Chapter 50- Dying breaths
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Zhan Yue Chapter 50- Dying breaths


Hidden Dragon Mountain's two-hundred-man team was like two proper armies spreading out in the Land of the Exiled. They pushed forwardand struck down those exiles one by one.

"What is going on?"

Outside, Ah Fei asked, "I heard that Hidden Dragon Mountain’s people are there?"

"En,"I nodded my head and smiled, saying "but it’s okay. Hidden Dragon Mountain’s people are just noobs; they aren't strong at all."

"Noobs..."Ah Fei laughed. "That’s true. Start the slaughter.As for me, I’ll be leveling."



At this moment, I had already jumped off the tree. Old rules.Kill the king, which was Man of Steel, first. I entered Stealth and then crept up to them slowly.

"Captain Lu, be careful!" At the back, Priest Flower Zhang reminded him.

"Don't worry,"said Man of Steel confidently. "I’m prepared this time. Shield, chestplate, leggings, bootsall either add defense or add health ratios. I also add half to Health and another half to Strength, so my health is close to 9000. Even if this Boss is strong, he can't insta-kill me. Priests, listen up!All of you select me as your target. Once I get attacked, instantly heal me. After I tank the first wave, we will win!"

"Good!" The Priests all nodded their heads.

Assassin Camel's Back carried his daggers and laughed. "Captain Luis looking more and more like a leader!"

"Hahaha~" Man of Steel laughed in delight.

I smiled, too. I was now behind Man of Steel and heard how he was acting cool. I felt like I would feel bad if I did not teach him a lesson. Thus, under Stealth, I attacked using basic attack plus Backstab. In the end, I only dealt 30% damage. As expected, heavy-armored players were different!

However, in an instant, I used White Cloak plus Annihilation!


A giant damage number rose up. Although I did not trigger Critical Strike, I did more than enough to insta-kill Man of Steel!

"Heal m—"

Man of Steel shouted halfway but realized that he could not make a sound anymore. Snakebone Blade had already slashed his throat, and in the next second, his body started burning. He turned into a white light which charged at Linchen County. He was killed just like that!

"D*mn! Captain Lu was insta-killed again!"

Wang Yaozu was astonished and shouted, "Assault, Assault! Assassins, use Gouge. Ranged ones, fire! Don't let him leave!"

Before he finished speaking, Wang Yaozu was first to use Assault.

I glided on the withered grass and dodged their bunch of Assault and Gouge attacks. I turned and used Hunter's Edge to insta-kill Wang Yaozu. I then spread my palm out and used Apprehension towhere Flower Zhang, Old Li, and the ranged players were.

As expected, Hidden Dragon Mountain was not strong enough and could not even take a single hit of mine!

They did not retreat this time, though. All of them charged at me. Even Camel's Back, who was only a level 29 Assassin, dashed to me. His dagger slashed across the sky as he used Gouge on me.

Unfortunately, the level difference caused Gouge to miss when it landed on me. Be it level or stats, I totally suppressed them. Control skills had a low hit rate on me; it was not even at 5%.

Time for the massacre!

I spun about with my dagger and charged into the crowd. Pretty much no one could block me and they fell to my attacks. Along with Apprehension and White Cloak, I was invincible. Their attack was actually effective, especially the Magic Attack from Mages. A Mage's Wind Blade could deal 100+ damage. If they all aimed at me, the damage would be quite high.

However, after I activated Blood Drawing Blade,I attacked and healed at the same time. My health became full right away. Along with me drinking health potions, my health was always maintained above 70%. I tanked them as I killed those I could reach. This time was different from before; I was able to tank so many of them without much pressure!

In just five minutes, there were fewer and fewer Hidden Dragon Mountain people. In the very end, there were fewer than twenty. An honest-looking Mage called Chicken Pee continued to damage me, but there was nothing much he could do. His face was ashen white. "We’re finished.This Boss's lifesteal is too strong.We’re all gonna get wiped—"

"I can't accept this!"

More people from Hidden Dragon Mountain charged to their deaths.

I was happy to gain contribution points. My daggers danced and I continued to deal with them. At that moment, I noticed the bushes shaking. Another bunch of people entered Land of the Exiled. Moreover, this was a bunch of new faces. Only the Warrior in front was more familiar. It was Wine and Poems, whomI had just taken down, Wang Siyu's new boyfriend, that guy with a mine at home!

