Chapter 53- Jerk's freedom
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Zhan Yue Chapter 53- Jerk's freedom

I went offline.

"Let's take a look!"

Ah Fei went offline, too, and I rushed him. "Look at what I dropped; is there something I want?"


Ah Fei hugged his helmet and summoned the system elf to share the spoils with us. First was a dark blue spear, which gave off a threatening glow. The blade shone red as if it had just gone through a massacre. The stats also appeared on the side—

Bloodthirst Spear (Super Rare)

Attack: 65-85

Strength: +43

Stamina: +40

Effect: Closes combat lifesteal +1.5%

Bonus: Raise user Attack by 4%

Required Level: 32

Required Job: Paladin



Ah Fei and I were both stunned. We did not expect the first equipment to be such a high-quality spear. Level 32 Super Rare.The stats were really next level.

"It actually has lifesteal stats..."

I loved it. "If it were a dagger.."

"Stop dreaming..."Ah Fei laughed. "If this were a dagger and you took it, then could others even play the game?"


Shortly after, we saw the second item that the Exiled One dropped. A leather helmet, which was slightly red in color. Its stats appeared—

Small Elf Helmet (Rare)

Type: Leather armor

Defense: +50

Agility: +25

Stamina: +23

Bonus: Raise user’s defense by 2%

Required Level: 32


"I can use this; leave it!" I said.

"En, of course."

Ah Fei laughed and then looked at the next equipment. It was a square shield which shone blue. On it was a purple gold flower, which looked really majestic. The stats appeared above and both Ah Fei and I were stunned—

Shield of the Guardian (Super Rare)

Defense: 145

Block: +10

Strength: +46

Stamina: +44

Special effect: Toughness, raise user health by 800.

Bonus: Raise defense by 5%.

Required level: 32

Required job: Paladin


"D*mn! Super Rare shield?" Ah Fei was stunned.

"Yes."I nodded. "It's Super Rare.Invincible... Combining this with the Bloodthirst Spearcan sweep the current stage. Truly invincible..."

"Hahaha! We’re rich; we’re rich..."Ah Fei laughed. "Should I put it on the auction house?"

"En! Wait,see if there’s anything else."


Before he said anything else, a light blue skillbook appeared, which nearly made my heart stop. Finally, the skillbook I had always wanted appeared.Great—

Hunter's Edge (S): Deal three attacks to the enemy. The first attack will be based on Attack, second on Agility, and third on Critical Strike. Cooldown: 12 seconds. Required level: 30. Required job: Assassin, Hermit.


"Leave it!"

I nearly laughed out loud. "Ah Fei, go online and meet me at the east square. Once we finish the trade,let's eat."


The two of us happily went online.


Character verified and I still appeared on the Wind Cloud Platform. A cloud filled with spiritual energy spread around and formed into Ding Heng's figure. He looked at me and smiled. "Wind Cloud Platform’strial success. We got news that the Linchen County adventurers were destroyed by you.As expected from my disciple. Once you get slightly stronger, I'll give you a huge reward.When the time comes, you only need—"

"Master, I'm busy; I shall leave first. I'll talk to you when I get back!" I said.

After I said that, I jumped off the Wind Cloud Platform and headed toward the teleportation formation.

"You brat..."

Ding Heng's helpless laughter spread in the wind.


Teleportation formation. After spending 10 gold, I teleported into the wilderness near Linchen County. I entered Stealth and dashed towardLinchen County. Still the old rules. I turned into my human form in the forest nearby and walked into the city.

There were many people leveling, but when they saw how I had no interest in fighting, I was able to enter Linchen County peacefully. On the square, Ah Fei hugged his staff and stood beside the auction NPC. He was waiting for me. The two of us were like spies, not talking to each other and just standing to the left and right of the NPCs.

"Don't let people notice us; let's just keep a distance," I said.

"En."He nodded and lowered his voice. "Your alt account is too noob.Once they realize that you’re that person, you won't be able to walk out of Linchen County. You may even get killed when you go to the toilet."

"We don't need to use the toilet ingame," I retorted.

"Your sister... I was just saying.Okay, let's trade."

"En."I opened the Trading Platform and right away, and the Small Elf Helmet and Hunter's Edge were traded over.


I successfully learned the skill and Hunter's Edge appeared on my skill list. It felt like the king had returned. Actually, it should have been here a long time ago, just that it failed to drop.

