Chapter 482- Shadow hunter
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Zhan Yue Chapter 482- Shadow hunter

 The forest was pitch black and the rain fell on the leaves which made one feel very lost. in the next moment, the hair on my body stood up as Darkness Spiritual Ruin signaled that a strong danger was coming!


    Under White Cloak state, I charged into a bamboo forest and activated Shifang Flame Spiral Eye. I looked around and a few seconds later I saw a figure charging out of the forest towards me. He held a crossbow and fired it right at me!


    A cold light flew at me like a meteor, it was too quick!

    I couldn't dodge and could only raise my daggers to block. The moment I sunk down I was hit!



    My daggers smashed into my chest plate. Although I blocked it but I still lost health. My arms also felt numb and I nearly couldn't raise them. In that instance, he got close and he slashed with his white dagger right at my throat.

    This attack was too quick and sharp!

    My left leg slid back to support my body and I slashed with Seven Star Blade. My attack clashed with his and while stunning him, his blade hit my shoulder and another 40 thousand damage number rose up!

    My body sunk down and it was my turn. I turned into Darkness Shura and used Hunter's Edge+Flames of Karma onto him.

    At the same time, I saw that this black armored man was the Shadow Hunter, level 120 Legacy Monster. No wonder it was so strong. Apart from the high level, this monster had hidden stats due to being spawned in Lost Happiness. If not it wouldn't be so painful.

    Sparks flew and after a few skills, the Shadow Hunter fell to the ground. I pulled its mask and saw an old face. This should be an undead Assassin but he was really strong and caught one off guard.


    "Is everyone still okay?"

    I said towards the outside world, "I was attacked by a Shadow Hunter,

level 120 red monster. It is a little strong. Shen Mingxuan and Ruyi be careful!"


    Shen Mingxuan said, "I saw one from afar but it didn't notice me."

    Gu Ruyi said, "I am hiding below some stone, I hope I won't get found."

    "You must be careful!"

    Lin Xi said, "This Shadow Hunter can insta kill you too, especially Ruyi. Your movement speed is slow and you won't be able to escape. Just hide and hope that you are lucky enough."

    "What about you Lin Xi?" I asked.

    "I finished one, what about you?"

    "Me too..."

    "En, be careful. This map is too dangerous."


    I took a deep breath and looked at this pitch black map. After opening it, I saw that this world didn't belong to the game at all and it didn't follow the same rules.

    I entered White Cloak state again. Although they can see through my White Cloak, but... At least I can cheat other players and NPCs that was enough.

    Just like that, I walked forwards and as players didn't show coordinates, we couldn't take care of one another.

    Five minutes later, behind a bamboo forest.


    A body flashed across and it wa a Shadow Hunter. His body disappeared when he moved and only left a shadow, this was probably how he got his name. Ahead of him was an Archer that was fleeing. I saw his ID--

    Yanshi Flying General (Imperial Archer)

    Level: 106

    Guild: Limitless

    Role: Captain

    Rank: Master 3042


    This was Limitless's Archer and he actually made it to the second round. Maybe it was because of his high level and equipment, as for mechanics... He was Master rank so....

    "Peng peng!"

    While retreating, he used Shockwave Shot+Stun Shot on the Shadow Hunter but it was no use. The moment Stun Shot missed he had no chance. The Shadow Hunter flashed across and slashed. In just ten seconds Yanshi Flying General was killed.

    I didn't help and didn't have to help. To be honest, Limitless challenged With You so for me not to help the Shadow Hunter was already me being nice.

    The moment he was killed, the Shadow Hunter held his bloodied blade and sighed. He didn't notice me. His eyes were filled with killing intent and he turned into a specter to charge into the forest.

    He didn't notice me?

    I frowned. The reason why the first Shadow Hunter could find me was that he had spawned and I used White Cloak at the same time. Although I was in stealth but he still noticed me. The first arrow broke my stealth state so it looked like my White Cloak was broken.

    False signal!

    Now I can just use White Cloak and roam around!

    Not far away was a corpse laying on the ground. This was Elements's Paladin. Beside him were three more Shadow Hunters. The bamboo trees were slashed so someone probably used Return Slash here. After all, after using Return Slash, the bamboo around should get sliced.

    Then, who would it be?

    If it was an Elements' Warrior, then it was probably Feng Canghai. After all only he had the ability to deal with three Shadow Hunters at once.


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    I continued forwards. Maybe this was safest for me. I had to be fully focused and I enjoyed such a state.

    A few minutes later, under a huge tree were a bunch of people from Elements. There were five of them and Feng Canghai was at the front. Beside him was Mars River. Elements were so lucky and were able to gather five people here. With the five of them, they didn't need to fear the Shadow Hunters.


    An Elements Paladin said solemnly.

    "Don't be careless."

    Feng Canghai raised his sword and rode his war horse. He looked around, "If the system is for more to spawn the more gets killed then it would be a problem. Let's be wary!"


    Mars River held his staff and his grey robe made him seem very cultured, "Moreover we have to be afraid of players. Winds of Battle and Limitless might be staring at us. Don't underestimate Yanshi Wuxing and Pointless Wind, although they are weaker than July Wildfire but their mechanics are not weak. They are a huge threat."


    Feng Canghai said solemnly, "They say that three hidden jobs will be released so every guild will want it. This is a great chance to raise absolute strength. If I was the one, I will send Assassins to kill opponents."

    That Paladin was stunned, "Then... Will With You send July Wildfire to kill us?"

    Mars River laughed, "Lin Xi shouldn't but July Wildfire... That depends on his mood, that fellow... Hard to say!"

    That Paladin was terrified.


    I laughed and brushed past them. I wasn't confident to battle the experts of Elements alone. After all, Feng Canghai was there. If I couldn't insta kill him, he would threaten me!

    Ten minutes later.

    When I walked forwards, I saw a corpse. On close look, it was October Warm Sun!

    "What is going on? !"

    I asked in the guild channel, "Warm Sun, who killed you?"

    She was a little frustrated, "Ghostwalker, Dragon Rider Hall's Warrior..."


    I frowned, "How long ago?"

    "Three minutes!"

    "Understood, I will take a look."

    "En en!"

    Everyone was furious. If a Shadow Hunter killed her then so be it, she was actually killed by a player. Warm Sun was probably angry too.

    Ahead was a complicated geographic area between a bamboo forest and a mountain hill. Maybe they were ahead? After all, behind me was Elements. I believe that they didn't have a reason to challenge Feng Canghai. After all, they weren't strong enough. Even if For Dreams and Dragon Rider merged, they were at most T1.5. They weren't on the level of Elements that was T1.


    Under White Cloak state, I dashed forwards.

    I suddenly heard Gu Ruyi's voice, "Not good, I see Dragon Rider Hall people! They... Have found me!"

    Was Ruyi here too?

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