Chapter 52- No exception
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Zhan Yue Chapter 52- No exception

"People from Elements are here?"Ah Fei asked.

"They are.Right in front of me."

"Be careful," he said seriously. "I got first-hand news at 9pm that Mars River's equipment now consists of three blue and six green. I also heard that his Magic Attack is above 500. Apart from him, there’s Lin Songyan, who is their top tank. As of this morning, his health exceeded 10000 and his defense is over 600. He even learned Stone Armor and Righteous Provocation, so he poses a high threat to you."

"Stone Armor...Righteous Provocation..."

I squinted my eyes. Without needing to ask, I knew what those two skills were. It seemedthat I needed to pay attention to the two giants from Elements.

"Don't worry; I can handle them."

"That's good. I shall wait for you at the agreed coordinates."



Sha sha...

A breeze blew across the forest and caused the leaves to rustle.

I waited silently as I locked onto Mars River. I had to insta-kill this terrifying Mage; if not, he might threaten my life.

In the crowd, Mars River was at the center, while Lin Songyan scouted the area in front of him but would always look back. It was obvious that they were wary that I would insta-kill Mars River, but could they block me?


My footsteps were so soft that they could not be heard. I steppedbehind a tree and people from Elements passed me. This tree stood where they had to pass so they could not go around it and could only split up. Mars River's position was right on this tree, and whether or not my sneak attack would succeed depended on this.


In the crowd, Mars River walked forward with his staff. He seemed to have sensed something and used a Stone Wall to the back of the tree!


A sharp stone protruded less than half a meter from me and nearly hit me. Fortunately, I was two meters to the right of the tree.If not, I would have been hit. Tsk tsk!The intuition and mechanics of a top Mage were just too scary!

"Be on alert!" Mars River said seriously. "I think he is nearby!"

"Why do you feel that way, leader?" asked a young Warrior in charge of protecting him.

"I feel that my hair is standing on end," replied Mars River calmly.

"Hah~ Who knows whether it's true or not?"

"Stop talking nonsense; pay attention to the surroundings."

"En en."

Right at that moment, the few Warriors guarding him neared the tree. They started to walk around it. I, too, got closer.It was as if I were stepping on cotton, for I did not make a single sound. The moment Mars River passed, I went between two Warriors and attacked.

Basic attack plus Backstab!



All of a sudden, Mars River fell to the ground. He was the strongest Mage in Linchen County, but he still was unable to handle my combo. After all, a Mage had limited Health, and before Magic Shield appeared, they were so softI could slice them however I wanted.


A golden light shone all around. The instant that Mars River was killed, at least five level 30 Warriors launched Double Hit on me. Their attacks connected as one. This coordination was so good, such that I did not dare to use White Cloak as my Stealth state would be broken either way!

Hunter's Edge!

Three streaks of bright light shone through the crowd. I spread my hand and used Apprehension.

A light golden storm swept the area in front of me. The moment Apprehension was used, the people attacking me descended into chaos. Suddenly, someone dashed through like the wind, and a strong hit actually stunned me.



It was Assault! Lin Songyan's furious face appeared. In that instant that I was stunned, his sword shone brightly and he used Judgement. The moment the stun was about to end, a taunt appeared right on my head, Righteous Provocation!

I lost the ability to move once again and could only instinctively attack him.


Lin Songyan’s body sank down and he held his shield in front of him. He looked as stable as a mountain. Streaks of stone appeared around him and formed a Stone Armor, greatly reducing damage,such that my basic attack was only able to deal lower than 1000 damage on him.

"Focus fire!"Lin Songyan attacked while shouting. "Two rounds of attacks; kill this Exiled One!"

Arrows and spells surged toward me. All of a sudden, my health started to drop. In less than ten seconds, I had lower than 30% health. What kind of damage was this? This team was so terrifying. No wonder Mars River dared to bring people to challenge me!

