Chapter 41- Brand new
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Zhan Yue Chapter 41- Brand new


A white light covered my entire body and I felt as if each of my cells was being separated.I was then abruptly sucked into a teleportation tunnel. After a few seconds, I felt weight once more and stood in a really desolate area.

I raised my head and realized that my surroundings were covered in tall trees shrouded in a thick fog. Behind me, light was dissipating from several black stone pillars. These pillars were what had teleported me over and they were covered in vines and algae. If one did not look closely, they would not notice that these pillars were a Teleportation Array. No wonder it had remained undiscovered by humans even up to this day.

I stepped out of the Teleportation Array and took a deep breath. I could finally enter the player region with my identity. I opened the map and realized that this place was a small distance away from Linchen County, about ten minutes or so. Thus, I began my journey over as I told Ah Fei, "Around ten minutes later, meet me at the east square of Linchen County."

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"What, you can enter the city now?"

"Yes, I finally have ahuman identity."

"Okay, that's great! See you in ten minutes!"



I walked for a while and fighting sounds came from in front of me. A small party was training. I did not disturb them, just entering Stealth and continuing onward. When I was close to the east gate, I walked out of the forest. Before me lay vast land where I could see majestic buildings towering over.


While hiding in the forest, I switched identities and my arrogant-looking Shura body instantly transformed into an ordinary-looking human. I did not even have any piece of equipment. I just walked forward and entered the safety zone. The moment I entered, a story-like ring and the system's electronic voice spread into my ears—

"To fend off the Dimension Legion, Emperor Longwu expanded towardthe north and fought the legion tens of thousands of times. Later, he built Dongxing Province, andover the decades, it expanded until it became one of Xuanyuan Empire's four major provinces.

"Linchen County, a city which stood tall in times of war. Based on historical records, this city fought over three hundred battles. In the end, under the EighthMarquis Lin Huang’s leadership, the humans valiantly drove away the Dimension Legion. This city became the furthest one in the east.

"Young warrior, welcome to Linchen County; this will be the place you rewrite history. We wish you good fortune!"

I smiled, having not expected the system to introduce this city’s history when I entered it for the first time. The planning department really did well. When I looked at this old city, I felt more connected. Eighth Marquis guarded the city, fighting off the Dimension Legion and Blood Dynasty; it was truly interesting.

I came to the east square. This place was really busy and there were people selling equipment, potions, miscellaneous items, et cetera, but most of them were trying to form parties—

"Those heading to Yellow Bee Forest to kill Poisonous Bees, join my party! We’re lacking a level 22 and up Priest;anyone who has below 4000 Magic Power needs not come!"

"Challenging Fierce Tigers, need one frontliner! Requesting for level 24 or above Warrior and Paladin; please have good equipment!"

"Seaweed Cave to kill Large Bats, lacking two 23+ damage dealers!Monsters are level 26 Rare grade; noobs, scram!"


What a lively atmosphere!

I felt the charm of teamwork ingame. I really wanted to add them and level up with all of them, but after thinking about it, I might be what they called a noob, so let us forget it.

I should just continue enjoying my Shura Assassin.

"Ah Fei, I’m in the east square; why haven't I seen you yet?" asked Ah Fei.

"Oh, is that so?"

I looked in the game and very quickly saw a familiar person not too far away. Magic robe, green staff. He stretched his neck to look, but his gaze would land on the bodies of some female players. I walked over and activated the game voice function, saying, "Ah Fei!"

"D*mn?!" The stunned Ah Fei looked at me. "Ah Li?"


"D*mn, how did my brother become like this?Isn't this another identity?"

"Right, this is another identity that my soul formed; isn't it amazing? HAHAHA~"


He was speechless and said, "Let's go to the storage manager; the items are all inside."


The two of us came to the storage. Ah Fei talked to the aforementioned NPC, and not long after, I requested a trade. The moment it appeared, Ah Fei placed White Cloak and Blood Drawing Blade. With that, I had both a Stealth and lifesteal skill. With a pata,the trade was completed. Perfect!