"Boss, are we going to attack?"Fenghua Shizhang held his staff and smiled. "Hidden Dragon Mountain can't hold on anymore."

"Don't be rash."Wine and Poems raised his hands and smiled. "Although Hidden Dragon Mountain is so weak,they are useful. Let them wear down and force the Boss to use his skills. Later, we will take over... Although they are trash, they still have some use!"

When he heard their words, Chicken Pee turned around and hollered in rage, "Wine and Poems, who are you to insult Hidden Dragon Mountain like this!"

"Why? You all are noobs, yet you won't let other people scold you?" retorted Wine and Poems. "Look at how badly all of you are doing now; aren’t you all noobs?"

"You!"Chicken Pee was furious and even his face turned green.

At that point, I had dealt with the last Assassin, who was called Baby Yam. I charged in front of Chicken Pee and saw how furious he was. I pitied him, so I did not slash him down. I looked at him and then pointed at the bushes.

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"You... aren't killing me?" Chicken Pee was stunned.

I could not speak, so I just nodded.


Chicken Pee held his staff and escaped. He was the only surviving member of Hidden Dragon Mountain.


"What did he mean?"

Wine and Poems'gaze turned cold as he asked, "Didthe Boss actually just let him off?"

"Yes."Wang Siyu frowned. "I heard that the Boss with Hunter's Edge had been uniquely programmed. It seems that it’s true.This Boss’s AI is so high that he could even choose not to kill the final Hidden Dragon Mountain member. What is he planning to do?"

Only Shooting God's gaze turned cold, too, as he asked, "Does he want Chicken Pee to live to see us fail?"

"That dog. So arrogant!"

Wine and Poems held his sword and hollered, "Attack!Brothers from For Dreams, this is the first step to our dreams. We’ll kill this Exiled One and get famous in Linchen County! Charge, unlimited control, damage follow up!"

Wine and Poems had a fierce fighting style. He charged ahead like a soldier and used Assault on me!


His long sword formed streaks of bright lights as he laughed. "Die, you dog!"

I saw through everything. The moment Wine and Poems used Assault, I slid and easily dodged the stun. It did not look hard and most players could do it when they were focused, but to do so 100%, this was something that only first-rate players could execute. As for me, I was working hard.

The dagger sliced, and right when Wine and Poems missed, I used Gouge and stunned him!

"You..."Wine and Poems' face turned deathly gray. "You want to humiliate me?!"

I laughed out loud. I appeared behind Wine and Poems and used a basic attack plus Backstab. In the end, the Backstab crit and two terrifying numbers flew up—



Wine and Poems was an all Strength Warrior. Even if his equipment was good, he could not have too high Health. The limit was 5000 at most, so how could he be able to take such damage? He was instantly killed and knelt on the ground. His face was filled with unwillingness and disbelief.


Fenghua Shizhang panicked. "This Boss has great mechanics. Focus fire; kill him!"

I turned around and charged at Fenghua Sizhan. While I was getting hit, I used Blood Drawing Blade and my daggers danced about in the crowd. I caused heads to tumble. These players could not handle me at all. I was instantly in front of Fenghua Shizhang and used two basic attacks to kill him.

Shortly after, I dashed a few meters right and used Hunter's Edge on three Mages!

"Not good!"Only Shooting God's face was ashen white. "He’s purposely killing our Mages. D*mn!Why is this Boss's AI so high?"

"After this battle is finished, we must report this Boss to Destiny.This is so infuriating!" someone shouted.

"Focus fire; kill him first!"

In the crowd, Wang Siyu gritted her teeth. "There are three hundred of us. I don't believe that we can't kill a level 35 Super Rare Boss. Focus fire and don't be afraid!"

Wine and Poems'death meant that Wang Siyu and Only Shooting God became the two most powerful people in the guild.

Not far away, Chicken Pee sat on a toppled tree. He rested his chin on his hands and his slightly old face was covered with marks of time. Like an old man looking at war, he laughed coldly. "For Dreams? Look at how tragic all of you look, so you are actually noobs, too."

When For Dreams members heard that, their faces felt hot. The same words were returned to them, causing so much damage.

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