Chapter 54- Inscriber job change
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Zhan Yue Chapter 54- Inscriber job change

Afternoon, I returned to work and went online.


I went online in my human account and appeared in Linchen County. I had no reason to stay and just entered the Great Sage Hall. I shattered a City Return Scroll in the forest behind the Great Sage Hall, then my body was wrapped in black smoke, and I flew towardBlack Castle. I headed toward the Precious Treasure Pavilion to see if there were any treasures I could buy.

In the Precious Treasure Pavilion, people walked to and fro.

"Little Brother July Wildfire, you are here~" A shopkeeper noticed me.

It seemed like, after winning Wind Cloud Platform so many times, my status in Black Castle rose. I was no longer that small skeleton warrior that everyone looked down on.


I nodded my head and walked in. After looking at the treasures, I found nothing suitable for me. I shook my head and laughed. "It seems that the Precious Treasure Pavilion doesn't have anything good!"

"Yi, what are you saying?"

A bald undead walked in and smiled. "July Wildfire, it is time for you to see the foundations of the Precious Treasure Pavilion. Come in and see what it means by fortune big enough to compare to a nation!"


An interface appeared in front of me as a bell rang—


[System notification: Congratulations! You have activated Rare Refresh!]

"Rare Refresh?"

I was totally confused, but this new interface was indeed different from before. It was actually all golden bordered boxes and there were only four items within—

Shield of the King (Legendary): Orange.Required 50,000,000 contribution points

Titan Ring (Chaotic): Red.Required 1,000,000,000 contribution points

Dragon King Blade (Legendary): Orange.Required 80,000,000 contribution points

Inscriber Job Change Certificate (Legendary): Hidden job <Inscriber>.Required 500,000 contribution points


When I saw all that, I was stunned. I smiled respectfully. "Our... Our Precious Treasure Pavilion is really so amazing; you actually have such treasures..."

"That's right!"He felt proud. "So as a cultivator in Black Castle, don't think that we are too weak. Although we can't compare to the Dimension Legion and Blood Dynasty, we are strong enough. It isn't easy for them to challenge us. As long as we work hard, we will remain standing here!"

I nodded my head. Forget about those two orange equipment, the required contribution points were too high. I could save for a year and would not have enough, much less that red equipment. Chaotic equipment was not even activated yet. Abillion points...That would take me a decade. Only that Inscriber Job Change Certificate was possible.


I smiled. "This Inscriber Job Change Certificate..."

"Scoff!"He said with pride and slapped his bald head. "Inscriber is an amazing job. I heard that only talented people can become one. There may not even be a single person out of ten thousand in the Xuanyuan Empire cultivators. As long as one can grasp the power of the inscriptions, even a trainee will be deemed as a treasure, so the value of this is far from what you can imagine."

I nodded. "Elder is right.Then, how did we get it?"

He sucked in a deep breath. "A long time ago, our Black Castle had a top sword cultivator and he stepped into Sword Saint Realm at the age of forty, but as he cultivated the Death Sword Path, the world abandoned him. There happened to be a mysterious Inscriber, whose status was unimaginable, in Xuanyuan Empire. They became good friends and wrote a letter. As long as a young cultivator gets this letter, he can head to the human race Inscriber Association.

“He will be received well and become one of them, but after so many years, this letter has been roaming the world and it hasn’t found its true master."

"What abilities does an Inscriber have?" I asked.

He looked at me in disdain. "Naturally, they write inscriptions. In order words, if an equipment has such inscriptions, they’ll have a mind of their own. Not only will their ability increase, you will get stats that are unimaginable. An inscription is often worth millions!"

I was shocked. "Amazing!So I can see this certificate here in the future?"

"As long as no one exchanges for it."

"Okay, thank you!"


I headed out of the Precious Treasure Pavilion. I was shocked and did not really care that I had activated a hidden questline. Logically speaking, I had come to the Precious Treasure Pavilion many times yet failed to notice that certificate. Having seen it now, I must work hard to earn contribution points and exchange for that certificate.