However, I could notlearn them now. If these two skills ended up being learned on a human account, it would be a huge waste.

"How are you going back?" asked Ah Fei.

"I bought their City Return Scroll." I smiled. "Still, there's no rush. I want to stroll around Linchen County and see if there's anything suitable for me. It's been tough for me to come here; just the teleportation feealone reached 10 gold. If I don't tour thisplace, it'll really be a waste."


Ah Fei's eyes opened wide. "The teleportation fee is 10 gold?"

"En, why?"

"Do you know how much gold is trading for online?"


"1:100! Your 10 gold is worth 1000, brother!"

I was shocked. "D*mn, it's so valuable?"

Maybe because the current players could not come into contact with S-tier quests, they could not get so much ingame cash. My Soul Refining quest was a shortcut. I said, "Don't go; I'll pass my remaining gold to you so that you can just sell it."

"Why don't you sell it?"

"My identity is quite special, so shouldn't I keep some mystery?"

"Your sister..."

Thus, Ah Fei just followed me around Linchen County. We looked at one store after another and then the auction. Finally, my gaze landed on a pale blue leather armor—

<Murloc Mail> (Rare)

Type: Leather armor

Defense: +48

Agility: +22

Stamina: +20

Effect: Toughness, raise users Health by 200

Required Level: 28

Buy now price: 25 gold



When I looked at the armor, I was about to drool. The Defense was just too high at 48. Compared to current heavy armor, it was not much weaker. Moreover, it added both Agility and Stamina. There was also a Health addition of 200. This armor was a top item at the current level!


Ah Fei looked at me and became worried. "Are you thinking about that level 28 blue armor? 25 gold, it's such a scam. There's no need to.Why spend 2500 on one equipment?"

"Scram!You won't understand..."I said. "Do you think my life there is easy? Without equipment stats, I’ll be wiped out in an instant. This output is definitely worth it. Okay, I'll buy it!"

"Okay.." He facepalmed and felt heartpained.

With a pata, 25 gold was instantly gone. I was left with 15 gold, so I tossed 5 gold to my friend and said, "I need 10 gold to teleport here next time. Just sell this 5 gold!"

"500 is decent..." He kept it and smiled. "I sold all the items and earned 6340 profit. Including the miscellaneous items, we've made close to 10000. Old rules, fifty-fifty;Shall I sendyour share to your WeChat?"

"Sure, send it there. I have no money now, anyway."

"En en."

After that, I stopped strolling around and shattered the Black Castle's City Return Scroll. A black energy wave enveloped me and I disappeared from Linchen County. In the next second, I appeared in Black Castle’sTeleportation Array. After turning back into my Shura identity, I wore the Murloc Mail and a feeling of fullness quickly spread from my chest. My stats also became much stronger—

July Wildfire (Undead Assassin)

Level: 28

Attack: 255-332

Defense: 293 (+3%)

Health: 3920

Critical Strike: 2.71%

Comprehension: 97

Charm: 11

Soul Star: 10

Contribution point: 26892

Combat strength: 492


These stats were pretty much overpowered at this current stage. After that, I learned both White Cloak and Blood Drawing Blade before heading to the Precious Treasure Pavilion. I had 20000 contribution points, so it was time to exchange for some things before starting to level up. Moreover, on the other side, most of my skills were only at level 2. It was best if I could level them up before I reached level 30. Sometimes, the level of the skills would decidevictory or defeat.

Precious Treasure Pavilion. At that moment, no one looked down on me anymore. My Shura appearance caused many of them to be envious. Some girls even looked at me with desire.

I came to the counter and chose potions. There were not many level 28 potions and there was only a level 2 Health Potion, which recovered 50 Health every second for seven seconds. This meant that one potion could heal 350 Health. Moreover, it was cheap, each only costing 2 contribution points.

I exchanged for 2000 bottles at once!

Next, I was going to level up! Strive for first in the server!

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