Chapter 51- Old Mountain
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Zhan Yue Chapter 51- Old Mountain

Ci ci ci~

As my daggers moved, heads rolled and blood dyed the Land of the Exiled. Although For Dreams had more people, their equipment and levels were higher than that of Hidden Dragon Mountain, but after Wine and Poems died, they did not have a good leader. Their overall coordination was a mess, so I did not think that they were stronger than Hidden Dragon Mountain.

Just like that, I charged forwardand washed For Dreams' close to three hundred members in blood. In the end, Wang Siyu and the Priests retreated in panic.


She looked at me walking over with my daggers and her voice trembled. "Why did you let that Mage go and not us?"

I dashed forward.My Snakebone Blade turned into an Annihilation light which stabbed into her chest!


Blood splattered and she was killed instantly. The other Priests did not have a chance to flee, either. I did not have a good impression of For Dreams. My first thought was that Wang Siyu and her boyfriend had destroyed this guild.


The forest was quiet once more and all that was left was a floor full of potions, silver, and equipment. Not far away, Chicken Pee pushed himself up from the ground using the staff. He looked at me and asked, "I... What should I do? Do you want to kill me? Anyway, thank you..."

I pointed to the distance.

He understood and said, "Okay, I will scram... I will!"

As he said that, he fled.

Since I decided to let him live, then I should go all the way. Anyway, I did not lack that bit of contribution points.


"Done?" Ah Fei asked.


I nodded my head and smiled. "Hidden Dragon Mountain and For Dreams were both dealt with."


He laughed. "What about Wang Siyu?Did you kill her?"

"I used my strongest single target skill to kill her..."

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He laughed. "I found some information. That Wine and Poems, his real name is Wang Zhan and his father is the CEO of a mining company. He really is a rich person and stays in Jinji Lake Region. He just heads to various nightclubs and high-class social gatherings. Apart from that, he’s engrossed in gaming and loves to level. He did preparations before Illusionary Moon came online to create a gold empire and be the king in the south server!"

"You’re really good with words."The corner of my lips twitched. "So he is from Jinji Lake. He is really rich. At least, he is much stronger than the two of us. Hahaha~"

He laughed. "D*mn, don't make us sound so bad, we are still fine. Maybe in the future we will be middle class."

"Right."I smiled. "Have you heard any news?Is Breaking Dawn planning to come kill me?"

"No."He thought about it. "Didn't Breaking Dawn Fate buy a level 30 blue armor from me? That’s to kill Bosses. Your spawn timing clashes with the Boss they’re planning to attack, so Breaking Dawn definitely won't be coming today. Plus... Allow me to be direct: Breaking Dawn Ash is smart. Even if the timings didn't clash, he wouldn't dare to come. Hidden Dragon Mountain and For Dreams both lost, so how strong could Breaking Dawn be? They gathered so many middle and small guilds and still didn't manage to take down Lightning Rider Assassin. So what more this time?"

I laughed. "En, that’s true."


A short time passed and a large party of people appeared. They were familiar faces; these players all had Dragon Alliance in their name. In front was a level 30 Mage with a blue staff. His face was filled with arrogance. This was Dragon Alliance's leader, Dragon Grievances. He looked ahead with a deep gaze. "We have reached the coordinates. This is the place, right?"


The Archer Dragon Enters Ocean nodded. "Hidden Dragon Mountain and For Dreams were wiped out here."

"Scoff!Bunch of noobs,"Dragon Grievances said calmly. "A level 35 Boss wiped them all out; they’ve thrown the faces of level 30 players. Brothers of Dragon Alliance, listen to me:Tanks, stay in frontand damage dealers at the back. Musicians, buff right away and ensure that everyone in the frontline has buffs. We have to win this time and take down this Exiled One!"

"Yes, chief!"

They all nodded and then the Musicians started using their skills. Their zither and pipa all started playing and steaks of green buffs covered the crowd. In the blink of an eye, their strength reached another level.

Alas, they were still noobs!

Before they were able to buff up fully. I charged over, using Apprehension and Hunter's Edge to control the crowd.

"Exiled One, you!"

Before Dragon Grievances was able to react, I managed to close in on him. His face was filled with shock.


