Chapter 483- Dragon Cavalry Hall's challenge
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Zhan Yue Chapter 483- Dragon Cavalry Hall's challenge

  "Ruyi don't panic!"

    I dashed forwards and said solemnly, "If you are sure they found you then run. Also, fire Flame Laser upwards and let me see where you are!"


    In the next moment, there was a sharp laser. She was actually nearby!

    Lin Xi was anxious, "Lu Li do you see her?"

    "I see the laser!"

    I said solemnly, "It is near to me. Ruyi hold on, I am near!"


    Lin Xi said, "I didn't see it, it is too far, I can only rely on you!'

    "Don't worry!"

    I used Darkness Shura and used Quickness. I shot forwards like a lightning toward where Gu Ruyi was at. At the same time, I switched to guild attack mode so my AOE damage wouldn't hit her. 20 seconds later, I saw Gu Ruyi.

    "You still want to leave? !"

    Behind her was an Assassin that was slashing at her Element Shield. The shield twisted and looked like it was about to break.

    "Move aside, let me do it!"

    A person flashed across. It was Ghostwalker and he held a blood colored blade. He used Quickness too and broke the shield with a flick. His gaze turned cold and he used Flying Flame Slash+Return Slash+Weapon Protection!

    My heart felt cold. I switched to the Paladin account and used Self-sacrifice. At the same time, I used Light Shield Wall onto Ghostwalker and then used Momentum Slash+War Trample!

    "Ruyi leave!"

    With the shield in front of me, I protected Gu Ruyi. The moment she brushed past me, a Stun Shot landed on my shield.

I was stunned. The person who shot it was Only Shooting God. For Dreams's top archer, now he should be the top few ranged players in Dragon Rider Hall.

    "Scoff, a Paladin wants to save Ruyi, do you think it is enough?" Only Shooting God laughed.

    I laughed coldly too. The moment my Paladin account was down to low health, I switched to the Assassin account that was under Darkness Shura state. Lightning surged around my daggers and I looked calmly at them. I used Dark Shadow Jump on Only Shooting God and with one strike he lost 79% of his health.

    "Is that enough?" I smiled.

    He was stunned. He thought that after his Stun Shot, Ghostwalker and he could insta kill me. He didn't expect my Lin Xi Guard Captain to be so tanky. In that instance, Only Shooting God jumped backward.

    I raised my hand and used Cloud Piercing Arrow to kill him in mid air!


    Eastern Skill Soldier shouted, "Kill Follow Heart first, killing her is enough!"


    The two of them charged at Gu Ruyi. I chased and opened my arm towards the forest, "Ruyi run there, I will cover you!"


    Gu Ruyi's Flash was down so she turned into a white light and charged into the bamboo forest. I raised my hand and used Apprehension+Wooden Dummy to turn that forest into hell. 20 soldiers stood there and they stunned the two from Dragon Rider Hall!


    Eastern Skill Soldier retreated and he was down to low health. His face was filled with shock, "That skill is too strong!'

    Behind him was me. I slashed with Heartstealer and stabbed at his throat.


    Eastern Skill Soldier was a Master tier player and he was quick. He sunk down and used his daggers to block me. But there was a gap in strength and as I pushed my wrist down, he fell to the ground.


    Ghostwalkershouted and he used Berserk Whirlwind Slash to slash at me, "Tsk you have no balls, you kneel when people hit you!?"

    "Damn, is it my fault? !"

    Eastern Skill Soldier shouted but he had no chance to say anything more. I charged forwards while dodging Ghostwalker's attack, I slashed Eastern Skill Soldier's neck. Blood splattered and his last bit of health was gone.

    "Your turn!"

    The moment Gu Ruyi used Frost Slash, I moved to the side. Not only did I have much higher Agility, but my mechanics were also better too. I used Gouge to stun him and also used Flames of Karma+Hunter's Edge. At the same time, a laser shot out from the forest to remove his last bit of health. That was from Gu Ruyi.


    The moment Ghostwalker fell to the ground, his sword dropped. It was a level 95 orange sword and its stats were only decent. But it could still be sold for something.

    "Ruyi are you okay?"

    I tossed it into my bag and looked at Gu Ruyi.

    Who knew that she would pounce into my arms and her body shivered, "Lu Li do you know what I felt? I felt alone and in despair... This feeling, I don't want it ever again..."

    "It is okay Ruyi~~"

    I rubbed her back and smiled gently, "I know that feeling too. Once you get used to it, you would become a real expert."


    She left my arms and her face flushed red, "Sorry, I was just... Just afraid, don't laugh at me..."

    "Why would you think that?"

    I laughed, "We should be fine, I will guard you. With me here, no one can do anything. Players can't Shadow Hunters can't too."

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    "En en~~"

    Thus, we found a dry region to stand and wait for it to end.

    In truth, I could tell that although Ruyi was our top mage, her equipment and skills were above Light Frost and Warm Sun, but her mechanics wasn't. She was smart and learned all the strategies but her personality was weak. She went through too little and was easily frightened. But it was okay as we would go through more and might even get wiped. After a few times, she would get used to it.

    Any experts would climb up from a failure. Geniuses and god players didn't exist at all.


    "Are you okay?" Lin Xi asked.


    I smiled, "Ruyi and I are enjoying the breeze~~~"

    Gu Ruyi smiled, "En, it was so close. Luckily Lu Li came or I would be out."

    "That's good."

    Lin Xi said, "So who attacked you? Dragon Rider Hall is so bold to touch us. Are they itching to die?"


    I said solemnly, "Three attacked Only Shooting God, you should know him, he was from For Dreams. Wine and Poems's loyal dog. There was also Ghostwalker, this was the Warrior that Wine and Poems poached. There is one more called Eastern Skill Soldier, I don't know him."

    "Eastern Skill Soldier?"

    Shen Mingxuan laughed, "I know him, he is from Dragon Rider but he was originally from another guild. He backstabbed his guild leader in an event and then joined Dragon Rider with a group of members. To put it nicely he went to greener pastures but to be honest he is a backstabber. Even if he had a slight conflict with his old guild he ended up wanting to betray them. We should stay far away from such a person."

    "Of course, kill him when we see him..." I said.

    Lin Xi smiled, "Since Ruyi is fine, what about you Mingxuan? Are you safe?"

    "Relatively safe."

    Shen Mingxuan smiled, "I am hiding in a forest, no one will find me, don't worry."

    "En en, that's good."


    Time passed bit by bit.

    It was close to the hour, once we passed this we would reach the third round.

    However, at that moment there was a shuffling sound. Then someone hammered my legs and I heard Shen Mingxuan's voice.

    "Damn, what happened? So painful!'

    I said loudly, "Shen Mingxuan are you crazy?"

    "So infuriating! So angry!"

    Shen Mingxuan was furious, "Last minute, one last-minute and Yanshi Wuxing killed me!"


    Lin Xi was shocked, "Yanshi Wuxing killed you?"


    Shen Mingxuan was angry, "He hid near me and attacked at the last moment. Why is there such a shameless person? !"

    "Evil, too evil..." I frowned.

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