Chapter 40- Precious disciple
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Zhan Yue Chapter 40- Precious disciple

My stats jumped!

The moment my Shura Bloodline was officially awakened, my base Attack, Defense, Agility, Magic Power, et cetera increased by a lot. Apart from that, I had a 3-point increment in my Comprehension, reaching a shocking 97. Apart from that, both Charm and Soul Star increased by 10. Although I did not know what their uses were, the rewards from the main questline were just so solid. They also gave me leggings?

I opened my bag and leggings lay quietly there. This was Assassin equipment—

<Cold Wind Leggings> (Rare)

Type: Leather armor

Defense: 40

Strength: +21

Agility: +20

Bonus: Raise user's defense by 3%

Required level: 28


This was a treasure which not only had 41 Strength and Agility but also 40 Defense, similar to heavy-armors at the same level. Its most important feature was the 3% Defense increase. With my current 240 Defense, just this bonus alone added 7 points. Moreover, as my statsincreased, this ratio would get stronger and stronger.

Pa ta!

I switched out my original Strong-grade leggings to the Cold Wind Leggings. My stats increased by a lot and my combat strength did, too—

July Wildfire (Undead Assassin)

Level: 28

Attack: 251-327

Defense: 266(+3%)

Health: 3520

Critical Strike: 2.6%

Comprehension: 97

Charm: 11

Soul Star: 10

Contribution point: 26892

Combat strength: 476


Compared to only 100+ Attack from before, I was a totally changed Assassin. My combat strength nearly doubled, such that I could say I would be able to fight three previous me alone!

I felt delighted!

At this moment, when I looked into my body, I saw that the sky above my energy ocean had ten stars shining. Since I did not know what use these Soul Stars had, just let them be there. The hidden Shura race definitely had many benefits over basic players!

At this time, I looked at my interface and finally noticed a red button: ‘switch soul’. After clicking it, my body transformed. All my equipment disappeared and my Shura image disappeared, too. The black energy around me was swept away and what replaced it was a human male wearing a cloth shirt. Was this my soul image?

It looked ordinary!


[System notification: Please note.This is the first time you have switched to your soul; please choose another name!]

Search Hosted Novel for the original.


I was stunned. Did I have to make another ID? Thus, I confirmed to call it July Wildfire.


[System notification: ID is already in use; unable to use it!]

I could not use the original ID?

I was totally confused. I looked at how ordinary I appeared as well as my stats, of which the level stated ‘no level yet’. The stats were all the lowest value and I was no different from a newbie. Isn’t this just too noob? Thus, in the future when I headed out, I would probably need to use my Shura identity. As for the human one, it would only be useful when I entered the human city to get items from Ah Fei.

When I thought about that, I opened my bag and noticed that there was still that pile of things. Two identities shared the same bag, so I heaved a sigh of relief. I entered a new ID—

A Little Brother!


[System notification: Congratulations! ID ‘A Little Brother', success!]

Instantly, a line of green words appeared on my head.

A Little Brother.This made me look more like a little brother.

I sucked in a deep breath; it was time to switch back.

I confirmed the switch!


Within my body, power surged forth. In the next second, ‘A Little Brother’ disappeared. A black pillar charged down, and with a giant explosion, my Shura identity descended from above and I knelt on one knee. My daggers spun around me and black energy currents circled, too!


My face was ashen white. "This... The switch scene was just too handsome!How many girls would be charmed by this..."

Right when I was admiring myself, my heart started to beat. The Shura sensory ability in myself sensed a huge force getting close. When I turned around, a beautiful person was right in front of me. It was one of the three inner leaders, Blood Pond HeadYun Yue!

She got close to me with her beautiful face and sniffed. This time, she smiled in satisfaction. "Huff.As expected, it's a bloodline scent that has gone extinct since ancient times. The Shura race is about to appear once more? Interesting, interesting..."

After she said that, her eyes landed on my broken horn and she was stunned.

"What's going on? Your bloodline is too impure and isn't a pure Shura bloodline? Rather... You didn't totally awaken it?"

