Chapter 56- Blood Grievance Necklace
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Zhan Yue Chapter 56- Blood Grievance Necklace

"Nonsense!"Elder Feng shouted. "Young master is definitely fine!"

"Is that so? Let's wait and see~"

Zhuang Huai Shui laughed coldly and his voice filled one with hatred.


Within the Soul Refining Furnace, I was infuriated. I felt that I could not lose at all and must defeat this ancient remnant soul, even if not for myself but rather for my master's bragging rights. Zhuang Huai Shui was just a scum and I had to slap him in the face.

Sha sha~

I moved out once more without making much noise. With White Cloak, I appeared behind the Minister of Justice. I sucked in a deep breath, activating Blood Drawing Blade. Instantly, the Blade of the Beastrider and Snakebone Blade were covered in red lights; both had 30% lifesteal. I used Annihilation, too,and smashed the Minister of Justice's back!


Annihilation effect appeared. The armor on his back was wiped out. That was the effect of his defense being shattered. Terrifying damage numbers appeared. True damage ignored defense, andI crit at the same time!



I used my skills at once. Basic attack plus Backstab both landed on the Boss's body. Right when he tried to turn around, I used Hunter's Edge once more and then attacked him at my fastest speed. Pi pi pa pa! It landed on the Boss's body. I had no choice. Blood Drawing Blade only lasted for five seconds, and that short time was my best chance. I could attack and the health I lost could basically be absorbed.

After a series of moves, I retreated and used the same tricks again. Right when the Boss was about to hit me, I used my left dagger to block and slid to the side so I could dodge the damage. Fortunately, the Minister of Justice's attacks were direct. If he changed his direction, such dodging tactics would definitely fail.

After a bunch of random hits, I used White Cloak and disappeared.

At this point, the Boss was left with less than 60% health. This proved that White Cloak and Annihilation was really strong and normal Bosses could not tank it.

"You brat, come out and die!"

In the Soul Refining Furnace, the Minister of Justice attacked. A sword heart placed before his chest and all sorts of dao patterns appeared on it. This guard cultivated for millions of years and was an amazing person. However, his weakness was that he was too dumb. Maybe because of his design, when I saw what he was doing inside, I entered a different train of thought.

Moments ago, when I used White Cloak plus Annihilation, I saw that White Cloak's cooldown directly started from twenty-five seconds. This meant that White Cloak's cooldown did not start counting from the time the last skill ended but from when I activated the skill. It meant that if I entered Stealth with White Cloak and waited sixty seconds before attacking, I could enter White Cloak instantly and attack once more. What did that mean?

Right, double White Cloak attacks!

There was 1 to 1.5 seconds to launch White Cloak's true damage twice. The first could be used with Annihilation and the second with Dragon Will. This was a destructive attack. Who would be able to block it?

When I thought about that, I laughed. Let us use this Minister of Justice to test whether or not this Double White Cloak strategy could succeed!

After waiting for a minute, although I was in Stealth, White Cloak's icon lit up once more to show that the cooldown was over. The Boss also recovered around 10% health. He had 67% health and the battle effects from before were still there!


I got behind him and used my skill—Annihilation!


Snakebone Blade slashed through the air and landed on the Boss's back with Annihilation. I was lucky and crit once more.

After hitting close to 20000 Health, right when he was roaring in rage, I used White Cloak once more. The moment the cloak flashed, I dodged his Lightning Strength and One Shot combo while I spread my right hand and it smashed down on his head!


Dragons roared and runes appeared around my body. An extremely strong palm landed onhis head. The energy turned into a golden-colored dragon effect, piercing his head and dealing 10000 damage. In just this second, I dealt terrifying amounts of damage!

I used Quickness and fled. My energy bar was empty and I needed time to recover. I drank health potions just in case. The Boss was now at 39% health. Now, I was confident. Although the Minister of Law was fierce and his attacks were sharp, with my invisibility, I would definitely win!

Thus, when the cooldown of White Cloak was over, I fought him once more. After battling for a while, he used Arrogance again. Unfortunately for him, White Cloak taught him a lesson!

Just like that, after kiting the Boss many times, the Minister of Justice's health was about to be cleared out. With one more White Cloak plus Annihilation combo, his last bit of health was gone and he knelt. All his equipmentand gold dropped.


