinted and smiled. "Actually, if you want to enter... there's a possibility."


I was pumped up. "Tell me, how can I get to enter?"

"There are two ways: One is through the front door by getting Zhang Xiaoshan’s permission. Unfortunately, that old fellow is impartial so it's quite impossible. Another is through a back door. There was a soul revolt on the Ancient Battlefield a few hundred years ago and a corner of its ancient restrictions was broken. No one has been able to repair it even now, so a strong beast is always sent to guard it. In this generation, the beast guarding it is a Purgatory Lion whom everyone calls the Saint Beast!"

As he said that, he lifted his chest and gazed at him smugly.

"He is a quasi Saint Beast, but what does it have to do with you?" I could not help but diss him.

His eyes opened wide. "It perhaps has nothing to do with me, but the key is that he is the Purgatory Lion race’s current leader and also my second uncle!"

"S-Second... second uncle..."

My expression changed. "Second uncle is so strong!"

As I said that, I placed my arm around his shoulders and smiled. "Two Balls, ask him to let me enter. I need to train there!"


He glanced at me. "Didn't someone say that it's got nothing to do with me?"

"No no no." I laughed. "You are really important; you're the most important person."

"Tsk!That's more like it."

He spoke proudly. "Wait a moment, then. I need to go to his house and steal a token, but if things go south, you mustn't say that it’s me who’s taken it!"

"You... What if you get noticed?"

"Don't worry; my second auntloves me. I grew up on her milk."


Two Balls was really decisive; he disappeared just like that. In just ten minutes, he returned with a green token and his expression was really solemn. "July Wildfire, you must remember that I took this risk because I see you as a friend. If things go south, you can't sabotage me.

"You have Wind Cloud Platform Elder Ding protecting you, while I don't have..."

"I know; don't worry!"

I held the token and instantly felt confident. I walked towarda breach near the mountain range, and ahead, the World Ender’s light flickered. Energy was being lost here and a storm was blowing outside. This was the place, the World Ender breach.

"I'm leaving.Good luck!"

Two Balls turned around and disappeared into the forest.

I took a deep breath. I must do some things. If I continued cultivating like clockwork, I would probably be unable to complete the second achievement in the Achievement Manual.


A cold wind blew as I walked towardthe breach with daggers in hand. When I was near it, my heart started beating rapidly. I felt a really majestic aura locking down at me and I actually could not move at all.

"Teen, what do you want to do?"

A low voice came from above. The moment I lifted my head, I saw a muscular guy sitting there while holding a waraxe. Behind him, the image of a golden lion flashed. This aura was like that of a king looking down on the world, which made it hard for me to breathe, but his neck had a red collar locking him down and it connected him to the mountain body.

He was sealed here?

I was shocked. Although this was a quasi Saint Beast, he was sealed in Black Castle just like this. How strong was the one who had sealed him then? Moreover, looking from another viewpoint, although the Purgatory Lion had a place in Black Castle, such that their chief was in charge of guarding the Ancient Battlefield, the people here actually did notcompletely trust the Purgatory Lion race. If not, they would not have to seal their chief.

I looked at this middle-aged man and felt fear, but I did not show it on my face. I acted calm, but in fact I was panicking inside. I tossed the token to him and said, "I want to enter the Ancient Battlefield!"


He catched it, sniffing at it and scoffing coldly. "That brat!"

As he said that, he raised his head and looked at me. "Go in, but this place isn't controlled by Zhang Xiaoshan and the souls are really unstable. Come out when you face danger. If not, once you die, you shall bear the consequences."

"I know.Thank you, senior!"

After bowing, I made a beeline for the World Ender breach ahead and set foot on the Ancient Battlefield.


Hu hu hu~

On the battlefield, strong gusts of wind ravaged the area as streaks of lightning shot down. Behind me was the only breach in the region. I walked onward for some time. Eventually, the storm stopped. I saw corpses and weapons all around me. It was as if time had stopped as nothing moved. There were only many chariots and armor that had silently lain here through the annals of time.

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I entered Stealth. Being carefulwas of utmost importance.

Right in front of me, many red arrows were stuck to the ground. The tip of those arrows radiated with mysterious power. It was obvious that they were arrows with inscriptions. Beneath them were many corpses, with some holding shields peppered in arrows. I could not help but imagine the battle that had occured here many years ago.

Si si~

Many souls flew up from the corpses and formed monsters with holes for eyes. In my field of vision, their level was displayed as ‘???’. No, they exceeded mine by a lot. If I offended them, then I would not be training;they would be the ones leveling up!

I headed right and avoided Zhang Xiaoshan's position.

Not long after, I found a valley which was covered in beast corpses. Some were leopards, others tigers, and several humans with bones bearing tattoos. These were a bunch of humans who could command beasts to fight. When their souls rose, I knew that I could train this time!

Beastrider's Remnant Soul (Rare monster)

Level: 33

Attack: 125-300

Defense: 145

Health: 3250

Skill: Pounce, Whip, Fierce Strike

Introduction: The wandering soul of a Beastrider. This one died on the battlefield and is unable to return home. After millions of years, this Beastrider became a vengeful spirit who desires the destruction of everything.


This type of monster was five levels higher than me, which was just nice. That was my current limit. Five levels provided enough experience. As the opponents’ stats could not suppress me, I found them less dangerous. I stretched, walked behind one of them, and used a basicattack plus Backstab!



I broke his defense!

This time was much better than when I last came to the Ancient Battlefield. Previously, each attack dealt only 200 to 300 damage;presently, I dealt much more damage. Thus, when the Beastrider was about to whip me, I used Gouge and then followed it up with a basic attack plus Backstab!



Backstab critical hit! The remnant soul was directly dispersed by me!


Upon death, the Beastrider’s remnant soul dropped 1 silver and some copper. A chestplate also dropped. I picked it up and saw that this could be found in shops, so it was quite useless to me. However, this showed that equipment could drop here. This was totally different from last time; was it because... I was on a quest so I was killing quest monsters?

That was possible.

Forget about it. With experience and drop rate being quite high, this was now my playground!


From the side, a Beastrider commanded a leopard, which was only left with bones, to charge at me. The leopard’s body shone with red light and it looked really strong, but I had nothing to fear; I used Dragon Will and was able to force it back. I then used Gouge plus Backstab and disposed of the monster easily.


My experience bar jumped; this place was truly perfect for training!

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