She just floated in mid-air. She touched and sniffed at it before beginning to study my Shura broken horn. I felt a little uncomfortable; I looked at the two twin peaks in front of me. Her skirt, too, was nearly hitting my face.

I was totally lost.

Since she wanted to study me, I just allowed her as I could not fight back at all.

In the end, a few minutes later.

Yun Yue landed on the ground and looked at me with her pair of beautiful eyes. "Kid, you're July Wildfire, the consecutive winner of Wind Cloud Platform, Ding Heng's disciple, aren't you?"

"Yes,Lady Yue," I replied.

She smiled. "Once you are strong enough, come find me in the Blood Pond; I've decided to take you in as my disciple."


I was stunned and shook my head right away. "No, Ding Heng is my master. I will never betray my master!"

"Is that so?"She smiled coldly. "Then I'll kill your Master Ding Heng so that you won't have anything to worry about!"

"You..."I was furious, and at that moment, clouds circled around and turned into Ding Heng. He looked down at us. "Lady Yun Yue, why are you scaring him?"

"Old Ding, glad that you came."

Yun Yue crossed her arms and floated in mid-air. She was like a queen as she addressed Ding Heng. "This fellow has pure Shura bloodline, so he has a better future following me than you.Don't you think so? I'm not fighting with you for a disciple; I just want to nurture a true genius for Black Castle. Don't you agree with me?"


Ding Heng sighed and looked at me. "Little kid, she's right. In the entire Black Castle, her strength is only below that of the King of Darkness. You do have a better future following her. In the future maybe she'll become your master, but you're not strong enough yet. I still have many things to teach you."

I nodded. "Yes, master!"

Yun Yue smiled and flew toward me. She touched my short hair and smiled. "Future disciple, this master of yours will wait in Blood Pond. See you soon~"

After saying that, she floated away and disappeared into the wind.

I looked up at Ding Heng. "Master, you treat me the best. I don't want to leave you."

Ding Heng touched his mustache and smiled. "I don't want to hinder you in your cultivation, so you should leave me when the time comes."

"You'll be my master forever," I said.

His body shook and he nodded, his body disappearing along with the wind.

I frowned. Although the game had opened for only a few days, Ding Heng really treated me well. He was also the NPC who had treated me the best since I entered Illusionary Moon. I would rememberthis in my heart.


Forget it.Do the important things!

I looked around and a Wind Cloud Platform Undead Cavalry galloped over. I walked forwardand shouted, "Big brother, let me ask you something!"

He stopped and knelt on one knee. "Young master, please ask!"

I... When did I become a young master?

I was stunned, causing me to stutter. "T-This... I wanna ask how to get to Linchen County."

"Linchen County?"He was astonished. "Young master, allow me to be direct. That is Xuanyuan Empire's city,far away in Donghang Province. Legend has it that Marquis Bahuang is there. Not to mention you, even the elders don't dare to head over."

"I'm just trying to find outhow to get there from here."

"As for that..."—he took a deep breath—"head north and walk roughly two months. If you ride a horse, it'll take a month."

"That far?"I panicked. "Are there no Teleportation Arrays?"

"Actually," he thought about it and said, "there's one in Heaven and Earth Pavilion; it can connect you to one of the forsaken Teleportation Arrays there. This is how the high-level cultivators in Black Castle head to the human race, but it's really expensive and will cost gold. If the young master is rich, you can consider it."

"I understand."I nodded. "Thank you!"

"Thank you, too, young master..."


"Ah Fei!"I called my friend. "I'm thinking of a way to meet you in Linchen County. Don't go too far in case we miss each other."

"Don't worry; I'm right outside, levelingand running out of mana potions. I'll be back soon. Maybe after we meet we can have a meal; the dishes are turning cold already."

"I understand."

After exchanging for a Black Castle City Return Scroll, I headed toward the Heaven and Earth Pavilion!

Maybe because I came the last time, the guards helped me open the World Ender. I came to the Teleportation Array, and as expected there was one connected to Linchen County, but it cost 10 gold.What a scam! Luckily, I got 50 gold from the S-grade quest.Otherwise, I wouldhave been unable to go there.

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