Chapter 40- Precious disciple
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Zhan Yue Chapter 40- Precious disciple

My stats jumped!

The moment my Shura Bloodline was officially awakened, my base Attack, Defense, Agility, Magic Power, et cetera increased by a lot. Apart from that, I had a 3-point increment in my Comprehension, reaching a shocking 97. Apart from that, both Charm and Soul Star increased by 10. Although I did not know what their uses were, the rewards from the main questline were just so solid. They also gave me leggings?

I opened my bag and leggings lay quietly there. This was Assassin equipment—

<Cold Wind Leggings> (Rare)

Type: Leather armor

Defense: 40

Strength: +21

Agility: +20

Bonus: Raise user's defense by 3%

Required level: 28


This was a treasure which not only had 41 Strength and Agility but also 40 Defense, similar to heavy-armors at the same level. Its most important feature was the 3% Defense increase. With my current 240 Defense, just this bonus alone added 7 points. Moreover, as my statsincreased, this ratio would get stronger and stronger.

Pa ta!

I switched out my original Strong-grade leggings to the Cold Wind Leggings. My stats increased by a lot and my combat strength did, too—

July Wildfire (Undead Assassin)

Level: 28

Attack: 251-327

Defense: 266(+3%)

Health: 3520

Critical Strike: 2.6%

Comprehension: 97

Charm: 11

Soul Star: 10

Contribution point: 26892

Combat strength: 476


Compared to only 100+ Attack from before, I was a totally changed Assassin. My combat strength nearly doubled, such that I could say I would be able to fight three previous me alone!

I felt delighted!

At this moment, when I looked into my body, I saw that the sky above my energy ocean had ten stars shining. Since I did not know what use these Soul Stars had, just let them be there. The hidden Shura race definitely had many benefits over basic players!

At this time, I looked at my interface and finally noticed a red button: ‘switch soul’. After clicking it, my body transformed. All my equipment disappeared and my Shura image disappeared, too. The black energy around me was swept away and what replaced it

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