Chapter 55- Minister of Justice
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Zhan Yue Chapter 55- Minister of Justice


Another unknown beast's remnant soul was turned into starlight which charged into the sky under the attacks of Snakebone Blade and Blade of the Beastrider. At this point, I had already spent two hours in the furnace and was feeling tired, but when I looked at the close to 20,000 contribution points, I instantly felt that it was worth it. My experience also reached level 32 97%. As long as I killed a few more remnant souls, I would be able to level up to level 33.

No matter what, level was the most important thing in the game and I definitely could not fall behind others.

At that moment, along with a ringing sound, a giant beast bone turned into light and rose into the sky. A bunch of bones accumulated below. Along with them being cleared out, a black iron cage appeared. It looked really rusty and one could nearly not recognize what it was. Right when my eyes landed on it, my heart jumped and I instinctively felt that this thing was not simple!


Right when I got close, the rusty metal outsidethe cage started to break apart. A red World Ender pattern appeared below. With a loud explosion, the space exploded and a giant red body charged into the sky, turning into a warrior who appeared at the side of the cage!

"Finally, someone activated you."

This warrior general wore a dark red armor and around it flowed a threatening vengeful energy. He wore a cow horn helmet and held a long sword. His face was really terrifying as he was all bones. He looked like an expert who had been dead for ten thousand years and got resurrected.He stared at me with his dead eyes. He just sat on the cage and said calmly, "Kid, this opportunity is not for you.Scram! I will let you live!"

I frowned and looked at him. His stats appeared in front of my eyes and I was actually able to read it—

Minister of Justice Zhang Kai (Super Rare Boss)

Level: 36

Attack: 750-1000

Defense: 500

Health: 120,000

Skills: Lightning Strength, One Shot, Sword Heart, Arrogance

Introduction: An old position which came from the ancient Qinghuang Empire's kingdom. Zhang Kai was a strong sword cultivator and helped the ancient kingdom fight at the border. In a chaotic battle, he escaped the imperial city with their country's treasure but was swept in a calamity. The treasure was lost, but Zhang Kai's soul did not give up on his job. He still guarded this treasure up to this date.


"Level 36 Super Rare boss?"

I felt a chill in my heart. This time, I had really met a scary person. This Zhang Kai not only had a terrifying Attack, even his Health reached a terrifying 120,000. This was totally different from that Beastrider I had met previously. This seemed quite problematic.

"Not good!"

The voice of one of the Wind Cloud Platform’selders spread in. "A really strong death power has appeared in the furnace. I think that July Wildfire won’t be able to block it.Open the furnace!"


Zhuang Huai Shui said coldly, "This furnace has been locked since ancient times, and at least five thousand years have passed. Who knows how many remnant souls remain? These souls are being restricted in the furnace and they can only use less than 10% of their strength. Now that that strong entityhas been awakened, once we open it and they start to cause chaos outside, killing disciples, who will be responsible?"

"But the young master..."

"No need to say more,"Zhuang Huai Shui said calmly. "Since July Wildfire entered willingly, he should’ve been mentally prepared. Elder Feng, if you forcibly open it, I will complain to the City Lord, and you will be punished!"

"Scoff!"Elder Feng scoffed. "Since that is the case,let things happen. My young master won't let you see what you want to see happen!"

"Is that so? Keke, let's wait and see!"


I heard the voice outside and was a little nervous.

Although my stats were really high now, I definitely could not compare to this ancient Minister of Justice. Moreover, this was even when his strength was suppressed by 90%. If not, with his strength, he could probably insta-kill me. At this moment, I felt like I had no choice.

This Minister of Justice who was a Super Rare Boss, if I did not kill him, I would regret it. Moreover, the cage he was sitting on was definitely a treasure. For a Boss to guard something, how could it be bad?

No matter what I should still try. At most, I would just die. This Minister of Justice was only a normal Boss to me, for he did not have the Target of Extinction on his head, so it would be fine.

"Kid!"The Minister of Justice frowned and looked at me coldly. "Have you decided? Do you want to challenge me and taint the Qinghuang Empire's treasure?"