I could not say anything and could only holler. Annihilation swept him and insta-killed him. Mages were soft, and although his level was high and he had good equipment, his health could not exceed 3000. One Annihilation was enough to wipe him out, and I did not even need to use the White Cloak-Annihilation combo.

The moment Dragon Grievances died, the entire Dragon Alliance was in chaos. Dragon Enters Ocean could not command them at all and they were a mess. All Assault and Gouge were launched randomly, while I continued to move about in the crowd. I moved in a Z-pattern and got close to their Mages to kill them. At the same time, I reduced the damage I took to the minimum.

I also controlled my health. Each time I reached 20% health, I would use Blood Drawing Blade to recover. I maintained my health between 20% to 50%. In the end, I cleared out a large number of them and the leftovers all scattered. No one dared to fight me, and they all just escaped from the Land of the Exiled.

I went into Stealth once more and hid on a tree to count my contribution points.

"Ah Li!"

At the side, Ah Fei spoke solemnly. "Dragon Alliance returned and said that you’re about to fall, that only remained around 20%. What is going on? Are your items not enough?"

"No, I’m doing it on purpose."

"On purpose?"

"En, I’m afraid that they’ll think I’m too strong so others won't be willing to come. If that’s the case, then I won't be able to earn contribution points."

"Hahahaha~"He laughed out loud. "D*mn, you are such a dog? Hahahaha~"

I was momentarily speechless. "I’m scheming; I’m playing a mental game.What do you know."

"Scram~Stop making yourself sound good!"



As expected, although the Dragon Alliance was defeated, they brought back an important message: "The Boss is weak and only has around 10000 Health." Thus, more and more players entered the Land of the Exiled. As for me, I was too busy.Over the next hour, I was killing players until my daggers were dyed red!

Forty minutes later.


Snakebone Blade swept, and after killing an Assassin, I stood in the Land of the Exiled. There were corpses and items all around me but no one to pick them up. No one dared to. I sucked in a deep breath. I had twenty minutes left until the trial ended, so it was time to call Ah Fei over.

"Ah Fei, prepare to come over; get close to my coordinates," I said.

"I understand," he said seriously. "Be careful. My party members said that they saw people from Elements heading to the Land of the Exiled. They’re targeting you."


"Yes." His voice was solemn. "This isn’t a joke. Elements is a top guild, and after the core members of Zhan Long announced their retirement, Elements is the only one able to deal with Legend. Their leader, Feng Canghai, is top 2 in the country."

"Feng Canghai is coming to hunt me?"

"I don't think so." He smiled. "It is Old Mountain. He feels that your Boss is too arrogant. You keep wiping out Hidden Dragon Mountain, For Dreams, and Dragon Alliance, and he can't accept that. He’s bringing a team from Elements over to wipe you out."

"Just one team?" I frowned.

"Right, there are two hundred. He thinks you can't handle them. "

"Don't care about me; just head to the planned place and clear out monsters. Prepare a City Return Scroll; that’s what you have to do."

"En, okay!"

"I’m going to start!"

"Good luck!"


In the distance, a small group of players were gathered but they did not step into Land of the Exiled. It was as if they were waiting for something. A few minutes later, a group walked into the Land of the Exiled. Each person's ID had an emblem with two swords crossing. This was the emblem of the first-rate guild, Elements.

In front was a level 31 Archer. He looked really young, but his level was high!

Old Mountain (Trainee Archer)

Level: 31

Party: Elements.


Old Mountain, one of the four core members of Elements. It was said that his Archer skills were really awesome and could even compare to Legend's Dawn and Zhan Long's Dancing Forest. He was really famous. Now, he was bringing one of Elements'main attack force to challenge me.

"Spread out and push onward calmly."

Old Mountain spread his arms and said, "Move forward. I won't join in and will just lead all of you. Walk in front and don't get insta-killed. If you have to, add buffs."

"I understand."

On the side, a level 31 Paladin called Lin Songyan nodded. He was another famous guy!

Lin Songyan was this group’s top Paladin. In terms of tanking and close combat, he was an expert. He was actually here this time.

Elements used two elders to fight me; they were really giving me face!

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