A light rain descended and I had levelled up. At the same time, his corpse was still shining; it was as if the storyline was not over yet.

A few seconds later, a remnant image flew up from the corpse. His withered face was now filled with energy and blood as he turned into a handsome teen. "Little kid, although you killed me, I have to thank you. Thank you for releasing me. The item in the cage is Qinghuang Empire's treasure and I hope that you will use it well. Use it on the right path and not on evil. Let this treasure see the light of the world.Goodbye!"

As he said that, he looked into the sky and revealed a warm and happy expression. He disappeared into starlight and dissipated in the wind.


I looked at the equipment on the ground and was really excited. I walked up and kept the gold first. There were a total of eighty-four. Super Rare Bosses were just so generous. At the same time, three pieces of equipment were dropped. A shining dark blue sword, an armor with dragon patterns carved on it, and a majestic-looking necklace.

All of a sudden, I was pumped up.A necklace?!

I did not care about it first and looked at the sword first. I held it in my hands and a thick power surged through my palm. I reached out and the stats appeared in the air. As expected, this was a good treasure—

Deep Blue Sword (Super Rare)

Attack: 75-90

Strength: +44

Agility: +42

Effect: Closes combat lifesteal +1.5%

Bonus: Raise attack by 5%

Required level: 34


Its Attack was much higher than Bloodthirst Spear. It added both Strength and Agility and was suitable for Warriors who focused on Attack and speed. It also had a 1.5% lifesteal. This sword was much more worth it than Bloodthirst Spear. After all, this Deep Blue Sword had 75 to 90 Attack, while Bloodthirst Spear had 65 to 85. The lower limit was ten higher and the upper limit was five higher. It did not look much, but to top players, these two blades were not of the same level. To them, not mentioning the 10 Attack, even 1 point was something they cared about!

I sucked in a deep breath and placed the Deep Blue Sword into my bag. It was in the 200 space that the ancient bracelet opened up. This space was a secret, which meant that it would not drop unless the bracelet was dropped. The key thing was that the ancient bracelet could not be removed and dropped. Thus, it was safe.

I suppressed my excitement and continued. That dragon pattern armor gave me a sense of safety. It was as if I was holding a bolder. Similarly, when its stats appeared, it did not disappoint

Dragon Pattern Armor (Super Rare)

Type: Armor

Defense: 105

Strength: +46

Stamina: +42

Special effect: Toughness, raise user's health by 900.

Bonus: Raise defense by 5%

Required Level: 34


The armor's value was definitely not lower than the Shield of the Guardian. After all, a level 34 Super Rare Armor had no supply. Warriors and Paladins could wear it and its value was naturally much higher than a Paladin's armor. I continued, tossing it into the ancient bracelet's storage space and picking up the final equipment.

Another necklace which looked like it was dyed with blood. Its name was in deep blue and there was an eight-sided gem hanging from the necklace, which gave off a majestic aura. I touched it and its stats appeared in front of me. I was delighted as this was actually something that I could use!

Blood Grievance Necklace (Super Rare)

Strength: +45

Agility: +43

Special effect: Critical strike +0.3%

Effect: Closes combat lifesteal +1.5%

Bonus: Raise user's attack by 6%

Required Level: 34

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A total of 88 points of Strength and Agility were added, especially the twin effects of Critical Strike and Lifesteal. This was a super good necklace. If I released its stats, all the players would go crazy. Moreover, it added Agility and Strength, so not only could Warriors and Paladins wear it, Assassins, too. Strength was not wasted on me, and along with the two effects, this was a perfect match!

Pa ta!

I placed the Blood Grievance Necklace into my bag. I was only level 33 and was a level away.

Now, my eyes landed on the iron cage. Following the Minister of Justice's departure, the cover was revealed. Was the treasure inside also looking forward to appearing in the world once more?

Peng peng peng~

What did an empire's prized treasure look like? My heart could not help but speed up and my hands trembled as I opened the lid. A bright light exploded from within and a scroll floated out and landed in my hands. I lowered my head and the picture was as if an entire world had appeared in front of me. Wide ocean, endless mountains...It had an indescribable history and depths to it.

"This is..."

I looked at the drawings and my breathing nearly stopped.

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