I stepped forwardand smiled. "Senior, you have died many years ago and even Qinghuang Empire is gone. What is the point in guarding this treasure? Why not just rest? Your soul doesn't need to suffer anymore."

He laughed. "Kid, if you think that you have the strength to beat me, then I can give this opportunity to you, but do you have such ability?"

"If I don't try, how will I know?"

Before I finished speaking, I disappeared into the air. I had to sneak attack such a Boss and try to damage him. If not, with my stats, I might not be able to tank his attacks.

"Good kid, you have courage!"

He suddenly stood up with the sword in his hands. He charged forwardand was pretty much where I previously was. He shouted, "Lightning Strength!"

Instantly, lightning shot out from his legs and swept the area. His attacks were really fierce.

Fortunately, I was already seven to eight meters back and avoided his strike.

"Scoff... Not bad."

He scoffed coldly. With the sword in his hands, he stood in the middle of the furnace.

I moved about silently and hid my body in the air. I appeared behind him and used a basic attack plus Backstab. Snakebone Blade shone brightly,and two damage numbers appeared together—



This was not good.My attacks could not break his defense at all!

"Hehe!You’re asking for death!"

The Minister of Justice hollered and he turned around. His sword slashed down with a sharp aura. The moment he did that, my heartbeat nearly stopped. The feeling of death covered my heart. I could not tank it; if I did, I might be unable to survive!

It was too quick!

I raised the Blade of the Beastrider on my left hand and blocked his sword. It instantly felt like I had collided witha mountain. I could not block him at all, but I used his strength to move to the right. My boots slid on the ground, leaving clear lines!



Behind me, the Boss's One Shot landed in the air. Although I was unable to block it, I used my skills to dodge it. While I was filled with shock, I was also fortunate. The gaming system of Illusionary Moon improved and it really was the case. The battles became closer and closer to reality, and all skills could be dodged. This meant that skills and speed were really important. It was not impossible for those players with strong mechanics to kill hundreds of people.

I spun and charged at him, landing Gouge on his body. I then used a basic attack plus Backstab. A second later, the Boss slashed at me and took 800 health. I used basic attack plus Hunter's Edge to deal up to 3000+ of damage!

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Hunter's Edge was so strong!

"Kid, you are so crafty. Prepare to die!"

The Minister of Justice's attacks were dodged by me, and that infuriated him. In the next second, he roared and a bloody light shone around him. His strength increased and a bunch of golden words appeared around his body—



[Battle notification: Please pay attention; The Minister of Justice Zhang Kai (Super Rare Boss) has activated Arrogance—movement speed +100%, attack speed +100%, ignore knockups. All attack charge ups have disappeared. Lasting for seven seconds!]



A sword descended from above and it was still One Shot. All of a sudden, a hot feeling spread from my shoulders and 1200+ Health was taken out. I could not flee and could only face an enemy who did not even need to prepare his skills; he activated Lightning Strength and then slashed at me once more!

I could not incur damagefurther!

At that moment, I used White Cloak and a white robe flashed behind me. I disappeared into the robe, and with the two seconds of invincibility, I dodged Lightning Strength. I retreated.My heart beat so quickly that it felt like it was about to stop. I had to dodge him until Arrogance ran out; if I did not, I would be asking for death.

"Kid, come out!"

The Minister of Justice shouted towardthe sky and waved his sword to release sword energies, but it was useless. I was already in the cracks of the walls of the furnace. He definitely could not find me. At the same time, I looked at my energy bar and waited for it to recover. My next attack would definitely be Annihilation, which could reduce his Health while also lifestealing. This Minister of Justice could remove 50% of my health with just one rotation of skills. I had to be smart, or else I would definitely lose!


"Scoff! July Wildfire's aura is getting weaker and weaker."

Outside, Zhuang Huai Shui laughed coldly. "ElderFeng, Elder Yun, this kid is already dead. I heard that an ancient remnant soul is inside. Even my best disciples don't dare to enter. Who knew that the top disciple in the five outer locations couldn’t handle him?"

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