Shortly after, I equipped the Small Elf Helmet. During that battle, I killed many people and my experience bloomed, reaching level 32. My contribution points jumped too, and it made me feel like I was really rich—

July Wildfire (Undead Assassin)

Level: 32

Attack: 412-557 (+8%)

Defense: 481 (+10%)

Health: 4420

Critical Strike: 4.48%

Comprehension: 97

Charm: 13

Soul Star: 10

Contribution point: 42006

Combat strength: 872


Not bad.Over 40000 contribution points. When I returned, I could splurge on it!

"So should I toss the Super Rare shield and spear into the auction?" he asked.

"En, toss them."I looked at the time. "It’s time to eat; where shall we go for lunch?"

"Sour vegetable fish is good.Let's eat simple, then get some beer to celebrate our success today."


Following which, I strolled on the square. After walking about, there was nothing I wanted. Ah Fei suddenly said, "Ah Li, someone wants the spear and shield and he wants to buy them together. Guess who?"

"Is it Breaking Dawn?" I smiled.

"No."He laughed. "Breaking Dawn Fate did message me directly, asking me who I am and if I have a strong team behind me, but she didn't ask about buying. Maybe Breaking Dawn knows that the items are expensive so they don't want them."

"Then what did you reply to her?"

"I said that I am an equipment merchant."

"Haha!That's a good explanation! Then, who wants to buy the items?"

"Mars River!"

"Mars River?" I was stunned.

"Yes." Ah Fei smiled. "Elements' youngest but the smartest king. He is said to be that guild’s advisor. He came to find me directly. What should I say? He wants to buy them as a set?"

"Sell!"I smiled. "Two together for 20000.If alone, each will cost 15000. Tell him that we won't allow bargaining. Elements is so rich; they don't lack the money."

"Okay, I understand!"

In just a moment, with a beep, the system showed that 10000 entered my account.

"The deal succeeded?"

"Hahaha!Didn't you get the transaction notification?"

"I did!Hahaha!Let's go down to eat. Order one more dish!"



In a suite in a restaurant, the aircon was on and it felt great.

The beautiful waitress took the menu away.

"Why did we have to get a suite today?" I grinned. "Isn't it the same to sit in the hall?"

"It’s different."Ah Fei smiled. "Can it be the same? We did such a huge deal today and even Elements came to find us. This is different.Our status is different."

My head felt numb. "What difference is there?You..."

"Hahhaa!We have to splurge a bit; do you want some beer?"

"Okay, let's drink a bit!"

In just a moment, the dishes were served. Sour vegetable fish, mala rabbit, et cetera were laid on the table with beer. This felt so good. I loved such a casual life.It was much better than when I was in the technical department of Destiny Corporation. I did not feel much pressure and suppressed. This was the good life!

"Ah Li, I have an immature suggestion," Ah Fei suddenly said solemnly.

"En, what?" I raised my head and asked.

"Do you want to... train your human character? Get a job.Make it a Paladin or a Warrior, then we can level together. If not, you’ll just play in the Wind Cloud Platform, and if we continue like this..."

"You’re worried about Lin Xi, aren’t you?" I smiled.

His lips twitched. "I would be lying if I said that I wasn't. She’s strong, the top Warrior of the server and also a choice for the best player. That person... We can't offend her. Moreover, she is targeting us. Each time you turn into a Boss and descend, she’ll find us. As long as she targets me, she’ll spoil our plan."

"Meaning, you’re really afraid of her." I smiled.


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He drank beer and countered, "You aren't afraid of her? D’you think that you can defeat her?"

"Haha..."I smiled. "I have that intention."

"What?" He was shocked.

I said, "Ah Fei, what we are doing is shameless, but are we breaking the rules? No. I descend as a Shura Assassin. If I’m unwilling, no one can kill me, but I want to leave my items to my brother, so what’s wrong with that? Why could she step out and say that we’re shameless? What gave her the moral high ground to do so? Is she a lotus?"

"What you mean is..."

"In our next trial, our plan isn’t only to get the spoils but also to let Lin Xi know the outcome of offending us."

"Deal with her?"

"Right. Think of a way to deal with her!"

"D*mn!"Ah Fei was pumped up and he shouted. "Finish the goddess!That just sounds so exciting! HAHAHAHA!Let's do that!"

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