As for use, it was of course for Ah Fei. I already had a hidden job and I could not use it, but Ah Fei was a Mage and he added all his stats to Magic Power. If he changed jobs to be an Inscriber, it would be a great decision.

Thus, I said towardthe outside world, "Ah Fei, if there’s a Magic type hidden job for you to change to, would you be willing? One that could earn huge money."

"Of course!"He sat with a mouthful of saliva. "I have spent half my life being looked down upon; isn't it because I am poor? If I could earn huge money, who wouldn't be willing?Why, Ah Li?What plan do you have?"

"Nothing. I’m unsure as of yet; I was just asking you for your opinion."I smiled. "Since you’re willing, I’ll try to see if I can get it, but don't have too much hope; I am not fully confident."

"Haha!As long as there is a chance, just try your best!"


Now, it was time to cultivate and earn contribution points!

I returned to the Wind Cloud Platform and looked at the cloud ocean respectfully. "Master, are you there?"


The clouds formed into him and he smiled. "Kid, what is up?"

"I need large amounts of contribution points; what should I do?"


I frowned and explained. "There are many places in Black Castle, but I earn contribution points so slowly. There are no jobs in the five outer locations to earn contribution points quickly. The fastest will probably be the Wind Cloud Platform’s trial.

"It isn't always open, though,so are there other things?"

"Others... Land of Reincarnation"—he smiled—"but Zhuang Huai Shui definitely has bad intentions. If you go there, I am worried that you will be harmed."

"It is okay; I think that I can protect myself."

"Confidence is good, but you mustn't be blindly confident." He waved his sleeves and smiled. "Forget it. I will send two elders with you. When you are working, they will protect you. If Zhuang Huai Shui plans something, they won't let him get away with it."

"En, great!"

The black clouds circled around me and turned into two people. These two elders looked really strong.They wore black robes with their faces veiled. I could only see their threatening gazes. They walked forwardand cupped their fists at me. "Young master, let's go now?"

I nodded my head and bowed. "Thank you, seniors."

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Land of Reincarnation.

After saying my reason for coming, Zhuang Huai Shui looked at the two elders behind me and said, "Since the top in the Wind Cloud Platform is willing to clear the furnace and help the castle, I won't stop you. There are a bunch of furnaces that haven't been cleaned in ten thousand years and many have great opportunities but also risk. If you are willing, you can head there."


One of the Wind Cloud Platform’s elders frowned. "Haven't they been sealed for many years?"

"Yes,"Zhuang Huai Shui said, "but there are more and more human race adventurers, so we need more and more furnaces. Those from the Dimension Legion blameus for not refining enough souls, so I’ve opened more furnaces and also planned to have the Heaven and Earth Pavilion create new furnaces, but they are currently too busy. I have no choice but to unseal these."

"Young master, be careful!"

An elder said, "These furnaces may have dangers, so if you are willing to enter, you must be careful."


I had been through the furnaces many times so I smiled. "Don't worry, elders. As long as there is no outside interference, I can solve my problems inside."



I walked up and opened the door to the furnace. Instantly, I could see a sinister and dark energy circulating. I took a deep breath and jumped in. The lid closed automatically.

This was a Soul Refining Furnace which had not been opened in years, such that there was not much dust. Only a pile remained inside and a large part of it were remnant items which were unburned. Things, which remained unburned even after so many years, showed how strong the souls hiding within were.

I walked forwardand started to work.

I kicked a giant skull high into the air, and what I heard was a furious roar. An ancient barbaric beast appeared in front of me; it was a level 36 Super Rare monster!


Gouge, Basic attack, Backstab, Hunter's Edge, Basic attack, and finally Annihilation!

One set of skills instantly killed it! The ancient beast turned into a stream of experience which flew into my brow. At the same time, my contribution points increased by a lot. The experience and contribution points here were at least 50% more than outside. No wonder Master Ding Heng would recommend this place.

However, this large pile of items made me feel uneasy. I felt like this furnace was not so simple.

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