Fortunately, I had White Cloak!


My white cape fluttered and I instantly entered a forced dodge state for two seconds. I also used Blood Drawing Blade. I turned around the moment I passed Lin Songyan; my Blade of the Beastrider shone brightly as I used Annihilation on Lin Songyan's back!



Critical Strike, ten times of damage. Moreover, I absorbed 6000+ Health and was much healthier. Although Lin Songyan was a tank, he still could not block White Cloak and Annihilation. He choked and fell to the ground, turning into a corpse. I raised my palm and used another ultimate at where the crowd was most dense!

‘Dragon Will!’

The golden palm surged forward, and many golden runes appeared in the air. Dragons roared in the surrounding sky. This palm was really terrifying, dealing 300% damage to players ten yards ahead in a fan shape. It was pretty much an insta-kill, and after that strike, my healthbar returned to full.


Before I had time to be happy, I was struck once more. A level 30 Warrior used Assault and stunned me. More Warriors did the same and they used Double Hit plus Heavy Strike. The few Fighters also got close, using Charging Fist plus Explosive Fist to deal damage on me. With the Mages and Archers focusing fire, my health was reduced to less than 50% again.

Terrifying! Elements were just too terrifying!

The moment I broke away from the stun, I used Quickness and slashed a way out from the crowd. In the end, with less than 4% health, I managed to flee!

"Ah Fei, bring forward the plan!" I said seriously.

"Ah?"Ah Fei was stunned. "You are coming now?"

"En, be prepared; I will Stealth over."



Exiled One had high movement speed, and along with Quickness, I managed to ditchall the players in a few seconds. After I broke free, I entered Stealth.

Behind me, Elements continued to give chase!

"Where is he?! How can he enter Stealth again?"

"That is so infuriating! He insta-killed leaders Mountain and Lin then left just like that?"

"This Boss is that person; he really is so crafty..."

"Is Elements really going to take such a huge L today?!"


While everyone was shouting in rage, I left silently and headed toward where Ah Fei was.

A minute later, Ah Fei's lone body appeared. He held his staff. I charged within forty yards of him and said, "Hit me!"


Ah Fei raised his staff and launched Fireball, Wind Blade, Stone Wall, et cetera on me. My health started to clear out. I was afraid of Mage attacks, and now that Ah Fei was above-average,his damage was not to be trifled with. In less than half a minute, he completed everything.


A voice came from the forest and a beautiful silver body walked out. Her white cape had bits of red maple leaf on it. She wore exquisite armor, light blue and dark green light shining brightly. Her armor wrapped her exquisite body and she was big where she had to be. Such a person actually had a pure face. Beneath her veil, her long eyelashes blinked and her eyes seemed to reflect the beautiful sky.

"You are just using the BUG like this?"

"You..."Ah Fei was stunned. "Lin Xi, why are you here?"

"I’ve been paying attention to you for a long time."Lin Xi looked at Ah Fei while speaking coldly. "This is too much; you’re using the rules for yourself.Don't you find it embarrassing?"

When she said that, I actually felt ashamed.

"Little brat, who are you to care?"

My words did not make sense, for my voice only produced a guttural roar, which she could of course not understand. At that moment, Ah Fei's Wind Blade sliced my heart and my last bit of health was taken away.


This time, Ah Fei was really courageous. He walked up to collect the equipment and shattered a City Return Scroll.

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I returned to Wind Cloud Platform and asked, "Ah Fei, did you get back? Did she interrupt you?"

"No, she let me go,"Ah Fei said seriously, "but she said that there’ll be no exceptions. Next time, she’ll spoil our plans. If the officials don't deal with us, she will. She’ll let us suffer the punishment we should get..."

"Let's talk about it next time,"I said, adding, "That girl... isn't simple!"

"Right, but I feel that the reason why she let us off is she’s interested in me. What do you think?"

"En, maybe that’s the case if that makes you happy."


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